Can You Breed Legendary Pokémon With Ditto? Complete Guide

Can You Breed Legendary Pokémon With Ditto? Complete Guide

The eighth Generation of Pokémon games was introduced in 2018, and Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield were introduced in 2019, as the second game of the new generation. It was met with a backlash from the Pokémon community because the creators changed a lot of features in this game. Despite all of the criticism from the fans, the games received a positive critical response from the critics. Anyway, one of the most common questions and discussions revolves around breeding Pokémon, which motivated us to discuss whether can you breed Legendary Pokémon Ditto in Sword and Shield or not.

The simple answer to this question is no, one cannot breed Legendary Pokémon with Ditto in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. You cannot breed Legendary Pokémon because they are classified as the Undiscovered Egg group. The Pokémon games developers do not want to multiply rare Pokémon because their purpose as Legendary Pokémon loses any meaning.

We will discuss this topic further and see which Pokémon can be bred with the likes of Ditto, and what are the perks and overall meaning of this function. If you are interested in this article, stay with us until the end of the article.

Can You Breed Legendary Pokemon With Ditto in Sword and Shield?

Breeding Pokémon is probably the most important perk in Pokémon games. Everyone wants to have rare Pokémon that they can use in combat or just have it in their collection, and take the famous Pokémon phrase from the anime “Gotta catch them all!” to the new level. Regardless of the reasons, this function and game mechanic is really important and of course, before playing any game, players are interested in how some things work.

Let’s start with the basic mechanic of breeding in Sword and Shield. Ditto is a perfect candidate for breeding because it can be paired with any Pokémon (that can breed of course) regardless of their gender. This is great news because the players do not need to spend hours and hours trying to find the perfect pair of Pokémon for breeding.


Moreover, the Pokémon, usually, need to be of the opposite gender to breed, like each other, and after you manage to get them matched, now you can leave these two Pokémon in Pokémon Nursery. You can find a Nursery in Wild Area, on Route 5 and Bridge Field.

After some time, the pair will produce an egg that you can pick up – the egg will spawn outside of the Nursery. After you pick it up, you can put the Egg in your party and let it hatch.


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However, even though Ditto is a great Pokémon for breeding purposes, it cannot, in any way, breed with Legendary Pokémon. That goes for all Pokémon in the game because Legendary Pokémon are supposed to be rare and hard to obtain for the players. So no, you cannot breed Legendary Pokémon with Ditto in Sword and Shield.

Because Ditto is a go-to Pokémon for breeding, let’s also explain how can you actually acquire it. The steps are quite simple – you need to go with your player character to the Ditto Den near Bridge Field. There, you can use an item called Wishing Pieces which spawns active Pokémon raids, in this case, a Ditto raid.

ditto 2

Of course, the players recommend using the Legendary Pokémon to actually defeat Dynamax Ditto, which can also transform and be a menace in combat. If a Ditto is caught from a five-stat raid, Ditto will have better stats, which will be great for breeding in the long run.

There are other methods of catching good Ditto. You need to check out the Wild Area where Briliant Glowing Aura Ditto is located. You will have a guaranteed strong Ditto which will be a perfect candidate for breeding. What is also important to mention, is that Ditto cannot be bred – you need to catch it.

Can You Breed Ditto and Zapdos?

Both of these Pokémon were introduced in the first Generation of Pokémon games, and Zapdos, from the beginning, was one of the three Legendary birds from the Kanto area. Because of that, Ditto and Zapdos cannot be bred together at all. Sword and Shield are really consistent with their game mechanics, and if you want to have Zapdos, you need to find other ways of acquiring it.


To acquire it, a player needs to have a Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC, in which you need to start a hunt for Zapdos by accepting a Legendary Clue from Peony in Freezington. After leaving Crown Tundra, go to the Galar region and it’s Wild Area – on the south side there should be a few Zapdos.

However, the Pokémon will run away from you, and you’ll need to chase it with a bike until it tires down. When it stops, you can fight it but be careful – Galarian Zapdos is a powerful Flying-type Pokémon for which you need to prepare accordingly.


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Can You Breed Ditto With Mewtwo?


Once again, a player cannot breed Ditto with Mewtwo for the same reason as Zapdos – it is a Legendary Pokémon that falls into the Undiscovered Egg group category. Regardless, we will provide you with a little guide on how to acquire this Legendary Pokémon.

Once again, you need a Crown Tundra DLC Expansion. After that, one needs to complete and participate in the Dynamax Adventure, where players need to start their Raid and choose which Legendary Pokémon they want to fight and eventually acquire it. While completing your Dynamax Adventure, you will encounter Mewtwo after some time and have a chance to catch this Legendary Pokémon.


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Can You Breed Zacian With Ditto?

Finally, Zacian cannot be bred with Ditto because it is classified as a Fairy-type Legendary Pokémon. Although there is also a solution for that as well. To acquire a Zacian in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you need to enter the Champion Cup, after you’ve beaten all eight gyms in the game. When you beat Leon and win the title of the new Champion of the Galar region, your character will win an award in the form of the Master Ball (which means that you have beaten the game).

Now we get to the interesting and quite hard part – you’ll need to go back to the original area where you acquired a rusted sword and shield and defeat one of the brothers, Sordward and Shielbert. Then you will need to go to Sonia who will inform you of Dynamax Pokémon appearances, and go to seven gyms where you will need to beat Dynamax Pokémon.

zacian pokemon

Once again, you will battle two brothers and defeat them, and finally, locate the Zacian or Zamazenta on top of the Energy Plant near the Hammerlocke Stadium. After you defeat one of these two Pokémon, you will finally acquire Legendary Pokémon.

Ditto can be paired with many Pokémon in Sword and Shield besides Legendary Pokémon, which personally, gives more value to the gameplay itself. Being the best Pokémon trainer is hard and each player needs to earn it, as they did in every previous Pokémon game.

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