20 Strongest Black Clover Characters (RANKED)

Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

The world of Black Clover is perfect for any magic lover. The plot revolves around different types of magic and magic users as they fight. Although there are a plethora of interesting characters with captivating magical abilities, we are going to bring you a list of the 20 most powerful Black Clover characters, ranking them from 20th to 1st place.

Strongest Black Clover characters

20. Lilith and Nahamah

Lilith fused with Nahamah

Lilith, along with her brother Nahamah was born in the underworld and has lived there for hundreds of years belonging to the highest category of the underworld. One day, with her brother and several dozen low-ranking demons, she managed to go out to the outside world and meet with Nacht, Jack, and Dante, and, along with her brother, faced Nacht who, after dodging their attacks for a while, immobilizes them and kills them.

He transports them to another part of the castle and tries to defeat them, but he does not succeed after trying to seal them with his Day of Atonement spell. Lilith, along with her brother, is easily released from the seal and when they were about to kill Nacht, Asta arrives and stops it by cutting off part of Nahamah’s right arm.

Lilith laughs excitedly as they hadn’t faced anything that entertaining for centuries in the underworld. Along with Nahamah, she confronts Asta, but he easily removes all the magic around him and manages to cut Nahamah in half. However, Lilith freezes her brother’s severed body, and after saying that it’s time for them to have fun together they merge, creating a new and more powerful demon.

They confront Asta and try to destroy the entire area around the castle with a large mass of magic but Asta manages to return the said attack and manages to corner the demon, which causes him to feel afraid for the first time. He deduces that Asta’s assimilation would not last much longer and tries to escape so he can defeat Asta when he loses the assimilation, but Nacht stops him for a few seconds with his magic, making Asta cut him in half and thus succeeding in ending his life.

19. Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte was cursed as a child by the demon Megicula, as a result instead of using her original red rose magic, she could only use blue roses, which are noticeably weaker. Although Yami broke the curse in the past, it still affected her, so she was still unable to use her true power. Despite this difficulty, Charlotte managed to become a Squad Captain even without using all of her power, something that surprised Rill.

She was also recognized by Licht as a very powerful mage even though she had her power suppressed from her. After training her, Charlotte learns to use the magical runes of the Heart Kingdom, learning to control the enormous curse power trapped in her blue roses and being able to control her red roses for the first time. With the combination of both magics, she becomes a much more powerful magician than before.

18. William Vangeance

William Vangeance

William is loved by his men and demands extreme loyalty from them. He has a calm and friendly demeanor and almost always wears a friendly smile when he converses with other people. He still maintains a somewhat mysterious aura due to the fact that his mask covers most of his expression. He is an observant and cautious individual who was quick to notice Asta’s high athletic ability during the exam and who also tried to keep the other captains in check during Gueldre Poizot’s escape attempt by noting that the other captain may be under the influence of the someone else’s magic.

He is also an empathic person. During his childhood, he was able to feel and understand Patry’s emotions (hatred, anger) and despite wanting to destroy the humans of the Clover Kingdom, he did not stop him and decided to help him to see his friend happy. After all this William cried, relieved and happy when he found out that Julius was still alive, and with regret for what he did he swore his loyalty again.

17. Nacht Faust

Nacht Faust

Nacht is a pragmatic and logical person. He knows that Asta has no chance of saving Yami from the Dark Triad alone. He thinks losing a fight is the loser’s fault and views losers as fools. Nacht is not shy about saying whether he likes someone or not. He’s also not afraid to express his dislike of all Magic Knight captains on their faces.

He has very definite ideas about what is good and bad; something is only good if it is good from the start, whereas something bad that becomes good, although a pleasant surprise, is ultimately bad. Nacht believes that doing good does not make up for past wrongs. This belief probably stems from his inability to forgive himself for his actions.

16. Dante Zogratis

Dante Zogratis

Dante is of a calm nature and he loves evil so much that he smiles at it and talks about it in front of his opponents. He likes to fight and loves when his opponents entertain him. He thinks anger is a human feeling. Dante is first seen in a castle saying that everything is ready. We see him again later in front of the headquarters of the Black Bull to attack the members of the company that were there.

He easily manages to dominate Asta, Gosh, Gray, and Vanessa by offering them to become his wives. Right after, Yami arrives to fight him and during this fight, he is happy to be entertained even if he gets beaten. Dante is a member of the Dark Triad, whose level is Supreme Echelon. He is an extremely powerful mage who can rival Yami effortlessly. He possesses body magic that allows him to be immortal by regenerating himself and regenerating his cells. The magic of his demon (Lucifero) allows him to use gravitational magic which he uses to fight his opponents.

15. Zagred


Zagred was an evil and cruel being. That he looked down on both humans and elves, seeing them as mere playthings and means to his goals. Like most demons he was very sadistic, finding the desperation of other living beings amusing and light-hearted, as when he laughed at Patry’s despair by revealing that he massacred the elves and indirectly manipulated him all this time.

