60 Best Yuri Anime You Need to Watch Today

65 Best Yuri Anime You Need to Watch Today

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Yuri is most commonly associated with anime and manga, though the term has also been used to describe video games, light novels, and literature. In this article, we are going to focus on yuri anime, giving you a list of the 60 best yuri anime we recommend to watch.

The list is going to be ordered from 60th to 1st place, with us giving you the necessary production information, as well as an introduction to each of the series’ plots.

60. Otherside Picnic

Otherside Picnic Sorawo

Episodes: 12
Original Run: January 4, 2021 – March 22, 2021

University student Sorawo Kamikoshi explores the “doors” that lead to the Other Side – parallel worlds in which creepypastas and urban legends come to life. Sorawo nearly dies in one of these worlds when he encounters a creepypasta monster, but is saved by Toriko Nishina, another young woman who knows guns and searches for a lost friend.

Sorawo and Toriko return to the Other Side with the help of another woman named Kozakura to bring back artifacts and defeat the monsters, but the two are increasingly influenced by the conditions of the worlds, meet and find others. People trapped in themselves are more and more affected by each other.

59. Fragtime


Episodes: 1 OVA episode
Original Run: November 22, 2019

Misuzu is a shy high school student who has the power to stop time for a short time every day. She takes the opportunity to observe what is happening in her high school and ends up looking under the skirt of Haruka, one of her comrades. The latter, however, is not subject to the effect of Misuzu’s power and therefore surprises her at this time. The two girls then begin to get closer.

58. Yuyushiki


Episodes: 12 (+ OVA)
Original Run: April 9, 2013 – June 26, 2013

The series follows the daily life of three high school girls; the intelligent but childish Yuzuko, the stupid Yukari and the mature and easily irritable Yui, all of whom are members of their school’s computer club. As the girls spend their days chatting, they occasionally bring up themes to look for when they are in the club room.

57. ICE


Episodes: 3 OVA episodes
Original Run: May 25, 2007 – September 25, 2007

The story takes place in 2012 in the ruins of Tokyo, following an undetermined disaster that decimated humanity and all of its male representatives. In a world without hope of reproduction, a few groups of women survive.

56. Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!

Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru

Episodes: 12 (+ OVA)
Original Run: October 5, 2018 – December 21, 2018

Tsubame Kamoi, a former JASDF pilot who is attracted to young girls, takes a job as a maid to take care of Misha Takanashi, a Russian girl who recently lost her mother. The series follows Misha constantly having to deal with Tsubame’s doubtful behavior while occasionally seeing something good in her.

55. Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

Miyuki chan in Wonderland

Episodes: 2 OVA episodes
Original Run: June 21, 1995

The young high school student Miyuki is mysteriously swallowed up again and again by strange worlds. She has to solve various tasks to get back, but none of the individual stories are actually completed.

This makes the hopelessness in which Miyuki finds itself clear to the reader. In this manga, only female characters carry the story. In individual scenes, the artists point to Shōjo Ai (girl’s love), although this runs like a red thread through the individual stories, but does not affect the plot.

54. Tachibanakan To Lie Angle

Tachibanakan To Lie Angle

Episodes: 12
Original Run: April 4, 2018 – June 20, 2018

The story follows Hanabi Natsuno who returns home after six years and prepares to begin high school. As she is preparing for high school, she moves to Tachibanakan. There, she meets a lot of beautiful girls and starts developing feelings for them.

53. Kämpfer


Episodes: 14
Original Run: October 2, 2009 – May 25, 2011

The average high school student Natsuru Senō wakes up one morning to the remarkable discovery that he has turned into a girl. It seems even more absurd to him that his stuffed tiger called Harakiri Tora speaks to him and can move. So he learns that from now on he is a “Kämpfer” and that he is under a contract, which is symbolized by his blue bracelet.

52. A Certain Scientific Railgun

A Certain Scientific Railgun S

Episodes: 72 (+ 2 OVA)
Original Run: October 3, 2009 – September 25, 2020

The story takes place in Academy City where 80% of the inhabitants are students who participate in a particular program called Brain Development Program, but only 7 students have reached a high level in the program called level 5. Of course, all set in a world where supernatural powers exist through science and magic through religion!

