Skyrim: 15 Best Two-Handed Weapon Mods for Barbarians

15 Best Two Handed Weapon Mods for Skyrim Barbarians

Skyrim’s gameplay is truly open-ended, and you can approach it however you want. You can play almost anything from spell-slinging mages to generally hated stealth archers. One class that is generally regarded as extremely cool but a bit harder to play is the two-handed barbarian. 

Their weapons of choice are two-handed weapons such as warhammers and battleaxes. There aren’t many weapons to choose from when you’re barbarian; luckily, this is where the modding community comes in. There are numerous weapon and mechanic-enhancing mods out there, and we’ve decided to pick the 15 best of them to best suit the needs of two-handed Barbarians. Let’s check out our list of the 15 best two-handed weapon mods for Skyrim. 

1. Immersive Weapons

Immersive wapons 2 1300x731 1

Ever since Immersive Weapons mod was released, there hasn’t been a single “best mods” list for Skyrim mods that didn’t include this ever-expanding collection of weapons. Immersive Weapons adds 230 weapons in the game, unique weapons, if I may add, masterfully textured and meshed. Not all of those weapons are two-handed, but a good portion of them are. You can choose whether to craft the weapons yourself and of course, they will start popping up around the world since they are added to the leveled lists. 

This is a must-have mod for any player who looks to expand their armory in the best possible way. The majority of weapons added by Immersive Weapons are lore-friendly and indistinguishable from vanilla weapons in terms of design. 

2. Skyrim SE Expanded Skyrim Weaponry

Expanded Skyrim Weaponry 1300x731 1

Expanded Skyrim Weaponry is one more collection of weapons. It adds ten brand new weapon types of each type of material in the game (for example, iron, glass, steel, etc.) Two-handed weapon enjoyers can look forward to the addition of halberds, quadhammers, mauls, berserkers swords, claymores, etc.

There are really plenty of weapons to choose from, and the best part is the weapons are lore-friendly. The author used vanilla textures to create textures for this mod, so your newly added weapons will not stand out too much on your weapon plaques. 

3. Skyrim Weapons Expansion

Skyrim Weapons

This collection adds over 100 new weapons, including two-handed ones, to leveled lists. Like our previous mods, Skyrim Weapons Expansion aims to make the experience of acquiring these weapons as balanced and lore-friendly as possible through leveled-lists distribution and highly balanced crafting recipes. You won’t regret installing this mod as the models are gorgeous, and every texture is simply a modded variation of vanilla texture, making these additions as immersive as possible. 

4. Reforging – To the Masses

Reforging to the masses 1300x731 1

This weapon expansion adds around 300 vanilla-friendly weapons to the game, all weapons are melee, and some of them are even oriented toward two-handed players. Like most of our previous mods, Reforging aims to implement the new weapons through leveled lists and crafting, but there’s a twist. Some unique weapons like Silver-Eyed Claymore can only be acquired in Kronvangr Lair or crafted at the Heavenly Forge at midnight. It makes things a bit more interesting if you ask me. 

5. Quel’Delar SE


Quel’Delar, Might of the Faithful is a two-handed sword inspired by a similar sword from World of Warcraft’s most famous expansion – Wrath of the Lich King. Quel’Delar is not a weapon that will suit most Barbarians in Skyrim, but it’s definitely a perfect weapon if you plan on roleplaying as Death Knight. The weapon comes unenchanted, as the author wanted to give the players the freedom of choice when it comes to enchanting it. 

6. Dragon Slayer from Berserk 

Dragon Slayer Berserker 1300x731 1

We’re entering anime-inspired creative waters, and next up, we have the legendary weapon of the Black Swordsman from Berserk. Dragon Slayer is true to its inspiration, being incredibly oversized. Like Quel’Delar, Dragon Slayer will not suit Barbarians per se, but it’s a perfect weapon for anyone looking to expand its two-handed arsenal.

Besides, the author really put in effort for the weapon to look as immersive and detailed as possible. Dragon Slayer is extremely heavy and craftable as soon as you acquire the Daedric Smithing perk. 

7. The Heavy Greatsword 

The heavy Greatsword 1300x813 1

Skyrim is often compared to Dark Souls for a reason. Both games were truly outstanding and memorable experiences for the players, and now here’s your chance to have a breath of Dark Souls while you’re playing Skyrim. The Heavy Greatsword is a Dark Souls-inspired weapon.