All of his actions came from a deep desire to get a body and grimoire, only to manifest in the world of the living and unleash chaos and destruction. Showing a typical demon nature, he was a very selfish and evil person, who did not care about the methods necessary to achieve his goals. Being considered a high-ranking demon, Zagred was a very arrogant being, mocking every living thing in the Palace of Shadows, believing that they only exist for his personal amusement.

This arrogance extends to others of his kind, as shown by Asta’s Demon Anti-Magic, saying that he knows his place in his rank. This ultimately led to his own undoing, as he constantly underestimated his opponents instead of destroying them for good. In his last moments, Zagred expressed shock at the realization that he was defeated by beings he himself considered insects.

14. Asta


Asta is a cheerful and hyperactive young man. He is endowed with unparalleled perseverance and determination, since he was little, he never gives up and is determined to accomplish his goals. It can be noted that his perseverance allowed him to be noticed by Captain Yami and these comrades of the Black Bull. He is also used to being criticized and being the butt of teasing and he knows how to show composure.


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However, when his loved ones are attacked, Asta does not hesitate to defend them vehemently. He also has a great sense of justice and he believes that everyone has the right to be protected, which is one of the reasons that led him to want to become Emperor-Mage. This way of thinking does not only apply to his allies, but also to his enemies, like when he asks his comrades to save Mars from the collapse of the dungeon.

He claims that their mission was only to explore the dungeon and that they received no orders to kill their enemies. Also, Asta seems to see the positive side of people and never takes an insult seriously, such as when he didn’t express anger and remained friendly when Yuno and Noelle criticized him harshly.

13. Yuno Grinberryall

Yuno Grinberryall

Yuno is calm and reserved by nature and only speaks when he really needs to speak. Often people misunderstand him because of the way he speaks. Despite his detached attitude, Yuno has an unwavering ambition to become Emperor-Mage, an ambition he developed growing up with Asta. Moreover, Yuno has such a strong rivalry with him that he will do anything to stop anyone who tries to harm Asta.

Due to spending the majority of his childhood living with Asta, Yuno has some similarities with him. For example, he is very tenacious and never gives up, a tenacity he learned while training with Asta. Before, Yuno was a bit whinier, and couldn’t defend himself alone. He started to change after Asta saved him after showing his dreams and determination.

12. Lolopechka


In private, Lolopechka is a bit airheaded and blundering and tends to fall asleep standing up like when she starts a search. She also likes to have fun. When she puts on her princess clothes, Lolopechka exudes beauty and becomes much more serious than in private, especially in combat. Lolopechka is first seen in a private “room” after bringing Asta close to her.

As Clover’s other mages join them, she explains her curse to them and gives them information about the Dark Triad and demons. Much later, when Vanica Zogratis attacks the Kingdom of Heart with her disciples, she fights the latter with Noelle by boosting the girl’s magic. When Secre arrives to seal Megicula’s power, she strips off her princess clothes and due to the demon’s proximity, will suffer pain from her curse.

She is then abducted by Vanica who takes her to Spade. Lolopechka is a powerful mage who uses her magic to maintain her kingdom but also in combat by weakening the magic of her opponents and boosting the magic of her allies.

11. Vanica Zogratis


Vanica is an enthusiastic person who likes to do flashy things for her own amusement. She hates being bored and is prone to jealousy. She likes to fight people who are in good shape because she thinks it’s more fun than fighting weaker opponents. She taunts weaker opponents as “trash” and instead desires to fight incredibly powerful opponents, such as Lolopechka, in order to lessen her sense of boredom.


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She fully supports Dante Zogratis’ plan to create the Tree of Qliphoth, which will summon legions of demons into the world and cause massive human casualties and catastrophic destruction, as this will eliminate the weak in humanity and allow it to fight the strong survivors for his own amusement.

Despite her love for fighting strong opponents, she does not always remember opponents she has already fought and defeated in the past right away due to her unique desire to only pursue her present and future pleasures, but being pushed to her limits will help jog her memory.

10. Zenon Zogratis

Zenon Zogratis

Zenon is extremely ruthless. He doesn’t seem to talk much, preferring to settle disputes with his magical power. A facet of Zenon’s personality seems to be his devotion and loyalty to his home kingdom of Spade. He is very meticulous and determined to gain more power to add to the Spade Kingdom’s war strength.

He goes so far as to invade the Kingdom of Clover and directly attack the Golden Dawn base with the sole purpose of obtaining an Arcane Stage mage for his kingdom’s army. However, beneath Zenon’s typically cold and serious disposition lurks a bloodthirsty individual. He coldly insults the defeated and brutalized members of the Golden Dawn and belittles his own subordinates as useless upon their defeats.

Later, he looks down and smiles as he viciously attacks Yuno and all his actions are for the glory of the Spade Kingdom. Unlike Dante and Vanica who like to fight strong opponents to the point of prolonging their battle or letting them live to grow stronger, Zenon will quickly eliminate threats to their plans. he “killed” Yuno who managed to hurt him and tried to kill Asta who has Anti-Magic.

