Blue Exorcist: Tamamo Kamiki’s Death – Explained!

Blue Exorcist: Tamamo Kamiki's Death - Explained!

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After many years, the third season of Blue Exorcist is finally back, and as we are covering the series, we have decided to talk about some characters and events from the series. This article will be dedicated to a character who was prominently featured in this Arc and whose role, while that of a supporting character, had a lot of impact on a major character. Tamamo Kamiki was Izumo Kamiki’s mother, and in this article, we are going to reveal what you need to know about her, focusing on how she died in the series and what the Illuminati’s role in Tamamo’s death actually was.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Tamamo Kamiki is a secondary character in Blue Exorcist, best known as Izumo’s mother and the former chief priestess of the Inari Shrine in the series.
  • She had a strong connection to the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit and was powerful enough to contain for a long time, but when it possessed her, she massacred almost the whole shrine.
  • She was ultimately captured by the Illuminati and experimented upon by Michael Gedoin, who tortured her and turned her into a shell of a person.

Tamamo had a strong connection to the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit

Tamamo Kamiki was a very powerful character and her historical importance for the series cannot be overestimated. She was introduced as the head priestess of the Inari Shrine and was one of the more powerful members of the Kamiki family, a family known for having mixed themselves with Demons. She had a very strong connection to the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit, a malevolent spirit that was sealed within the shrine. For most of the time, Tamamo was able to control the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit, up until one night when the monster managed to break free and possess Tamamo.

Tamamo was by no means an evil person, but the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit fed on her insecurities and turned her into a murderer. She slaughtered and devoured basically everyone in the shrine, including her beloved Soji, all because the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit forced her to do it while possessing her body. She even tried to kill Izumo, but Izumo was saved at the last moment by one of the servants; still, she had to witness her possessed mother kill their friends from the shrine.

So, what happened next? Well, Tamamo was, by all means, unable to defend herself against the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit, and at one point, the Illuminati (whose headquarters was in the same town) arrived and managed to capture the demon-possessed Tamao, taking her to their base, where she was handed over to Michael Gedoin, the mad scientist of the Illuminati. You can imagine what happened later.

She ultimately died while saving her daughter

After her capture, Tamamo was experimented on by Gedoin. Gedoin was a truly morbid figure whose mind was as twisted as his physical appearance, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that he is loathed by everyone. What Gedoin did to Tamamo was not specified, but it can definitely be described as pure and undeniable torture. He took the demon-possessed priestess and turned her into a shell of a human being. It was inhumane and monstrous in every way imaginable; if you don’t believe us, check out for yourselves:

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The picture on the left is Tamamo before the experiments, and the one on the right is Tamamo now. And that is what a deranged madman like Gedoin can do to a person. But, interestingly enough, she was still alive. After having done every unimaginable horror that he could do to her, Gedoin and the Illuminati had Izumo kidnapped, and when she was captured, he wheeled over Tamamo to her. Tamamo simply asked Izumo to help her, as she was unable to do anything.


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Later, though, when the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit possessed Izumo, Tamamo was somehow able to fight against her daughter. She was successful in avoiding the spirit’s attacks despite her damaged body and still had enough strength left to save her daughter. How? Well, she reabsorbed the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit into her own body, and with that, she used up what little energy she had left. Izumo began crying, as did Tamamo, and the two of them said their goodbyes as Tamamo finally succumbed to the horrors she had been exposed to and died. Her final act – despite her condition – was to sacrifice herself to save her own daughter, showing just how much she cared for her and how she was willing to do what it took to save her.

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