Bleach: Is Toshiro Hitsugaya Dead? What Happened to Him?

Bleach: Is Toshiro Hitsugaya Dead? What Happened to Him?

Regarding Bleach characters, Toshiro Hitsugaya is one of the most popular characters in the series, despite being only a secondary character. Kubo liked Toshiro a lot and was quite happy to see the youngest Captain of the Gotei 13 become so popular. He has been called the most talented Captain of the Gotei 13, and Kyoraku theorized that he could potentially surpass all of the other Captains when he grows up. Still, as he is still a young boy, Toshiro often has problems controlling his powers and abilities, which was a cause of many tense situations in the past. Toshiro Hitsugaya definitely has one of the best stories in the series, filled with various situations, which is why it is only natural that you might wonder what happened to him. In this article, we will tell you whether Toshiro Hitsugaya died in Bleach or not and what happened to him in the story.

Toshiro Hitsugaya is alive and survives until the end of the story. After recovering his Bankai and defeating Cang Du, Toshiro Hitsugaya was on the brink of death; Giselle Gewelle found him and soaked him in her blood, transforming him into a zombie. Still, thanks to Captain Kurotsuchi’s genius, Zombie Hitsugaya was immobilized and restored to normal. He was last seen participating in the battle against Gerard Valkyirie, which he managed to survive, and he is now alive and well in the series.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Toshiro Hitsugaya’s fate in the Bleach series. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we will just bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article will contain many spoilers, so if you don’t know all the details, be careful how you approach the text.

Toshiro Histugaya was on the brink of death several times, but the most talented Captain of the Gotei 13 is alive and well

Toshiro Hitsugaya’s story started in the Rukongai, where he lived with his grandmother and Momo Hinamori. After Rangiku Matsumoto found him one day and saved him from a sticky situation, she motivated him to become a Shinigami, as she sensed his power.

After enrolling in the Shinigami Academy, his talent came to the forefront, and Toshiro Hitsugaya was soon appointed the Captain of the 10th Division after Isshin Shiba’s departure, thus becoming the youngest Captain in the Gotei 13. His talent was so great that Captain Shunsui Kyoraku commented that he would probably surpass all of them when he became older.

During the Soul Society Arc, Toshiro was suspicious of Gin Ichimaru and suspected that he was involved in Aizen’s murder, but was shocked to discover that Ichimaru was actually working alongside Aizen, who was alive all the time. He swore he would kill Aizen for hurting Momo, whom he cared about, as they had been friends since childhood.

Later, he was among the fighters in Fake Karakura Town. He initially fought Tier Harribel alone but was soon joined by Hiyori and Lisa, two of the Visored. When Aizen seemingly killed Harribel, Toshiro was, along with Komamura, one of the first to clash with him. At one point, after a philosophical debate, Toshiro Hitsugaya seemingly stabbed Aizen from the back, but it turned out to be Momo Hinamori; namely, Toshiro was under the influence of Aizen’s Kyoka Suigetsu, so he only saw an illusion. He was ultimately slashed and defeated by Aizen here.


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During the Fullbringer Arc, Toshiro Histugaya was among the Captains sent to the World of the Living to help Ichigo fight the Fullbringers; he also gave a piece of his power to restore Ichigo’s powers. He clashed with Yukio Hans Vorarlberna and was able to defeat him and force him to deactivate his Fullbring and free the other Captains.

During Wandenreich’s attack on Soul Society, Hitsugaya and Matsumoto first battle Sternritter Cang Du. Hitsugaya instructs his second-in-command to find a way to unseal the Bankai as she observes his battle. When he then releases his Bankai, Cang Du’s steals it from him. Realizing that it is not a seal, he immediately orders Matsumoto to notify the other Captains using the Tenteikūra. However, this information comes too late for the Captains of the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Divisions.

With Ichigo reaching Soul Society and the Quincy retreating due to being unable to stay out of the Schatten Bereich for too long, Hitsugaya is seen mourning the slain Captain-Commander Yamamoto with the other Captains in the 1st Division barracks. He is also present when the Royal Guard arrives but remains in the background in both situations.

After Ichigo and the others leave for the Royal Guard’s palaces, some Shinigami from the 10th Division are seen having a training session. While some of the Shinigami are worried about the future of their Division since Hitsugaya lost his Bankai, he himself enters the room and asks the instructor, Shūtetsu Nagamoso, to teach him the basics of sword fighting again.

A little later, the Quincy attacked again, and the landscape of Seireitei transformed into the Wandenreich. The Star Knight Bazz-B attacks a group of Shinigami, but Hitsugaya blocks his fire with a wall of ice before it reaches them. He stalls Bazz-B for a while while Matsumoto gets the soldiers to safety.

Meanwhile, Bazz-B makes fun of Hitsugaya’s thin ice walls and claims he can easily destroy them. However, when Matsumoto joins him again, Hitsugaya manages to use her to create an ice wall that Bazz-B’s fire cannot penetrate.

Hitsugaya explains that his Zanpakuto differs between Shikai and Bankai almost exclusively in the quantity of ice it generates, so he was looking for a way to fight with little ice.

Eventually, he also manages to supposedly knock down Bazz-B with an ice attack. Bazz-B is unharmed, however, and when Hitsugaya realizes he can’t win without his Bankai, he orders the retreat. However, the Sternritter pierces the ice wall and the Captain’s chest with his Burner Finger technique. As the injured Captain tries to flee, Bazz-B knocks him out with a second Burner Finger attack.

However, Hitsugaya is “saved” by Cang Du, who arrives and reminds Bazz-B that Yhwach ordered those Sternritter who stole the Bankai to kill their respective Captains, after which Bazz-B leaves. Cang Du activates the stolen Bankai, but it disintegrates and damages the Quincy after Hitsugaya touches Urahara’s black pill, which briefly Hollowifies a Bankai. Using his Hollowfied, recovered Bankai, the injured Captain narrowly manages to defeat Cang Du before collapsing unconscious.

During Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s fight against Sternritter “Z” – “The Zombie,” Giselle Gewelle, suddenly summons Hitsugaya, whom she turned into a zombie with her powers and dressed in a Sternritter uniform. He easily defeats Ikkaku Madarame, Yumichika Ayasegawa, and the Arrancar Charlotte Chuhlhourne, then turns to Kurotsuchi.

When he manages to kill Mayuri, he suddenly returns to the moment before the fight. After this happens one more time, Kurotsuchi explains that he made a “medicine” that allows Hitsugaya to see into the future. However, each time he kills Kurotsuchi, he returns to the point before the battle. However, the medicine affects short-term memory so that past passages are hardly remembered. In addition, severe side effects occur after ten runs, depriving the body of mobility for 30 seconds.


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When Hitsugaya goes down, Kurotsuchi paralyzes him with Ashisogi Jizō and injects something down his throat, causing the commander’s skin to turn dark as he starts screaming loudly.

Later, he and Rangiku Matsumoto are healed inside special pods crafted by Mayuri Kurotsuchi, to which Toshiro thanks him. He later joins the fight against Gerard Valkyrie and activates his true Bankai, which makes him look a bit older, although he himself admits that he cannot keep it up for a long time. And while they manage to kill Gerard Valkyrie repeatedly, he keeps coming back, each time in a different form, until Yhwach finally kills him with one last Auswahlen. Toshiro survived the fight and later returned to his duties as usual.

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