9. Patolli

black clover patri

Patolli was born into the elf tribe. One day, he sees Licht receiving a grimoire and Patolli asks his mother about the four-leaf clover. A while later, Patolli hangs out with Licht and Ryah as usual and asks Licht about the rumor that humans are going to attack. Suddenly, a magical tornado appears and Patolli observes Licht saving a woman trapped inside.

Patolli is surprised to see that her brother has a four-leaf clover-like his friend Licht. Patolli is initially skeptical of humans but believes in Licht who trusts them. After Licht announces that Tetia is pregnant, Ryah teases Patolli about her youth. The day before his grimoire ceremony, Patolli attends Licht and Tetia’s wedding, but after the ceremony, the elves are betrayed and slaughtered by humans. Afterwards, the devil casts a spell of reincarnation magic on the elves.

8. Nozel Silva


Like the rest of House Silva, Nozel is an arrogant man who believes himself superior to others. Although he calls some people “poor rats”, he takes his role as Knight-Mage very seriously and is demanding of himself as well as his brothers and sisters. When Solid Silva belittles House Vermillion after Fuegoleon Vermillion is badly injured, Nozel points out that House Silva is worse, as they weren’t present during the battle.

Despite his usual arrogance, Nozel shows signs of respect and affection to those close to him. He thus states that he will avenge Fuegoleon when he gets hurt, and later he mocks Fana’s magic by insinuating that Fuegoleon’s flames are superior to his own.

7. Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro

Yami is a quiet person by nature, but he can get angry easily, for example, if someone pushes him around. Yami also uses intimidation by verbally threatening or hurting his target. He also has a tendency to directly choose a solution requiring physical strength during a problem or confrontation, such as when he destroyed part of the company headquarters to appease his subordinates. Yami doesn’t discriminate against people based on their social status, as he’s willing to accept Luck Voltia, Noelle Silva, and Asta into his ranks, even though he knows about their issues.

6. Witch Queen

The Queen Of Witches

The Witch Queen abhors people and imperfection. She is extremely cruel, as she shows when she digs her heel into the head of Vanessa Enoteca and later tries to kill her daughter’s friends. She is also willing to enslave others.

Because of her ability to tell fortunes, she has become vain and manipulates others for her own gain. This is shown when she imprisons Vanessa due to the potential of her thread magic, but allows her to escape so she can return later with another power, and when she heals Asta’s arms so she can control him and his anti-magic later.

5. Mereoleona Vermillion

black clover mereoleona vermillion anime 1274607 1280x0 1

Mereoleona is a woman with an explosive and impulsive character. She also seems to attach a lot of importance to the power and honor of her company. So when the Flaming Lion comes in fifth place, she severely reprimands the members of her companies and will go so far as to punch Leopold Vermillion when he responds.

She is also authoritarian, since the mages in her company fear her and obey her without protest. Even the captains of other companies obey him without protest. Despite her hostile attitude and her explosive character, Mereoleona knows perfectly well how to motivate others, even if she has only just met them.

4. Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon is a fair person who judges people according to their true worth rather than social status. This aspect of his personality was seen when he defended Asta from the oppression of the Silva House by explaining to them that Asta had been invited by Julius Novachrono, which meant that the Mage-Emperor had recognized his worth. In addition, he also shows his sense of justice since he is not ignorant when someone is attacked for whatever reason or status of the attacker.

3. Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono

Julius is known to have an obsession with magic, so he loves to explore the Kingdom in search of magic he’s never seen before. Usually, his childish attitude surfaces when he discovers a new type of magic and he becomes excited to see it in action. Julius even goes so far as to disguise himself, to do his research without being recognized by the citizens. Due to his childlike nature, Julius has a tendency to shy away from his responsibilities as Mage-Emperor or voluntarily leave when high-ranking Knights and low-ranking Knights are in the same room, even though he knows they might. Argue.

2. Lemiel Silvamillion Clover

Lemiel Silvamillion Clover

He was known 500 years ago as a prince blessed by mana, one day Secre (currently Nero) a young woman with a magical sealing power was in charge of taking care of him and attending to him, during this time he convinced her that each one had a unique magical power and special even her, they worked together on different magical tools to help people.

Over time Secre noticed that Lemiel and her sister Tetia were sneaking away, on these trips they met Licht the leader of the elves and over time with the rest of his clan, they were looking for a peaceful future between humans and elves where There would be equality for all.

1. Licht


As children, Licht comes to Vetto’s aid, telling him that they are friends and that one day, elves and humans will understand each other. Years later, Licht receives a four-leaf clover grimoire and saves a human woman from a magical tornado. Licht befriends Tetia’s brother, who also believes that elves and humans will live in peace.

Licht conceives a child with Tetia, hoping that she will unite the two peoples. Months later, Licht marries her, but after the ceremony, the elves are betrayed and slaughtered by humans. Carrying the body of his wife, Licht rises from the dead and casts a forbidden Reincarnation Magic spell, centuries later reviving with Patolli’s soul in William Vangeance.