Minecraft: Can You Install Mods on the PS3 Version? Here’s What We Know

Can you Install Mods on the PS3 Version of Minecraft Heres What We Know

Minecraft has been on PS3 for a long time now since 2013 to be exact. At first, Minecraft was released as a legacy console edition but later on, with the Better Together update, came a unified version for all consoles titled Minecraft. All console editions of Minecraft are Bedrock to allow for crossplay and the version also stands out in some technical aspects as well, however, one of the things that the players noticed is that it’s difficult to mod Bedrock Minecraft, so how do you do it on PS3?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can’t install mods for Minecraft on PS3 unless you’d like to jailbreak your device.
  • Even so, jailbreaking isn’t free, you will get banned from the Playstation Network, and the mods you’ll then be able to download on your PS3 aren’t all that great and stable either.
  • The demand for such mods isn’t high because there’s too much risk involved to get to the mod.

Are there any Minecraft mods on PS3?

For the longest time, the answer to this question has been negative in its essence and it seems like it will stay this way forever. I would love to get your hopes up and say that modding will eventually become available on PS3 and any other version of Bedrock but that’s simply not the case. Why do I say that? Let’s break it down in further detail.

First things first, Minecraft Java is a pain point for Mojang. The Better Together update proves that they don’t want Minecraft to be anything but Bedrock. Bedrock makes them money, but Java Edition doesn’t. The only reason why modding is still available on Java is that it would cause a major backlash with the Java Edition player base if they were to remove it, even though the player base is much smaller than that of Bedrock.

Second of all, Mojang considers modding a form of cheating, something they do not approve of. I don’t understand why they would ever consider it cheating though. I understand why you don’t have mods for games like League of Legends that include ranked and are considered Esports, but with Minecraft, there is no ranked league, no competitions to be held, and the only real competitions are community-made.

The third and final problem with modding Minecraft on PS3 comes from how Minecraft Bedrock was made. The universal codebase upon which Minecraft Bedrock was built makes modding hard or impossible altogether. Besides, console Manufacturers would hardly ever allow modding. It’s just too much work for one single game.

Sorry to break it to you though, but some games that you can play on consoles allow you to mod them. Game manufacturers do this even though companies that own these consoles aren’t exactly happy about it. It is possible though, and it’s up to Mojang and Microsoft to pull the trigger and make modding available on Bedrock.

Note the inclusion of Microsoft. Microsoft is a company that owns a console so it’s easy to see part of the reason why it isn’t available on consoles. Don’t put the blame entirely onto Microsoft though. They acquired Mojang back in 2014, and Minecraft for consoles has been around for longer than that.


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The cost of jailbreaking

The only real, but highly risky solution to getting the ability to mod Minecraft on a PS3 comes in the form of jailbreaking your device. Jailbreaking unlocks the true potential of a console and essentially breaks the restrictions gaming console manufacturers place on it. Sounds really good, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t without its risks, negative consequences, and altogether terrible experiences.

To start with, jailbroken consoles are an easy target for viruses. If you’ve ever heard about a gaming console getting a virus, it’s highly likely that the console was jailbroken. You also make the ban from any store that allows you to purchase games inevitable. You can’t play new releases until they’re released as pirated versions.

Jailbreaking 1

Even when these versions do come out, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work properly and keep your device and your privacy safe. You can also forget about online play. Not a lot of people are for jailbreaking, but the ones that are making a convincing case as to why and when you should jailbreak.

You don’t have to be a tech-savvy genius to jailbreak, but it will require some skill. The argument for jailbreaking is that you should definitely try it out if your warranty has expired. Typically with PS3, that happens to be the case for all of the users. The people who are for jailbreaking recommend you try it out but don’t go online once you do jailbreak and you can always revert the jailbreak if you didn’t already break your console.

Paying the price

The hardest pill to swallow for Bedrock Editon players is the fact that Java players can mod. They are the rebels of the Minecraft world, enjoying life as they please, and by ”illegal means”.

It’s hard to enjoy the game when there’s so much Minecraft-related content being put out where the people who players look up to create fun experiments and enjoy the game mode simply because they can mod it. The solution is simple though; buy the Java Edition. Not everyone can afford it though even if Minecraft remains one of the cheapest games out there.

If you never bought an add-on for Minecraft Bedrock, I’d say, keep going at it. If you can enjoy the game without mods or add-ons, you are welcome to continue doing so, but if you’ve already spent a lot of money on these Add-ons, I definitely recommend purchasing Java Edition. think of the purchase as buying an add-on that then gets you free access to every mod imaginable.


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Can you install texture packs, shaders, and maps?

Luckily, you can still enjoy a slightly different gameplay experience by downloading texture packs, and even maps. If you’re an avid user of add-ons, you’ll know this already. Shaders, unfortunately, aren’t available, but maps can be accessed by downloading them placing them on a USB drive, and finally plugging them into your device. Texture packs, on the other hand, can be downloaded directly from the official store.

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