This gigantic sword is two-handed, extremely heavy, and somewhat slow, but due to its exaggerated length, it has a massive range. With its detailed textures, the Heavy Greatsword doesn’t look out of place in Skyrim. It looks quite vanilla-friendly. You can craft it as soon as you unlock steel smithing. This giant greatsword will be your perfect friend when you are fighting giants. 

8. Believeable Weapons 

Believable Weapons 1300x368 1

The problem with most fantasy games, if you want to play with realism in mind, is that most models for weapons were made with over-the-top design in mind. Skyrim is no exception to this rule, and most high-level loot and weapons look like they might hurt you while you’re wielding them instead of the enemy.

The Believable Weapons mod aims to rectify this issue by reworking ALL vanilla weapons to give them cleaner design. Believable Weapons won’t add any new weapons or mechanics to the game, but it will make your experience wielding two-handed weapons more immersive. 

9. Granite Maul

Granite Maul

This pretty straightforward mod adds a massive Granite Maul to the game. Perfect for Nord or Orc barbarians if you ask me. Just a giant stone with which you can crush your enemies’ skulls. Granite Maul was inspired by a similar Runescape weapon. It’s perfectly lore-friendly and immersive in terms of its design. 

10. Combat Gameplay Overhaul

Combat Gameplay OVerhaul

This is not a weapons mod, but it’s one mod that can raise the quality and significantly improve your experience playing with two-handed weapons. Combat Gameplay Overhaul affects almost all aspects of combat in Skyrim. Features included in the mod are things like dodge rolls, mid-air combat, wielding two-handed weapons with spells and other items, and a variety of animation and movement improvements.

Some smaller features include a second swing for left-hand weapons, sweeping hitboxes for two-handed grip attacks, and a hotkey for blocking while dual-wielding or using magic. Additionally, there are several fixes to improve the game’s combat mechanics and animations.

11. Scaled Two-Handed Attack Speed

Scaled Two handed weapon 1300x583 1

One of the reasons why most players seem to avoid playing with two-handed weapons is their slow base game speed. No matter how much damage output and destructive potential these types of weapons have, you are extremely vulnerable against enemy attacks while you’re swinging your giant hammer, especially when it comes to enemies with extreme burst potential. Scaled Two-Handed Attack Speed aims to improve this.

The mod gradually increases attack speed as the player character becomes more proficient in using two-handed weapons. Depending on the perk overhaul being used, the mod has different versions. The vanilla version adds a 5% increase in attack speed for each rank of the Barbarian perk, while the Ordinator and Vokrii versions increase attack speed by 5% for every 20 levels in the Two-Handed Mastery perk, up to a maximum of 25%. To sum everything up, you’re going to swing faster the more you use two-handed weapons. 

12. Two-Handed Weapons Sheath At The Hip

two handed weapons sheat at the hip 1300x731 1

Two-Handed Weapons Sheath At The Hip won’t make any spectacular changes to your gameplay, but it will make some vanity adjustments to your play style. This mod changes the sheath position for most melee weapons to the left hip, with the primary dagger being an exception and now sheathing on the right hip for a more historically accurate position. However, the change also affects two-handed axes and two-handed warhammers, which will also sheath at the hip.

13. Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim 

Like the previous two mods, Ordinator does not add weapons, but it significantly improves upon the existing two-handed gameplay through the addition of new perks and overhaul of the old, less viable perks. There are too many changes to mention in one short description of this mod, but for example, Ordinator adds a perk, “Deadfall” to the two-handed skills tree.

By using a warhammer to interrupt an incoming attack, you can then perform a power attack within 2 seconds to strike back and crush the opponent. This attack will reduce the attacker’s armor by 500 points for 5 seconds. As I’ve said, there are simply too many changes added to the perks. You can check them all out on the mod’s official page. 

14. Two-Handed Animations Inspired by Nightmare from Soul Calibur 

If you don’t want to add new weapons or make any changes to the existing two-handed gameplay, you can always freshen up your play style by adding new animations. This mod adds animations inspired by Nightmare from Soul Calibur, and they look pretty neat. 

15. Unique Uniques 

Unique Uniques 1300x863 1

Unique Uniques replaces the texture of existing weapons in the game to make them more “unique.” It’s a cool mod if you want to expand your armory visually, and some of the changed weapons look truly amazing. It’s not a mod that will revolutionize your gameplay, but it will make your Barbarian look cooler. 

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