Black Clover: Dark Triad Explained

Black Clover: Dark Triad Explained

In this article, we are going to explain what the Black Clover‘s Dark Triad is.

The Dark Triad is a trio of powerful mages who currently rule the Kingdom of the Spade. They are the main antagonists of the Dark Triad arc. The leaders and main members of the Dark Triad are Dante, Zeno, and Vanica Zogratis. The Devils Lucifero, Beelzebub, and Megicula also serve the Dark Triad, as do several so-called Dark Disciples.

In the rest of the article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Dark Triad in Black Clover. You are going to find out about its members, about the power balance of its members, and how the Dark Triad Ended. We’ve conceived this article as a go-to guide for all fans who wish to know about this villainous group from Black Clover.

Who are the Dark Triad in Black Clover?

The Dark Triad are a trio of powerful mages who currently rule the Spade Kingdom. Years ago, they usurped the rule of the Kingdom from the royal family, House Grinberryall. The Dark Triad uses fear to subjugate the people and take over the nation. Under their rule, the Spade Kingdom conquered most of the Diamond Kingdoms and began preparing to invade the other kingdoms.

The Spade Kingdom’s weaker citizens were forced from their homes and used as a source of magical power for the kingdom’s mobile fortresses. One of the Dark Triad’s goals is to recreate the Tree of Qliphoth, a magical channel that will allow demons to enter the living world. The tree needs World Tree Magic and Dark Magic to grow, so Zenon Zogratis leads an attack on the Golden Dawn to capture William Vangeance, while Dante Zogratis attacks the Black Bull to capture Yami Sukehiro.

Members of the Dark Triad are all known to be extremely powerful mages whose strength is on par with demons, as they are possessed by three of the highest demons in the underworld. They are:

Dante ZogratisDark TriadLuciferoAlive
Vanica ZogratisDark TriadMegiculaAlive (sort of)
Zenon ZogratisDark TriadBeelzebubDead

Their direct reports are known as Dark Disciples; they are strong and loyal mages with whom the members of the Dark Triad have shared part of their devil’s power, they can access proportions of a demon’s power such as 40%. These powers grant the Dark Triad and Dark Disciples a huge power boost that allows them to easily take on and dominate an entire squad of Golden Dawn Mages on their own. The known Dark Disciples are:

GaderoisDark DisciplesAlive
FoyalDark DisciplesAlive
SvenkinDark DisciplesDead
SivoirDark DisciplesDead
HalbetDark DisciplesDead
HischerDark DisciplesDead
RoberoDark DisciplesDead

Who is the strongest member of the Dark Triad in Black Clover?

Before we actually tell you the answer to this question, we have decided to tell you a bit about the three principal members of the Dark Triad and their powers. This is done to give you a better overview and to, ultimately, justify our answer to this question.

Dante Zogratis

Heavy Infighting Gladiator

Dante uses this magical attribute to manipulate his body, allowing him to repair and alter his physique at will. Due to his enhancement by the demon’s power, Dante’s recovery is much faster and more powerful, allowing him to survive decapitation and regenerate his entire torso in seconds. That improvement also prevents him from aging. He can distort his body and create additional limbs.

Dante uses this type of magic to manipulate the weight of objects at will, he is also able to manipulate the shape of any material he manipulates such as transforming a large rock into a sword. It has been seen that Dante is capable of using up to 60% of the power of his demon Lucifer with which he has been able to disintegrate the magic around him with his sole presence and has also been able to maintain and triumph in a fight against Asta in his uncontrolled black form and battling Yami Sukehiro, Dante is able to use up to 80% of Lucifer’s power.

Dante has shown enormous magical power individually without needing to use his Lucifer demon, deflecting Gauche and Henry’s spells with great ease and also being able to destroy the Black Bulls’ base with equal ease.

Vanica Zogratis


Vanica uses her Blood Magic magical attribute to generate and manipulate blood. Vanica uses her Curse-Warding Magic attribute to create powerful curses. She cursed her Dark Disciples to continually resurrect. As the host of a demon, Vanica possesses an immense amount of magical power. She easily blocks Noelle’s Roar of the Sea Dragon, an extremely powerful spell that could pierce multiple walls and even hurt Salamander, and doesn’t consider it a proper attack.

