10 Best TV Shows Like Netflix’s Tomorrow Series


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Netflix has a new Korean supernatural drama series called Tomorrow, which tells the story of a young man who became half-human and half-spirit after an accident. That was when he was close to death. Of course, a lot of people must’ve binged through this series and are looking for something similar to it. This is why we are here to give you the best TV shows like Netflix’s Tomorrow.

10. Demon Slayer (2019 – Present)

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Season 1 Tanjiro Attack Collage

Demon Slayer is no doubt one of the best anime in recent memory because of its fast-paced storyline, amazing animation, and great fight scenes. The story of this anime follows a group called the Demon Slayers, who are tasked with defeating demons that prey on humans so that they can keep the world safe. The protagonist is a young boy who became a Demon Slayer so that he could avenge the death of his family and find a cure for his sister, who had become a demon herself.


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Why It’s Like Tomorrow: The plot of Demon Slayer is no doubt different compared to Tomorrow but what makes it similar to this series is the fact that we are looking at supernatural forces. Tomorrow focuses more on the drama and the story behind the people who the grim reapers are tasked to help, but Demon Slayer focuses more on slaying demons. Still, they both talk about supernatural forces and a main character who was reluctantly drawn to the entire mess.

9. Hellbound (2021)


One of the most eye-opening Netflix series released in 2021 is Hellbound because of how it somehow uses controversial themes that are related to religion. The story of Hellbound follows people who see visions of “angels” who tell them their exact time of death and are killed mercilessly by hellish creatures that damn their souls to hell. In that regard, a religious group sought to take advantage of the situation for its own benefit.

Why It’s Like Tomorrow: Aside from the fact that they are both from Korea, Hellbound and Tomorrow are similar because you are looking at supernatural forces that are affecting the way people live. Of course, Hellbound takes it to a more serious and controversial level, while Tomorrow is more lighthearted and dramatic. Their plots may be different, but the fact that they both use the supernatural in their respective narratives will allow you to see how similar they are to one another.

8. Bring It On, Ghost (2016)


Bring It On, Ghost is a series that was adapted from a popular Korean webtoon. The story follows the musogin, who are people who practice shamanism, as the main character is someone who may not be a shaman but is capable of feeling and seeing ghosts. He uses this ability to make money as he fights weak spirits, but he ends up having to ask the help of a maiden spirit to take on ghosts together in what is a supernatural action-packed drama series that has romance written all over it.

Why It’s Like Tomorrow: Like Tomorrow, Bring It On, Ghost carries the usual supernatural drama series that K-dramas are known as it dwells on a plot that is focused on people who can see ghosts and spirits. And what makes it more similar to Tomorrow is that, despite the supernatural side of the series, there is still romance that’s involved between the main characters. This is basically what makes Korean drama shows so popular.

7. W: Two Worlds Apart (2016) 


W: Two Worlds Apart is another webtoon adaptation that allows you to see a fast-paced Korean drama series that is able to keep you on the edge of your seats throughout the entire 16-episode run. The story follows a main character who mysteriously find themselves being able to cross into each other’s world. This is another Korean drama that masterfully combines the supernatural with romance in a fast-paced and amazing series that everyone needs to watch.

Why It’s Like Tomorrow: In Tomorrow, we see different worlds collide because the main character is both a spirit and a living person while he is in a comatose state. This allows him to dwell in the world of the grim reapers and work alongside them. While W does have a different plot, they are similar to one another because of how two worlds collide in this series. It is once again a supernatural Korean drama that was able to mix romance and supernatural elements amazingly.

6. Hotel del Luna (2019)


One of the most iconic Korean drama shows in recent memory is Hotel del Luna, which follows the story of a man who embarked on his newest venture when he was brought in to manage a hotel that’s run by a mysterious CEO. However, it turned out that the hotel is actually for the dead as we see stories about spirits who want to atone for their past lives. This is a must-watch series that anyone needs to see because of its great combination of drama, romance, and supernatural elements. 