Will the city be able to remain in peace or will strange events happen? The anime follows the life of the protagonists, who will be repeatedly involved in somewhat bizarre and unimaginable events that will not leave the viewer moments of boredom.

51. Tactical Roar

Tactical Roar

Episodes: 13
Original Run: January 8, 2006 – April 2, 2006

In the near future, a hypercane has emerged in the Pacific Ocean, causing a number of global climate changes. This storm, known as the “Grand Roar”, has been stable for over 50 years. Climate change is making travel and air travel less reliable, and the world, especially in Asia, is therefore starting to return to a second sea age.

However, the state of the world is also heralding the return of piracy and the rise of maritime terrorism, prompting many large international companies to arm themselves and build their own private maritime security forces.

50. Kantai Collection

KanColle 1

Episodes: 12
Original Run: January 8, 2015 – March 26, 2015

The series takes Fubuki as the main character, with the story following his point of view. In a world where humanity faces the threat of the Abyss Fleet which has taken control of the seas, young human maidens equipped with armed outfits and possessing the spirit of the warships of the past, called kanmusu are the only ones capable of countering it.

The kanmusu live together in a naval base, where they spend their daily lives training for combat. Fubuki arrives at the naval base, where she meets other girls alongside whom she will eventually fight. Despite the lack of adequate combat training, it was integrated into Third Torpedo Wing by the admiral, and quickly found itself out for battle.

After being saved by Akagi at the last minute, Fubuki does her best to improve herself, with the hope of eventually being able to fight alongside Akagi.

49. Battle Athletes

Battle Athletes

Episodes: 38 (+1 OVA)
Original Run: October 3, 1997 – June 27, 2021

In the distant future, in the 50th century, terrestrial society had to deal with a series of disasters that changed the face of planet Earth. Despite this, humans have still managed to survive and push themselves into space to conquer the planets of the Solar System.

However, aware of how the development of technology must go hand in hand with caring for the body, humans have given birth to an annual competition that takes place on an artificial satellite that orbits the Earth and where the USSA is based (acronym of University Satellite Sports Academy), or the sports academy of the university satellite.

Here, every year the athletes from all the planets of the Solar System compete for the conquest of the title of Cosmo Beauty.

48. Vandread


Episodes: 26 (+2 OVA)
Original Run: October 3, 2000 – December 28, 2001

The planet Taraak, populated exclusively by men, as well as the planet Mejeer, exclusively by women, have been at war with each other for years.

During a military presentation of the Taraak space forces, their new combat vessel built from that of the colonization is attacked and annexed by female pirates from Mejeer: not wanting to lose face, the commander of the Taraakian forces prefers remotely destroy his ship with intruders on board.

47. The Qwaser of Stigmata

The Qwaser of Stigmata

Episodes: 36 (+ OVA)
Original Run: January 9, 2010 – June 28, 2011

In the twenty-first century, a war broke out in Japan where religious clashes multiply: questioning of divine faith, reconciliation with the obscurantist ideas of Orthodox Christianity … For his part, Mafuyu Oribe and his cousin Tomo Yamanobe, both students at the prestigious St-Mikhailov Academy, meet a mysterious young boy with silver hair.

Her name is Aleksander “Sasha” Nikolaevich Her. The latter is none other than a Qwaser, a human who draws his power from the soma (liquid substance contained in the breasts of women) and is able to manipulate any of the materials of the periodic table of elements (oxygen, iron …).

It’s the mystery that hovers around a supposedly wish-fulfilling icon that will ignite the powder and drag the academy into a bloody battle against other Qwasers.

46. Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn

Pandora in the Crimson Shell

Episodes: 12 (+ 1 film)
Original Run: January 8, 2016 – March 25, 2016

A cyborg girl created by Uzal Delilah named Nene Nanakorobi is forced to face some terrorists to defend her new home: the artificial island of Cenancle.

45. Burst Angel

Burst Angel

Episodes: 24 (+1 OVA)
Original Run: April 6, 2004 – September 14, 2004

A large earthquake, as well as the presence of foreign firms, brought chaos and corruption to the heart of the city: the districts of Shibuya, Roppongi, and Akihabara quickly became lawless areas forcing the authorities to set up a special section of militias equipped with a mecha-armed large caliber, the RAPT, to make reign the order.