Vanica possesses incredible strength. She is able to slam a large man into the ground and pierce his shoulder with her boot. As a member of the Dark Triad, Vanica is host to one of the greatest demons, Megicula, which grants her immense power. She can use up to 70% of the devil’s power. Megicula has higher magical power than Zagred, which is stronger than the Company Captains of the Clover Kingdom and the Apostles of the Elf Tribe.

After opening the first gate in the Tree of Qliphoth, Vanica can use 100% of Megicula’s power. Due to her possession of a demon, Vanica has the ability to use both her Blood Magic and Megicula’s Curse Magic. Vanica has a grimoire that contains Blood Magic spells.

Zenon Zogratis


As a member of the Dark Triad, Zenon is one of the rulers of the Spade Kingdom and, therefore, has absolute control of the country. In terms of combat, Zenon is one of the most powerful magicians of the Spade Kingdom, being considered a demon even by the inhabitants of his country. His power and strength is such that even Luck Voltia, a very proficient magic knight renowned for facing strong opponents admitted that he seriously would not like the idea of ​​facing him.

Zenon uses Bone Magic to generate and manipulate bones. Zenon uses Spatial Magic attained from Beelzebub to control the mana around him through space cubes, with this magic he can completely suppress other people’s mana; it also serves to open portals to an unknown dimension. Zenon made a contract with the demon Beelzebub; he is able to use up to 80% of his power, once the first door of the underworld is opened Zenon can use 100% of Beelzebub’s power.

Zenon possesses great magical power, being able to destroy an entire castle in a matter of seconds and without using all of his power. He was also able to defeat one of the order captains, William Vangeance, and retain Yami Sukehiro’s moves. He also managed to effortlessly defeat many magic knights of the Diamond Kingdom including most of the Eight Brilliant Generals who are known to have magic power on par with a captain.

Once Zenon sacrifices everything of himself in exchange for Beelzebub’s heart, he becomes a demon, obtaining far superior physical strength and Once Zenon sacrifices all of himself in exchange for Beelzebub’s heart, he becomes a demon, obtaining far superior physical strength and magical power, being able to easily defeat Yuno while using his spirit dive: Boreas. Zenon possesses a Spike Grimoire containing various bone-based spells.


Now that we’ve gone over their powers and abilities, we can give you the answer you came for. As far as pure magical skills are concerned, Dante Zogratis is by far the most powerful member of the Dark Triad, followed by Vanica and then Zenon. And while it seems that Zenon is by far the most feared one, that is not a reflection of their actual power balance.


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On the other hand, if we count the devils, then Megicula is the most powerful one, with Lucifero coming in second. Beelzebub is the weakest among the three devils contracted to the Dark Triad. Overall, this doesn’t change much: Dante still remains the strongest member, followed by Vanica, with Zenon being the third-strongest member.

Who defeated the Dark Triad in Black Clover?

Each of the members had their specific fights during which they were defeated. Two of the members have survived their final fights, while Zenon was the only one who actually ended up being killed. We are going to explain the fates for each of them individually. Beware, spoilers ahead!

Dante Zogratis

Dante’s defeat happens during the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc, when Zora Ideale and Magna Swing arrive to protect their captain. Magna says that he himself will bring him down. Dante is furious at the supposed taunt and says that he will not use magic, giving Magna permission to attack him as he pleases.

Magna then throws another exploding fireball and then hits Dante in the face with a magic brass knuckle. Dante retaliates with a gravity-enhanced punch to Magna’s face. After Magna points out that Dante broke his word not to use magic, Dante calls Magna a thief and tries to crush him, but Magna resists the increased gravity and lands another blow that sends heat coursing through Dante’s body.

Dante laughs as his injury heals and continues to bombard Magna with punches. Magna dodges the fists and lands a punch to Dante’s face that sends him to the ground. Humiliated and angry, Dante straightens up with magic and throws stone blocks at Magna. While Magna is distracted, Dante crafts a sword and swings it down at Magna.

