Bleach: Is Liltotto Lamperd Alive? What Happened to Her?

Bleach: Is Liltotto Lamperd Alive? What Happened to Her?

In total, only five female Sternritter have been presented in the Bleach series, but the five of them – collectively known as the Bambies – made an impact and are among the most popular Quincy in the series. Now, because of that, people, of course, want to know about their stories and their ultimate fates in the series, which is what inspired this article. In this article, we are going to focus on Liltotto Lamperd, the Sternritter “G” – “The Glutton,” as you are going to find out what happened to her in the series.

Liltotto Lamperd is the Sternritter “G” – “The Glutton” of Yhwach’s Sternritter Army. She is a small, sarcastic, and highly intelligent girl who can transform her mouth into a monstrous one with which she devours her enemies. After realizing that Yhwach is ready to sacrifice them for his own selfish goals, she rebelled against him and went with Giselle to fight him, but was defeated and left for dead. Still, as the Can’t Fear Your Own World light novel revealed, Liltotto survived and, together with Giselle and zombie Babmietta, worked on saving Candice and Meninas, whom Mayuri had captured. They are all alive and well in the current timeline.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Liltotto Lamperd’s fate in the Bleach series, especially in light of what happened to her after her confrontation with Ichigo and her rebellion against Yhwach. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we will just bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article will contain many spoilers, so if you don’t know all the details, be careful how you approach the text.

Liltotto Lamperd rebelled against Yhwach and was seemingly killed by him, but she survived and helped rescue her friends as well

As we usually do in these types of articles, we will tell you the known story of the character, focusing, of course, on the main manga, with some additional details that can be found in other works that are part of the larger Bleach lore.

Not much is known about her past, but a scene from the light novel did see her being somewhat friendly with Gremmy, which was rare. But, her overall history is a mystery, and what we know about her is what the manga revealed as part of the war between the Quincy and the Shinigami.

Liltotto Lamperd was first seen after a Sternritter meeting, where Uryu Ishida was chosen to succeed Yhwach. Liltotto and some other female Sternritter approached Bambietta Basterbine, who had just killed a subordinate out of frustration. When asked what is worrying her, she explains that it is the future of the Wandenreich. After Bambietta’s loss to Sajin Komamura, she shows up at the fight scene along with Candice Catnipp, Meninas McAllon, and Giselle Gewelle, who “saves” Bambietta using her powers.

The same group later goes to fight Kenpachi Zaraki after Gremmy Thoumeaux’s death; according to Liltotto, their aim is to kill the weakened Shinigami. Liltotto uses her “The Glutton” abilities to take out part of the 11th Division by eating several low-level Shinigami.


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After Liltotto and the other female Quincy all but incapacitated the 11th Division and threatened to kill Kenpachi, Ichigo Kurosaki appeared on the battlefield like a bolt of lightning from the sky. Much to the amazement of the four Sternritter, Ichigo then suddenly stands behind them and confronts them immediately.

Meninas and Giselle wonder who ‘he’ is, to which Liltotto explains that he is Ichigo Kurosaki, which seems to shock Meninas and Giselle a bit. Unfazed by Ichigo being named as one of the five Special War Threats by Yhwach, Candice attacks him directly with one of her lightning bolts. Ichigo blocks Candice’s attack by grabbing her arm and simultaneously slams her into a building. The other female Quincy also attack Ichigo as a team but are thrown into a building like Candice.

Unlike Candice, Liltotto and the others seem to have more respect for Ichigo and his powers, commenting on Candice’s failed attempt to attack him directly as predictable, saying that Ichigo is unlikely to be bothered by such an attack.

Shortly thereafter, Candice rises from the ruins of the building Ichigo threw her against, angry because the impact soiled her hair with dust. Candice swears revenge on Ichigo for ruining her looks with his actions and wants to destroy him at all costs in return. Candice pulls out a Heilig Pfeil without further ado and aims it at Ichigo. Since Candice can’t do much against Ichigo alone, Meninas, Giselle, and Liltotto also decide to attack Ichigo.

The attack is ultimately a failure, and Ichigo can fight all five of them at the same time. They then activate their Sklaverei, but even that is not enough to defeat Ichigo. Ultimately, each of them is struck by Bazz-B’s Burner Finger as he arrives to take all the glory for himself.

But, the four of them recovered immediately and were soon joined by several other Strenritter, as a total of eight of them wanted to face Ichigo as Yhwach was heading towards the Palace. Ichigo wanted to stop him, but the eight of them would not allow it. But they soon ended up facing a group of Shinigami who came to help him.

She and Meninas observed Byakuya Kuchiki’s skills and his fight against Hisagi, who was under the control of PePe Waccabrada’s “The Love”; PePe tried to use his powers on Liltotto as well but failed to hit her, although Meninas was hit, so Liltotto had to fight her after being attacked.

She managed to incapacitate her and later faced PePe, whom she accused of being a villain, and then used “The Glutton” to devour him completely. Not long after that, Liltotto found Giselle, and the two witnessed how Yhwach’s Auswahlen robbed them of their powers, but they refused to die there and, alongside Bazz-B, rebelled against Yhwach.

With him, they went to Wahrwelt, where they faced Yhwach. Liltotto was left with a serious injury to her abdomen and thought she would die, but the Can’t Fear Your Own World light novel revealed that she survived, as she was healed by a female Quincy working under Jugram.

She did the same to Giselle, so the two of them, in the light novel, along with the still-zombified Bambietta, worked on saving their two friends, Meninas and Candice, who had been taken by Mayuri and his 12th Division, where they worked as his subordinates and as part of his experiments.


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We won’t be telling you the whole story here, but we can confirm that they did save their friends later and that all five of them are actually alive and well as of the present timeline in Bleach. Although their role has become increasingly smaller, the Quincy are no longer a relevant faction now that Yhwach is dead.

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