If the police do not seem to scare the criminals, they fear on the other hand a quartet of young women followers of “Gunfight” and explosions of all kinds: however, the way of operating as well as the motivation of this group of mercenaries are still unknown.

44. Blue Drop

Blue Drop

Episodes: 13
Original Run: October 2, 2007 – December 25, 2007

The war against the Arume takes place from 2000 to 2008, and ends with the aliens winning the conflict. In 2009 the aliens take control of the Japanese government, which provides the context for the Blue Drop storylines.

43. Scum’s Wish

Scums Wish

Episodes: 12
Original Run: January 12, 2017 – March 30, 2017

Hanabi Yasuraoka, a popular high school student, is in love with her childhood friend, now her homeroom teacher, Narumi Kanai. But seeing Narumi’s eyes after seeing new music teacher Akane Minagawa, Hanabi instantly knows that he has fallen in love with her.

It was then that she met Mugi Awaya, a popular student who fell in love with Akane, who was once her tutor in college. The two teenagers make an arrangement and form a couple to fill their “void”, although they don’t feel anything for each other.

42. Sound! Euphonium

Sound Euphonium scaled

Episodes: 26 (+ OVA + 4 films)
Original Run: April 8, 2015 – December 28, 2016

The Kitauji Secondary Education Institute once participated in the national tournaments and was champion, but when the club advisor changed they were unable to participate in the knockout tournament.

However, thanks to the new advisor, students are constantly improving and increasing their skills. While competing to practice their instruments and perform solos, some students prioritize study and drop out of club activities. Finally, the desired day of the contest arrives.

41. Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life

Episodes: 12
Original Run: July 14, 2018 – September 29, 2018

Satō Matsuzaka, is apparently a normal girl, orphan, beautiful and popular with males, who has a habit of going with a different guy every day. This is until her little girl Shio Kobe enters her life, a sweet girl, whom she welcomes into her house, treating her with a thousand regards and who makes her life sweet for her, like the love he feels for her.

However, Satō kind and poised in appearance is actually psychologically unstable and dangerous, she goes out of her way to keep Shio segregated in the house, and doesn’t let anyone meet her, not to ruin her sweet happy life (hence the title) with the child who loves.

But that will change when Asahi, a tramp who starts hanging posters with Shio’s photo, appears overnight in the neighborhood (Actually Matsuka is in love with Shio).

40. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya

Fate kaleid liner Prisma Illya

Episodes: 42 (+ 3 OVA + 1 film)
Original Run: July 13, 2013 – September 21, 2016

Illyasviel von Einzbern was an ordinary schoolgirl until she became a Magical-girl when the magical Kaleidostick Ruby considers her a more suitable mistress than the mage, Rin Tohsaka.

Rin, who had been tasked by the mage Zelretch to collect the seven class cards containing the souls of the heroic spirits of legend, finds that she is unable to change Ruby’s mind and must supervise Illya having to complete the task of gathering Class Cards.

During her adventures, Illya makes a new friend and rival named Miyu, the contracted mistress of Kaleidostick Sapphire, who has also abandoned her original mistress and Rin’s rival, Luvia Edelfelt.

39. Love Live! School Idol Project


Episodes: 26 (+1 OVA)
Original Run: January 6, 2013 – June 29, 2014

Honoka Kosaka is a young girl who loves her high school, Otonokizaka Girls’ Academy. When it is scheduled to close due to a shortage of students, Honoka is determined to avoid it. Inspired by the popularity of school idols, Honoka decides to recruit members and create his group, μ’s, in order to attract new students to their high school.

With the support of loved ones and members of their school, the µ’s take part in Love Live !, a famous school idol competition, in the hope of winning it and possibly saving their school.

38. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o

Episodes: 1 OVA episode
Original Run: July 30, 2010

Taking place at Saint Michael’s Girls’ School, the game follows the Yuri relationships and romances between different girls. While most games focus on a single couple, some of the newer titles feature multiple couples.

