Doomsday Can Be Permanently Killed! Here’s How

can doomsday be permamently killed

Doomsday is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic enemies of Superman, one of DC’s best-known heroes. Doomsday is a Kryptonian monstrosity that has only one goal in life – destruction. He killed whole planets and peoples using his immense power and his regenerative skills. Doomsday was defeated on several occasions in the comics, but he was never truly killed, raising the question – is Doomsday immortal?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Doomsday is immortal, meaning that he will never die due to biological processes associated with aging.
  • This doesn’t mean, however, that he can’t be killed. Doomsday has been defeated several times in the comics, but the catch is that he always comes back immune to the thing that killed him.
  • Doomsday, however, cannot develop immunity to everything, and it is possible to kill him with Entropy. Sending him to the end of time causes Doomsday to cease to exist completely.

The secret to Doomsday’s invulnerability lies in his origin

Doomsday was originally created by a scientist named Bertron back on Krypton. Betron was obsessed with creating the ultimate life form, so he took Doomsday, which was at that time an infant, and subjected him to an extremely harsh Kryptonian environment, killing it.

He then collected Doomsday’s remains, cloned him, and exposed him to the same deadly conditions again. This process was repeated over and over for countless years, each time making the clone stronger and more resilient.

The idea was to create a being that could adapt and survive anything, ultimately making it invincible. The result of Bertron’s cruel experiments was Doomsday, a creature with incredible strength, virtually limitless endurance, and the ability to resurrect itself after death with immunity to whatever killed it previously.

doomsday highly immune to damage

Doomsday eventually turned on his creator, destroying Bertron and escaping from Krypton. He went on a rampage across multiple planets, destroying everything in his path. When he arrived on Earth, an awesome battle ensued between Doomsday and Superman. Two of them fought fiercely, and in the end, both seemingly died in combat. This event led to the iconic ‘Death of Superman’ storyline.


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Now, as you can see, it’s fairly easy to kill Doomsday but only once, and he won’t stay dead as he was virtually created to bounce back, rendering him immune to that initial weakness. He will never die due to old age since he is immune to that as well however.

Doomsday died numerous times in several continuities, but he has trouble staying dead

When we’re talking about Doomsday and whether he can be killed, the answer is pretty clear: yes, he can. Doomsday was killed in numerous stories and continuities. He was initially killed by Betron numerous times while he was an infant, which led to his initial immunity to everything deadly that he could come across.

Then he was killed by Guardians of the Universe, but he managed to return from the dead, returning immune to their energy-based powers. He once again succumbed to Radiant’s energy powers only to return to life once more, this time targeting Superman, who beat him to death, proving that Doomsday didn’t have immunity to Superman’s blunt force damage.

Doomsday attacked

He was also incinerated by Imperiex, and beaten again to death by a large group of Kryptonians. In the post-flashpoint era, he was once again ripped in half by Superman.

But he keeps coming back and coming back and coming back again, proving more difficult to kill every time he resurfaces in some distant and god-forsaken corner of the Universe. BUT! There is hope, as it’s possible to permanently destroy Doomsday, only the price might be too high to pay.

Doomsday can be permanently killed by Entropy, but this means that Universe ceases to exist as well

There is one set of conditions to which Doomsday cannot adapt under any circumstances, and this is the state of entropy. There are several definitions of Entropy based on which scientific point of view you are observing the phenomenon. However, we are now interested in the mainstream definition that most people are familiar with, and that is that Entropy is the degradation of matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inner uniformity.

Everything in the Universe gravitates toward Entropy, and the more complicated a certain system is, the bigger the chances are that it’s going to succumb to Entropy in some form quite fast. Doomsday cannot adapt to Entropy, and he can be permanently killed by being teleported to the end of the time and Universe, which are predominantly ruled by Entropy.

Doomsday transpoted to the end of time

This also spells bad news for everyone involved since, apparently to kill Doomsday for good, you need to make sure that the entire Universe ceases to exist as well.


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Superman managed to get rid of Doomsday for good in ‘Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey’ #3 by sending him to the end of time. However, sometime after the death of the original Doomsday, an imperfect duplicate was created by accident.

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