Although Magna dodges the blade, he is hit by another stone block. At the same time, Magna lands a blow on Dante’s shoulder, but Dante looks over the injury and points out that Magna’s own injuries are increasing. Magna refuses to give up the fight, and the two exchange a series of blows. Eventually, they both run out of magical power, which surprises Dante. He also loses his connection to Lucifero because he lacks magical power.

Magna takes advantage of Dante’s confused and weakened state and delivers an uppercut to Dante’s jaw. They then exchange a final blow to each other’s cheek. Magna remains standing as Dante falls to the ground unconscious. Magna lets out a triumphant scream. Shortly after the Magic Knights leave the room, Dante regains consciousness, but his body magic is out of control, warping and twisting his body. Jack returns to the room and stabs Dante, finally managing to knock him out.

Status: Alive, but severely unstable and incapacitated

Vanica Zogratis

Vanica’s final battle also happens during the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc, after Noelle interrupts her battle with Charlotte and Lolopechka. Vanica creates Red Beasts, and Noelle destroys them with ease and then directly attacks Vanica. Demanding more, Vanica creates a large Red Beast, which Noelle’s Sea Dragon’s Roar destroys this time.

While Vanica is holding the dragon’s jaws open, Noelle stabs her with a sword. Despite her injury, Vanica is delighted and lashes out with more blood spikes. Noelle continues to dances around and destroy them and to hit strike Vanica’s body, slowly stripping it of its magical protection. Eventually Noelle defeats Vanica and pins her to a piece of rubble.

Noelle defeats Vanica

Vanica enjoys the feeling from the fight and wonders if this makes them friends and rivals. Noelle refuses and prepares to kill Vanica. However, Megicula expels a mass of magic from Vanica’s right eye, much to Vanica’s surprise, and forces Noelle back. Megicula then takes full control of Vanica’s body and partially manifests itself.

As Megicula spreads Decaying World around the area, Charlotte tries to weaken its effect, so the devil forces Vanica’s body to extend numerous blood spikes. Megicula is later knocked off Vanica’s shoulder by Gadjah’s Apocalypra Astrauza, and Vanica falls to the floor.

After Asta stops Lolopechka from exploding, Megicula tries to sacrifice both Vanica and Lolopechka immediately, but Charlotte’s regrown Blue Rose Paradise stops the curse runes. Vanica is left in this half-dead state

Status: Alive, but in a half-dead state

Zenon Zogratis

Zenon was also defeated – and killed – during his fight with Yuno in the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc. After Zenon seemingly won, Yuno receives a second grimoire and faces Zenon again. Yuno’s star magic destroys the bone whips holding Finral and part of Zenon’s head. When he regenerates, Zenon realizes that the magic came from House Grinberryall, which means that Yuno is the royal heir.

After Yuno blocks Zenon’s whips, Zenon tries to trap Yuno in a space cube, but Yuno teleports out and uses Quartile Hasta to destroy Zenon’s right shoulder. Enraged, Zenon wants to destroy Yuno, so he unleashes the Eternal Fangs and fights Yuno with the sword. As their fight continues, Zenon creates the demon sword and unleashes flying blows of offensive space magic that destroy some of Yuno’s stars.

Yuno kills Zenon

Their attacks eventually destroy the tower, and as it collapses around them, Zenon uses his sword to block Yuno’s halberd. Although the spirit of Boreas cuts into Zenon’s chest and exposes his heart, Zenon is not concerned as he has destroyed Yuno’s last star. Zenon opens three portals behind Yuno and pierces his body with bones protruding from the portals.

As Yuno is stuck, Zenon swings his sword for one last attack. But Yuno has managed to create a new star and teleports behind Zenon. Yuno then wields his new Holy Spirit of Zephyr and cuts through Zenon’s heart. As Zenon bleeds to death and his body begins to decay, he wonders what made him and Yuno so different despite their similarities.

Status: Deceased