37. Kuttsukiboshi


Episodes: 2 OVA episodes
Original Run: August 16, 2010 – May 11, 2012

Kiiko Kawakami is a high school student who secretly has telekinetic powers. The only person in the know is her friend Āya Saitō, whom she has a crush on. The next day, while ya helps her practice using her powers, Kiiko leans in to kiss a sleeping Āya, but is surprised when she takes the initiative to kiss her on her own.

The two girls decide to make a risky date in the deserted school. They then make memories of the summer, having sex in different places where no one knows about their mutual love.

However, one day, when Kiiko forgets her phone at Āya’s after spending their night together, she retraces to find her friend and lover having intercourse with her older brother Kōta, a famous artist.

36. NTR: Netsuzou Trap

NTR Netsuzou Trap

Episodes: 12
Original Run: July 5, 2017 – September 20, 2017

Since childhood, Yuma and Hotaru have been best friends, always taking care of each other; Now both are in their second year of high school and are beginning their love life; on one hand, Yuma gets her first boyfriend and feels nervous, so Hotaru gives her advice on her first date because she is more experienced.

Yuma and Hotaru begin to have feelings for each other, and their relationship with their boyfriends can be difficult.

35. Valkyrie Drive

Valkyrie Drive

Episodes: 12 + 6 specials
Original Run: October 10, 2015 – December 26, 2015

Each series revolves around girls who have been infected with a mysterious virus known as A Virus (Armed Virus). These girls are divided into two classes: the Extars, who transform into weapons when aroused. And the Liberators, Who have the power to wield the Extars in their weapon forms, known as the Liberator Arms, across the Drive.

34. Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl 1

Episodes: 12 (+1 OVA)
Original Run: January 11, 2006 – March 29, 2006

Hazumu is a young teenager in love. The chosen one of his heart is Yasuna, with whom he has recently befriended. Alas, he gets rejected. Collapsed, he decides to slip away to a mountain to forget, when an alien ship in distress hits him and kills him.

To apologize, the aliens recreate him with all his memories, but change him, a priori for no reason, into a girl and announce him to the world. He must then get used to his new life and reappropriate his friends and loves, who see their perception more or less changed by this modification.

In addition, he must undergo the surveillance of the two aliens, who see it as a good opportunity to understand humanity.

33. Maria†Holic


Episodes: 24
Original Run: January 5, 2009 – June 24, 2011

The story revolves around a lesbian high school girl, Kanako Miyamae, who can’t stand boys and who has skin rashes as soon as she touches one.

During her second year of high school, she enrolls in a girls’ school, hoping to find the woman of her life among her classmates. However, her ideal candidate, Mariya Shidō, turns out to be a sadistic crossdresser boy.

32. Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

Episodes: 12 (+ OVA)
Original Run: October 8, 2006 – December 24, 2006

Mizuho Miyanokouji, a high school student, is forced, following the last wishes of his grandfather, to attend an exclusively female school, the Seio academy. Initially reluctant, the boy decides to disguise himself in order to enter the academy. At first, only the principal, two professors, and her best friend Mariya Mikado knows his secret, but it is soon discovered by two other students, Sion Jujo and Ichiko Takashima, who decide, however, not to reveal it.

Mizuho soon became very popular at school, being elected, albeit unwittingly, as onee-sama, a symbolic figure who identifies the girl who best embodies the traditions of the school. Due to this election, Mizuho finds himself up against Student Council President Takako Itsukushima, who aspired to the role.

31. Shōjo Sect

Shojo Sect

Episodes: 3 OVA episodes
Original Run: July 25, 2008 – November 25, 2008

The story revolves around the main protagonists, Shinobu Handa and Momoko Naitou. They have known each other since childhood and Shinobu fell in love with Momoko from their first meeting. Now enrolled in a high school for girls, Momoko has forgotten the past, but not Shinobu. The two girls go their own way, but Shinobu still hopes Momoko remembers their promise made long ago.

30. Kannazuki no Miko

Kannazuki no Miko

Episodes: 12
Original Run: October 1, 2004 – December 17, 2004

Himemiya Chikane is the perfect student: beautiful, intelligent, excellent at sports and music. Everyone, girls and boys adore and revere her. Kurusugawa Himeko is one of them and they are secretly friends. The calm of the city is shaken around Himemiya’s birthday, when an ancient evil, a curse takes over the city.