Why It’s Like Tomorrow: Hotel del Luna is very similar to Tomorrow not only in the supernatural aspects of both of these shows but also in the fact that they examine the lives lived by the supporting characters that the main characters are out there to help. While Tomorrow focuses on the grim reapers helping people who are on the verge of death or are suicidal, Hotel del Luna focuses on the stories of the people who are living in the afterlife and are looking for atonement.

5. Bleach (2004 – Present)


One of the most popular anime released during the 2000s is Bleach, which ran for eight years until 2012 but is set to have a new season coming in 2022. The story of Bleach follows the shinigamis, or the Japanese version of the grim reaper, as they battle demonic creatures that threaten mankind. As such, they are basically spirits that exist in another plane of existence but can also manifest themselves in the human world.


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Why It’s Like Tomorrow: There are a lot of reasons why Bleach is very similar to Tomorrow. While we don’t get to see the characters in Tomorrow having epic battles with demonic creatures, they are just like the characters in Bleach in the sense that they are grim reapers. Considering that shinigamis are basically grim reapers themselves, it’s easy to understand why these shows are so similar to one another.

4. Penny Dreadful (2014 – 2016)


Penny Dreadful is a British series that follows a group of experts that handle the supernatural events that are happening in London. That means that there are all kinds of supernatural things going on in this show, as we see famous legendary and mythical creatures existing in the underworld of London, such as vampires, werewolves, and ghouls. We even see famous characters like Frankenstein’s monster and Dorian Gray.

Why It’s Like Tomorrow: Penny Dreadful is a lot like Tomorrow in the sense that they both tackle the supernatural. In this case, however, Penny Dreadful handles the supernatural things that are happening in London, while Tomorrow takes place in a spiritual realm with the grim reapers appearing before humans in the real world to help them tackle problems regarding life and death.

3. Death Parade (2015)

deathparade 01

Death Parade is one of the most underrated anime to ever exist because it didn’t come with a lot of fanfare but is beloved among anime fans because of the fact that it was really a high-quality anime with one of the best plots. The anime follows the story of people who are sent to a bar in the otherworld upon their death. What they need to do is to play a game that will decide whether or not they go to heaven or hell as we get to see the individual stories of the different people introduced in every episode of the anime while we get to understand the main characters behind the game as well.

Why It’s Like Tomorrow: Aside from the fact that Death Parade is an anime that talks about death and the afterlife, it has a lot of similarities with Tomorrow because of the fact that we get to see the individual stories of the different people introduced in each episode while also understanding more about how they got there and how they died. This is the same as Tomorrow, which allows us to see the stories of the different people that the grim reapers are tasked to help.

2. Mystic Pop-Up Bar (2020)

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Mystic Pop-Up Bar is a great Korean drama series that benefits a lot from the chemistry of the cast. It is one of the best Korean dramas in recent years when it comes to its overall quality because it has a good combination of humor, wit, tension, and drama. The series tells the story of an afterlife detective who has to solve the life problems of people whose spirits are stuck on Earth. That’s why he, with the help of some of the people that he met along the way, opened up a pop-up bar where they could meet lost spirits and solve their problems so that they could move on from this world. 


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Why It’s Like Tomorrow: Mystic Pop-Up Bar is very similar to Tomorrow because of how it tackles different themes like life and death. While Mystic Pop-Up Bar deals with the problems of spirits stuck in the world, Tomorrow deals with the problems of people who want to die. As such, we get to see the individual stories of the people involved in these two shows and understand the different events that led to their present situations.

1. The Uncanny Counter (2020)


The Uncanny Counter takes place in a fictional city where we have a group of demon hunters called the Counters as they take on tasks of banishing evil spirits that escaped from the afterlife so that they could gain immortality. That said, they possess humans hosts who themselves are evil and have done evil deeds. And the thing is that these demon hunters actually work in a noodle restaurant whenever they aren’t doing their jobs as Counters. It’s a fun series that’s full of action and drama.

Why It’s Like Tomorrow: The Uncanny Counter is very similar to Tomorrow because of the fact that they both talk about people who are dealing with supernatural events happening in the world. While The Uncanny Counter deals with evil spirits, Tomorrow deals with people who want to die. As such, we see different plots here, but they are both similar in the sense that they are able to mix drama and supernatural elements together very well.

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