‘Boo, Bitch’ Ending, Explained: Is Erika Really Dead In Boo, Bitch?

Boo Bitch

Boo, Bitch is the new young teen TV show on Netflix. The TV show works as a limited series, meaning that it won’t have a second season, and it tells the story of a teenager named Erika, who is tired of being a loser at school. Right at the moment when she and her best friend Gia are turning things around for themselves, Erika dies and becomes a ghost. Now, she needs to find out what happened and why she is able to talk to the living while being dead.

The show tries to be modern and funny, but the jokes feel outdated, as well as the rest of the show. The series’ sensibilities are trapped somewhere between the late nineties, and the early 00s, but they are not presented as a call to nostalgia, but as genuine creative choices. The result is a show that is trying too hard to be cool and hip and ends up being boring and annoying as well. A shame because Lana Condor and the rest of the cast are quite talented.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Boo, Bitch. Read at your own risk.

Is Erika Really Dead In Boo, Bitch?

During the whole season, Erika and Gia have been trying to find out what really happened to them that night when the train intercepted them on the rails. Their first thought is that Erika is dead, as the body under the deer’s corpse has Erika’s shoes. Among other clues, the fact that they cannot come close to any sort of technology because it blows out is another clue that there is something weird happening to them.

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Boo Bitch

After Erika and Gia have a fallout, Erika is genuinely depressed, and the same goes for Gavin, who has broken out with Gia. Erika now feels alone and without anyone else in the world. She misses her friend, but no matter what, she cannot make contact with her. A revelation comes when Erika’s parents go into her room and forgive her for having been rude to them the previous night. It is there that they say that if they can forgive them, then she can forgive Gia.

This sounds very strange to Erika’s ears. How do her parents know she and Gia had a fight? She never told them. Her father says they have not seen Gia around lately, so it comes to logic that something odd happened between them, they know Erika and Gia are inseparable. This is the moment when Erika realizes that she is not the dead one, but Gia. Gia has been dead since that night after the party.


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We see a montage that reminds us very much of the one in Fight Club, where we see Erika at different moments throughout the series, as she talks alone in hallways, in stores, and in many other places. She was alone all along, talking to a ghost that only she can see. The Supernatural Research Club arrives at her house and confirms that she was alone all the time, but some of the members who are more sensitive to supernatural forces were also able to see Gia. Gavin is one of those who could see Gia.

Erika talks to Gavin, who now realizes he was indeed dating a ghost. Both of them analyze the situation and prepare a plan to help Gia cross to the other side. In the show, ghosts exist only because the person that died has unfinished business in the land of the living. Once Gia manages to fulfill these unfinished businesses, then she will be able to make the crossing to the afterlife.

How Does Gia Crosses To The Afterlife In Boo, Bitch?

Erika and Gavin discuss how to help Gia cross, and they come to the conclusion that what Gia wanted the most was going to the prom and having a magical night. They around the whole city, but they cannot find Gia no matter what. Prom night is at hand, and so they decide to go to the party anyway. There, Erika talks to Jake and explains how now she understands that while it isn’t important to her, for some others it is a really important night. Their relationship since to have the potential to bloom once again.

Erika is seated by herself at prom when Gia appears, the both of them look like princesses. They apologize to each other and make peace, being friends once again. Gavin is there, ready to give Gia the prom she always wanted. Meanwhile, Riley is crowned Prom Queen, and she celebrates. She understands she has been selfish and proposes to Jake to be just friends. Erika interrupts Erika’s moment and makes a speech in the name of Gia.

Boo Bitch

She explains how maybe no one in the room knew who Gia is, but she was a wonderful person and if they had known her, all of them would be missing her right now. The crowd screams Gia’s name, and they start toasting and partying in her name. This fills Gia with glee, and she vanishes, having resolved her issues in this realm. Erika and Gavin share a table, and Erika starts telling Gavin stories about how she and Gia were when they were kids.


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The limited series ends with Erika getting ready to start college and beginning a new phase in her life, with Gia always in her mind and heart.