Both Chikane and Himeko are two fundamental pieces within future events, they are the ones who bear the titles of the Mikos (Priestess) of the Sun and Moon. Chikane also hides a secret, a veiled desire, a double-edged sword.

29. Canaan

CANAAN 13 Large 05

Episodes: 13
Original Run: July 4, 2009 – September 26, 2009

Mino-san, a journalist, is sent to cover a cultural event in the city of Shanghai. At the request of his boss, he is accompanied by a novice photographer, Maria Osawa. The latter finds himself in the midst of strange deaths on the sidelines of the festivities.

She is pulled out of the woods by a hired killer, with overdeveloped abilities, Canaan. The latter already knew each other and seem united by a supernatural bond. Mino-san, sensing the opportunity of the article that will launch his career, decides to investigate various organizations related to the events and Canaan.

28. El Cazador de la Bruja

El cazador de la bruja

Episodes: 26
Original Run: April 2, 2007 – September 24, 2007

Nadie is an experienced bounty hunter, she was sent to find Ellis, a young girl whose head was put on a price. Ellis, as for her, is a young girl with amnesia with a very troubled past, taken in by a fortune teller, she seems endowed with strange powers.

After finding Ellis, Nadie is entrusted with her and they both flee to the south, many bounty hunters on their heels, with the only clue of an Inca gem and the words: “Wiñay Marca”.

27. Kin-iro Mosaic


Episodes: 24 (+ 1 OVA + 1 film)
Original Run: July 6, 2013 – June 21, 2015

Shinobu Omiya is a Japanese high school student fan of Western culture, five years ago she visited England while staying with a local, where she met a young girl of her age named Alice Cartalet. One day Shinobu receives a letter from Alice announcing that she will continue her studies in Japan, moving to Shinobu.

Alice becomes part of Shinobu’s little band of friends, made up of the inseparable Aya and Yoko. But that was without counting the arrival of Karen, an Anglo-Japanese mestizo and childhood friend of Alice, who, frustrated at being left behind by her friend, also arrives in Japan.

26. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid

Episodes: 25 (+ OVA)
Original Run: January 12, 2017 – September 23, 2021

Kobayashi is employed at the InferNet corporation as a programmer and secretly passionate about the figure of the waitress, particularly from the Victorian era. Her life changes dramatically when she, returning home after a hangover, gets lost in the mountains and meets a dying dragon.

Kobayashi saves him and the dragon, assumed human form, turns out to be a young female to whom she Kobayashi offers, still drunk, hospitality.

The next day, Kobayashi, not remembering the events of the previous night, finds himself a dragon in front of her house, who becomes a girl with horns and a tail named Tohru. After a brief summary and a moment of distrust, Kobayashi decides to keep her as a waitress. The stories see Tohru and her dragon friends trying to fit in with humans without being too conspicuous.

25. Whispered Words

Whispered Words

Episodes: 13
Original Run: October 7, 2009 – December 30, 2009

The story centers on Sumika Murasame, a fifteen-year-old student who is secretly in love with her best friend, Ushio Kazama. The problem is that Kazama also likes girls, but only if they are cute and vulnerable, while Murasame is tall, smart, and good at sports, especially karate, so he has to keep his feelings away while watching Ushio he falls in love with other girls.

24. Maria-sama ga Miteru

Maria sama ga Miteru

Episodes: 39 (+ 34 OVA)
Original Run: January 7, 2004 – March 28, 2009

The story takes place at the Lillian Women’s Catholic Institute and revolves around a group of female students who are part of the Yamayurikai, the school’s Student Council. The Lillian Girls’ Institute, founded in 1902, in Tokyo is a highly elitist, very elegant, and prestigious school. The students who attend it live in an austere, calm environment, where elegance, quiet, and savoir-faire are highly appreciated elements.

23. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha


Episodes: 13 (+ 3 films)
Original Run: October 1, 2004 – December 24, 2004

Nanoha Takamachi is a third-grade elementary school student. She lives with her parents, who have a cafeteria, her sister and her brother, who are in high school and college, respectively. Nanoha’s normal life changes when she hears a voice calling her back home and she ends up rescuing an injured ferret (whose human form is a child archaeologist, Yūno, who hails from another world).

