Bleach: Top 10 Black Characters Ranked by Popularity

Top 10 Bleach Black Characters Ranked by Popularity

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The characters of Bleach are an intriguing lot, all of them. Despite Bleach being an anime series, the show’s characters aren’t exclusively Japanese and come from different parts of the world and cultures. Bleach characters come in all shapes and sizes, although the show occurs in Japan. In this article, we have decided to analyze a specific group of characters, as we will bring you a list of the 10 best black characters from Bleach, ranked based on their overall popularity.

10. PePe Waccabrada

594PePe27s equipment

PePe Waccabrada is the Sternritter “L” in Bleach, representing “The Love.” He is a large, dark-skinned man with a distinctive beard, bald head, sunglasses, and a unique fashion style. PePe strongly believes in the power and influence of love, considering it the force behind all conflicts and the key to overcoming obstacles. He sees his body as pure and the source of universal adoration, getting easily angered when someone rejects his love.

PePe’s ability involves forming heart-shaped bullets with his hands to make his targets fall deeply in love. Those struck by these hearts become obsessed with PePe, obeying his commands unquestioningly, even attacking their own allies. Additionally, he can take control of zanpakutō using this power.

Activating his Quincy: Vollständig, named Gudoero, PePe undergoes a transformation where he loses most of his clothing, gaining wings with sprawling feathers and a distinctive halo. This form grants him high resistance, allowing him to endure significant damage from opponents like Kensei.

9. NaNaNa Najahkoop

566NaNaNa profile

NaNaNa Najahkoop is the Sternritter with the designation U. NaNaNa can analyze a target’s reiatsu over a period of time to determine his opponent’s distribution of spiritual energy. To do this, he imprints his Schrift on the target and uses it to form a grid, which Quincy calls the Morphine Pattern; this allows him to identify the weak points present in the target’s reiatsu, increasing their size until the opponent’s reiatsu is exhausted.


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8. Ōetsu Nimaiya

601Gerard is defeated

Ōetsu Nimaiya is one of the five Shinigami of the Royal Guard and holds the title of “God of the Sword.” Generally playful and cheerful, when it comes to talking about Zanpakutō, he becomes extremely serious. He is credited as the inventor of the Asauchi and the method by which they evolved into Zanpakutō by creating a deep bond with one’s Shinigami. Ōetsu has such knowledge in this field that he is the only one who can reforge a broken Zanpakutō in the bankai state.

7. Zommari Rureaux

269Zommari27s palace

Zommari Rureaux is the Septima Espada. He is a former Adjuchas. It does not own fracción and represents drunkenness. The only remnant of his mask is a crest at the top of his head. He is dark-skinned, very tall, and muscular. Zommari Rureaux is very calm and seems to enjoy solitude and meditation. However, he will lose his composure when his defeat is evident and will show before his death his passionate devotion to Aizen, whom he considers his emperor. He will also question Byakuya Kuchiki about the shinigami’s right to kill hollows, which he considers misplaced pride. His pride, calm, and speed are reminiscent of Byakuya.

6. Yammy Llargo

192Yammy breaks

Yammy Llargo is the Diez Espada in Bleach, identified by the “10” tattoo on his left shoulder. In his resurrection state, the “1” disappears, elevating him to the rank of Zero Espada, making him the strongest Espada. Representing the aspect of anger, Yammy has a robust physique, dark skin, and distinctive features, including four protuberances on his head.

With an arrogant, grumpy, and short-tempered character, Yammy is characterized by selfishness, primarily seeking enjoyment in fighting, eating, and sleeping. Introduced early in the series, he travels with Ulquiorra to the world of the living to assess Ichigo’s potential for Aizen. Ichigo cuts off Yammy’s arm in their confrontation, and upon returning to Hueco Mundo, a doctor reattaches the amputated limb.

Yammy later participates in a mission to distract the Shinigami, confronting Kisuke Urahara and engaging in battles against various opponents. During the fight against Ichigo and Ulquiorra, he intervenes to assist Ulquiorra but is eventually chased away. In another confrontation, Yammy defeats Rukia, Chad, and Renji, triggering a second transformation to enhance his size and power. However, he is ultimately defeated by Byakuya Kuchiki and Kenpachi Zaraki.


