Bleach: Cirucci Sanderwicci’s Death Explained – Who Killed Her?

Bleach: Cirucci Sanderwicci's Death Explained - Who Killed Her?

The Arrancar are a thing of the past when Bleach is concerned, but thanks to Mayuri Kurotsuchi, four of them have once again come into the spotlight, as he managed to revive them and use them as part of his “Corpse Unit” later in the story. One of them is Cirucci Sanderwicci, a former Privaron Espada, and in this article, we are going to reveal what actually happened to Cirucci in the story, i.e., who killed her and how, as it is important to know because it reflects on her current story in the anime.

Cirucci Sanderwicci was a former Espada who was stripped of her rank and became a Privaron Espada with the rank of the 105th Arrancar. She faced Ishida and Pesche in Hueco Mundo (Las Noches, to be more precise), where she demonstrated her power but eventually lost to Ishida in that fight. After that, Rudbornn Chelute and his Exequias executed the defeated Cirucci, and her body was given to Szayelapporo, in whose laboratory Mayuri found her and later resurrected her.

The rest of this article will tell the story of Cirucci Sanderwicci, one of the three known Privaron Espada. We will tell you what happened to her from the beginning to the end and provide details from the sequel light novel, which told us more about Cirucci’s fate after the Quincy Blood War. This article will be your go-to guide to the character of Cirucci Sanderwicci and her story in Bleach, so you can expect a thrilling text. Of course, the article will also contain many spoilers, so if you’re not fully acquainted with the whole story from the Aranncar Saga, you should carefully approach the article.

Cirucci Sanderwicci was defeated by Ishida, after which she was executed by Rudbornn Chelute and his Exequias

The story of Cirucci Sanderwicci is an intriguing one. Like the other Privaron Espada, she was a former Espada in the pre-Aizen era. Still, Aizen arrived, and her power was deemed not high enough for his current Espada Army, so she was stripped of her rank and given the title of the 105th Arrancar, thus becoming a Privaron Espada. Her sole goal was to prove her strengths to Aizen again and regain her Espada rank.

She was also the only female among the Privaron Espada, and these are the conditions in which she faced Uryu Ishida when the main group split up in search of Orihime’s location within Las Noches.

Cirucci Sanderwicci first appears when she meets Uryu Ishida in Las Noches, not long after the group split up in search for Orihime, whom Ulquiorra had kidnaped on Aizen’s orders. Ishida is aware of her status but seems a bit more relaxed when he finds out that she is the 105th Arrancas, supposing that she is not that strong; this turns out to be false, as Cirucci explains to Ishida that she is a Privaron Espada, a former Espada who was stripped of her rank and that she now wants to prove herself to Aizen by killing him.

She immediately fights mercilessly against Uryu, who is soon joined by Pesche (who got lost when he and Dondochakka went to search for Nel, who had gone after Ichigo), and pulls out all the stops.


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The battle is intense, as Ishida tries to use his Quincy skills to battle the powerful Arrancar, but he doesn’t seem to have much success in the beginning. Cirucci is more than better than Ishida on her own battlefield, but some accidental help from Pesche and his slime ability turns the tide in the battle, although not for long. Realizing that she will lose, Cirucci decides to activate her Resurreccion just to be able to stand against Uryu, which seems effective in the beginning, although not for long.

Namely, none of this helps her in the end, and she loses to Ishida when he reveals his Seele Schneider technique, which is exceptionally powerful and surprises the Arrancar and gives Ishida the final victory. Nevertheless, he lets her live and leaves her chamber with Pesche, as he has a task to do. She now lies there, unable to move until Rudbornn Chelute and his Exequias arrive in front of her on behalf of Szayelaporro Granz, the Octava Espada, and give her the coup de grace, killing her without much thought.

Later, in Szayelaporro’s laboratory, three lifeless bodies are seen hanging from the ceiling, and it was then believed that one of the three was Cirucci.

This was proven to be true later in the series when Szayelapporo was defeated and the 12th Division’s Captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who was the one to defeat Szayelapporo, entered his laboratory and looted the bodies from him.

Of course, it took a while before this was officially revealed. Still, it finally happened during the Quincy Blood War, when Cirucci Sanderwicci appeared among the four Arrancar that Mayuri revived to help him fight the Quincy. It was then confirmed that he did, indeed, steal three bodies from Szayelapporo’s laboratory (those of Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio, Luppi Antenor, and Cirucci Sanderwicci – the body of Charlotte Chuhlhourne was recovered from Fake Karakura Town) for his own experiments. Initially, as it seemed, he did not do much with them, but when he realized that they could be useful, he decided to put them to good use.

Namely, knowing that the Arrancar were, for the better part, very useful in a fight against the Quincy, Mayuri decided to reconstruct and resurrect the four dead Arrancar; he, of course, modified them a bit, but they retained their own will and were not just mindless pawns. Naturally, Mayuri ensured they would be loyal to him, but he did not rob them of their consciousness or will.


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Then, during his fight against Giselle Gewelle, Mayuri Kurotsuchi let the Arrancar fight Giselle’s zombies, and they proved to be exceptionally efficient, as well as immune to her blood, which ultimately helped Mayuri defeat the Sternritter “Z.” So, what happened later? Well, Mayuri saw the Arrancar as useful, so he let them live even after the war, with Cirucci Sanderwicci still wanting revenge against Ishida, whom she blamed for her condition. However, he simply defeated her, while it was Rudbornn who actually killed her out of his blind loyalty to Szayelapporo.

Namely, this was a driving force for her in the end, as it was revealed in the Can’t Fear Your Own World light novel, which is a direct sequel to the manga that revealed what happened after the series ended. Cirucci was part of Mayuri’s “Corpse Unit,” but her actual driving force, what made her want to live, even under such conditions (although Mayuri wasn’t as bad to them as you’d think), was her wish to meet Ishida again and kill him this time, since Mayuri, when he modified them, also made them stronger.

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