From it, she obtains a magic crystal called Raising Heart, which gives Nanoha magical powers. After their encounter, Nanoha and Yūno must collect the 21 “Jewel Seeds”, powerful crystals from the world of Yūno that fulfill wishes and are dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. However, Nanoha and Yūno are not the only ones behind the Jewel Seeds.

22. RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne


Episodes: 6
Original Run: February 3, 2008 – July 6, 2008

Hiroshi Ohnogi immediately plunges the viewer into an extremely dark backyard universe showing the heroine’s assassination after a frenzied chase. However, it will only be one death among many others.

Rin’s investigations will lead her to work on all kinds of cases, from genetic manipulation to the capture of a lost cat. She is helped in her investigations by Mimi, who serves her as both secretary and hacker, not to mention the alcoholic moments.

21. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Inugami san to Nekoyama san

Episodes: 12 + 1 (unaired)
Original Run: April 10, 2014 – June 26, 2014

Yachiyo Inugami is a girl who behaves like a dog and loves cats, while Suzu Nekoyama is the other way around, she behaves like a cat and loves dogs. When the two girls meet, an instant attraction forms between them. The story follows the relationship of the two girls and other characters who also personify various other animals.

20. Riddle Story of Devil

Riddle Story of Devil11

Episodes: 12 (+ OVA)
Original Run: April 3, 2014 – June 19, 2014

The story takes place at the private Myojo academy reserved exclusively for young girls. However, the students in the Kurogumi class are actually assassins with a target; Haru Ichinose. We follow the daily life of Tokaku Azuma, a newly transferred student, who also targets Ichinose. But little by little she develops feelings for Ichinose and will take it upon herself to protect her against the assaults of the 11 other murderers.

19. Adachi and Shimamura

Adachi and Shimamura

Episodes: 12
Original Run: October 9, 2020 – December 25, 2020

In the middle of the school day, Shimamura decides to skip school. Going upstairs to the gymnasium in search of some peace and quiet, she meets a young girl named Adachi, who has also come to skip school.

Very quickly, the two comrades become friends, leading them to frequently go there to play improvised games of table tennis. But as the time spent together increases, in the gym or elsewhere, Adachi is no longer certain that what she feels for Shimamura is just simple friendship.

18. Yurikuma Arashi


Episodes: 12
Original Run: January 5, 2015 – March 30, 2015

It takes place in an astonishing universe where humans have taken refuge in large fortresses (the walls of extinction) to escape hordes of bears, who want them to disappear. These bears would come from another planet which, when it exploded, left them without a homeland. Kureha Tsubaki is in love with a high school student, Sumika Izumino; they are lesbians.


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Their love, supposed to be eternal, will suffer many incidents following the breaking of the human-bear non-aggression pact. Moreover, every night, Tsubaki dreams of a bear girl, Ginko Yurishiro, but does not know how to react to these very strange dreams.

17. Candy Boy

Candy.Boy .full .665835

Episodes: 7 ONA episodes (+ 2 DVD episodes +1 ONA)
Original Run: May 2, 2008 – May 8, 2009

Yukino and Kanade Sakurai are twin sisters from Hokkaido, who move in together to a student residence in Tokyo to attend high school. They, therefore, leave their younger sister Shizuku (nicknamed Shi-chan) with their parents.

Sakuya Kamiyama, a first-year in high school, follows and harasses Kanade saying that she loves her and that she would do anything to be with her. She pays Yukino with sweets in exchange for photos and personal belongings of Kanade. The latter realizes that the very close relationship she had with her sister is starting to be lost.

16. Dear Brother

Oniisama e...

Episodes: 39
Original Run: July 14, 1991 – May 31, 1992

Misonoo Nanako, the narrator of the story, has just entered a prestigious girls’ school called Seiran Gakuen with her friend Tomoko. She writes regularly to a student she met in evening classes, Takehiko; she considers him to be the big brother she never had.

Shortly after her arrival, Nanako was admitted, against all odds, to the Sorority Club, a private club bringing together the most beautiful, richest, and most beautiful girls of the high school, directed by Ichinomiya Fukiko known as Miya-sama. Between his comrades jealous of not having also been admitted and the not so idyllic atmosphere that reigns at the Sorority Club, Nanako will come out deeply affected.

15. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Episodes: 39 (+ 1 film)
Original Run: April 2, 1997 – December 24, 1997

Revolutionary Girl Utena is the story of a 14-year-old girl, Utena, who met a prince riding a white horse when she was very young and had just lost her parents. He gave her a ring in memory of their meeting and she dreams of finding him one day.

But above all, Utena was so impressed with the prince that she wants to become a prince herself, despite being a girl. A student at Ohtori School, she finds herself embroiled in a strange competition between members of the student council, who engage in sword duels for the power to revolutionize the world.

14. Sweet Blue Flowers


Episodes: 11
Original Run: July 2, 2009 – September 10, 2009

Fumi and Akira, as children, were best friends, Akira acting as the protectress of the sensitive Fumi. But Fumi ends up moving and the two young girls lose contact. Ten years later Fumi returns to his hometown.

She is assaulted by a man on the train as she drives to high school, coincidentally rescued by Akira, who attends a nearby high school. Fumi and Akira quickly become close friends again, and as if nothing had changed, they re-establish their relationship the same way they did when they were children: Akira protecting Fumi.

13. Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood

Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood

Episodes: 12
Original Run: October 5, 2018 – December 21, 2018

The anime tells the strange story of the relationship between Sophie Twilight, a 360-year-old vampire girl who came to Japan in 1986, and Akari Amano, a schoolgirl who begins living with Sophie upon meeting her.


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Sophie is a never-aging-undead, she is incredibly weak to sunlight so usually stays awake during the night, and drinks blood, albeit refrigerated as she can’t bear to drink it from humans. While often maintaining a refined appearance, she enjoys going to comic book conventions and ordering otaku goods. The two of them form a strong bond.

12. Kase-san

Kase san

Episodes: 1 OVA episode (+ 1 ONA)
Original Run: June 9, 2018

Yui Yamada, a shy girl who enjoys gardening in her high school, falls in love with Tomoka Kase, an athletic tomboy. The two girls then start dating. The series follows the story of the two girls as they face different trials in their relationship.

11. Noir

Noir Mireille

Episodes: 26
Original Run: April 6, 2001 – September 28, 2001

Mireille Bouquet is a renowned French hitman living in Paris. One day she receives an electronic message inviting her to make “a pilgrimage in the past”. Familiar music accompanies the message: that of the pocket watch of her father who was murdered with the rest of his family when Mireille was still very young.

Determined to follow this trail, Mireille goes to Japan and discovers that the author of the message is a strange high school student, Kirika Yūmura. But Kirika cannot give her the information she wants: she has amnesia. Her memories only go back a few days, when she woke up in an unfamiliar room.

10. My-HiME


Episodes: 26 + 26 DVD-only shorts
Original Run: September 30, 2004 – March 31, 2005

Mai Tokiha is a young high school student and Takumi’s older sister; they both obtained a scholarship to the prestigious Fuuka Academy (Fuuka Gakuen). While taking a ferry as a mini vacation before going to their new school, her brother spotted a young girl who was floating in the sea, clinging to a large black sword.

So Mai was the only one on the ferry to do CPR. After reviving the girl, Mai realizes that the girl has a birthmark identical to hers. The mystery seems to end there, until the person who left the mystery girl at sea approaches the ferry.

9. Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick

Episodes: 12
Original Run: January 9, 2014 – March 27, 2014

Haruka Takayama and Yū Sonoda have been inseparable since middle school, but once they arrive in their new class in high school, they find themselves placed too far apart. Haruka, becoming jealous when she sees Yū getting along well with the other comrades, decides to share something with Yū that will make their relationship a little more “special”.

8. Strawberry Panic!

Strawberry Panic

Episodes: 26
Original Run: April 3, 2006 – September 25, 2006

The plot of Strawberry Panic centers on the lives of some teenage girls who attend the same school conglomerate made up of the three prestigious schools of St. Miator, St. Spica and St. Lulim. All three schools are characterized by the fact that they have arisen very close to each other and that they share different structures at a sacred place away from worldly life where men cannot enter.