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5. Lille Barro

600Lille destroys

Lille Barro is the Sternritter X in Bleach, with the letter “X” representing “The X-Axis.” As the first Quincy to receive powers from Yhwach, Lille considers himself the most phenomenal servant, closest to divinity. His primary combat weapon is a reishi rifle named Diagramm, carried on his back. The rifle’s barrel is extraordinarily long and black, with a cross-shaped protrusion at the end, allowing Lille to pierce through obstacles with extreme precision.

Lille’s unique ability involves opening a second eye, rendering himself intangible for a limited duration. If this eye is opened three times in a row during a battle, the intangibility can extend for the entire duration of the fight. His Quincy: Vollständig, named Jilliel, grants him a tunic and eight wings. In this form, Lille achieves perpetual intangibility and can use the wings for stationary flight or teleportation. He can deliver powerful blows from the holes in his wings, capable of destroying significant portions of a city.

Lille also has access to an enhanced form of his Quincy: Vollständig, transforming into a centaur-like figure with a long neck and owl features. This form further amplifies his formidable abilities.

4. Tier Harribel

339Ola Azul

Tier Harribel is the Third Espada and the sole female member among the Espada in Bleach. She symbolizes sacrifice, reflecting her integral way of fighting. Harribel is characterized by a serious and restrained personality, seldom engaging in conversation. Her zanpakutō, Tiburón, has a hole in its center, allowing her to perform energy attacks named Ola Azul.

Harribel possesses water-related abilities, manipulating large amounts of water as a weapon. With her Hirviendo ability, she can turn ice back into a liquid state. Notable techniques include Cascada, where she launches a substantial water stream, and La Gota, unleashing water projectiles. During a battle in Karakura, she faces Tōshirō Hitsugaya and withstands his attacks. Later, Lisa Yadōmaru and Hiyori Sarugaki join the fight, but Aizen eventually injures Harribel severely.

In the final arc, Harribel reappears as the ruler of Hueco Mundo and becomes imprisoned by Yhwach.

3. Kaname Tōsen

146Ring splits

Kaname Tōsen is blind, has dark skin and braided purple hair, and after serving as the 5th Headquarters of the 9th Division under Muguruma Kensei, he became the former captain of the 9th Division. Tōsen is mainly interested in the notion of justice, and became a shinigami in order to fulfill this ideal. This motivation of Tōsen comes from the murder of his best friend, forcibly married to a nobleman who killed her without being worried by the courts.

Aizen recruits Tōsen after this incident, promising him to overthrow the corrupt monarchy that reigns over the Seireitei (and thus do justice to his best friend). During Aizen’s rebellion, Tōsen goes with him to Hueco Mundo and gains Vizard powers, allowing him to summon a Hollow Mask to increase his strength.

2. Yasutora Sado

69Sado waits

Yasutora Sado (inspired by wrestler Shad Gaspard), or Chad, as everyone calls him, is a low-talker high school student. Just like Orihime, he will develop a power alongside Ichigo via the Hogyôku hidden in Rukia’s body. He was born in Okinawa, Japan but lived in Mexico with his “abuelo” Oscar Joaquin De La Rosa (his grandfather).

His parents were certainly killed by a Hollow (he’s a Fullbringer); his father was Japanese (his name Sado) and his mother was Mexican (daughter of Oscar Joaquin de la Rosa). Yasutora is very tall (1.97m) and looks much older than his age.


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1. Yoruichi Shihōin

226Yoruichi profile

Yoruichi Shihōin appears in the manga as a black cat speaking with a male voice (in the anime, during broadcasts in countries other than Japan, the male aspect of the voice has been enhanced). It is only later that it is discovered that she is in fact a woman, ex-commander of special operations and ex-captain of the 2nd division, 22nd head of the Shihōin family, one of the noble families of Soul Society, which she fled after Kisuke Urahara was banished.

She has never been seen with her Zanpakutō in a fight. She is defined, when appearing in the form of a cat, as Kisuke Urahara’s best friend. She is nicknamed “the goddess of lightning strike” (“Shunshin” in Japanese) or “Yoruichi at divine speed”. Indeed, she has reached a very impressive level of mastery of the shunpō technique.

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