Among these structures, the most important is undoubtedly the Ichigo Dormitory, with its characteristic strawberry shape. The real protagonist of the story is Nagisa Aoi, a young girl who finds herself attending St. Miator following a transfer.

7. Simoun


Episodes: 26
Original Run: April 3, 2006 – September 25, 2006

Simoun’s story begins on the planet Daikūriku, orbiting a binary star, whose technology would be similar to that of our industrial revolution (nineteenth century); however, some more advanced technologies are lost, as is the story of the creation of this world.

At the beginning of history, the Holy Land has the advantage over all other nations thanks to an unknown technology (even they don’t know its true nature), but which it nevertheless possesses.

It is the Simoun, an airship powered by a helical engine that is able to fly with unparalleled ease, and also well above the clouds, unlike the machines of other countries which risk being struck by lightning at any time. But the Simoun is also a deadly weapon, capable of eliminating an entire enemy fleet.

6. Konohana Kitan

Konohana Kitan

Episodes: 12
Original Run: October 4, 2017 – December 20, 2017

In a fabled medieval Japan where humans and fantastic creatures coexist, the young kitsune Yuzu is hired as an apprentice in the Konohana spa, whose peculiarity is to have a staff composed entirely of fox girls.

Briefly, in tune with the inn’s routine and everyday life, Yuzu will have the opportunity to experience various small adventures linked to the many curious characters that gravitate around the building and her spa, and which will contribute to increasing her life experiences.

5. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica Main Cast

Episodes: 12
Original Run: January 7, 2011 – April 21, 2011

There are creatures with the power to grant a young girl’s wish, in exchange for which she will become a Puella Magi (or Mahou Shoujo) to fight demonic creatures, witches.

A college girl named Madoka Kaname, as well as her friend Sayaka Miki, are approached by one of these creatures, Kyubey, who offers them to become in turn Magical Girl. The new student in their class, Homura Akemi, however, mysteriously seeks to prevent Madoka from making this contract.

4. Kanamemo


Episodes: 13
Original Run: July 5, 2009 – September 27, 2009

The story centers on protagonist Kana Nakamichi, a 13-year-old orphan elementary school student who recently lost her only close relative, her grandmother. Left alone, she ends up finding a job opening as a newspaper deliverer at a distributor.

All employees who live at the distributor are young bishōjo girls. The manga follows Kana’s daily life working at the Fuhshin Gazette newspaper distributor and her relationship with the other employees.

3. YuruYuri


Episodes: 38 (+ 2 OVA + 4 ONA)
Original Run: July 5, 2011 – December 21, 2015

Right after starting his first year of school in middle school, Akari Akaza joined the leisure club made up only by his two childhood friends, Kyoko Toshinō and Yui Funami. Chinatsu Yoshikawa, a classmate of Akari, becomes a member of the club after learning of the disbandment of the tea club, where she wanted to join the base. We then follow the daily life of these four young girls.

2. citrus


Episodes: 12
Original Run: January 6, 2018 – March 24, 2018

Yuzu is a young kogaru who, following the remarriage of her mother, must move and integrate a new high school for young girls who are extremely strict, especially with regard to the appearance of the students. From her first day of school, she comes into conflict with the student office, especially its president, Mei Aihara, a particularly cold, severe, and strict student whom she comes to hate.

That same evening at home, Yuzu discovers that she has a new half-sister with whom she will have to share her room; this is none other than Mei. Will Yuzu succeed in learning to live with a person she hates? But Yuzu will also discover one thing: hatred and love share an extremely blurred border.

1. Bloom Into You


Episodes: 13
Original Run: October 5, 2018 – December 28, 2018

Yū Koito has always loved shōjo manga, and must therefore know the feelings she should feel when she receives a confession of love. However, when a student in her middle school confesses his feelings for her, Yū feels nothing. She postpones her answer until later and ends up entering high school, still unsure of her answer.

She then sees the president of the student council, Tōko Nanami, elegantly rejecting a confession of love. Yū decides to seek her advice and then finds out that Nanami never accepted a confession because neither of them made her feel anything in particular.

The two girls are united in their similarities but eventually, Nanami realizes that she might fall in love with Yū and then declares her feelings to her.

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