15 Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods to Try in 2023

minecraft bedrock mods

Mods have become a staple for plenty of avid gamers worldwide, as they can enhance any game’s most iconic traits while bettering potential shortcomings. Minecraft’s Bedrock edition brought a ton of awesome activities for its players, but using mods can still increase the quality of gameplay. Stick around to find out about the best Minecraft Bedrock Mods and how they can change your gaming experience.

15 Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods

Finding the perfect mod requires plenty of consideration, as you would want something that enhances the gaming experience without using features and tools that can be considered ‘game-breaking’ or ‘manipulative’. In addition, mods should not make the game so simple and easy that it sucks all the fun out of your gameplay experience.

There are plenty of Minecraft Bedrock Mods to choose from, but some really stand out as being the most fun and beneficial to play with. Below is an overview of the 15 best Minecraft Bedrock Mods, as well as their primary features:

Minecraft Bedrock ModAdded Functions and Features
Zalcyan’s QuestAdds alien-themed biomes, mobs, blocks, structures, and tech
Backpack Add-onAdds a backpack (mobile chest) that can be equipped
Game Polish ModAdds 100 new recipes for items
Nether PlusAdds new Nether mobs and items
More Swords Add-OnAdds 10 new sword types
Ore RandomizerAdds up to 1000 new ores, ingots, and blocks
Adds up to 6000 swords, tools, and armor sets
More Simple StructuresAdds new naturally spawning structures
New Weapon Add-OnAdds up to 10 new weapon types
Handheld Torches Add-OnPlayers can hold a torch as a light source
Players can throw torches to light areas
Ocean Factory ModpackStarts players on an island, and includes 16 different add-ons for ocean exploration
Vein Miner and Treecap Add-on Allows veins of ores, trees, and blocks to be mined using a chain reaction
Expansive BiomesAdds over 20 new biomes, as well as new mobs and blocks
Abstract’s RecraftAdds new items, armor, structures, and a biome to the End dimension
Advanced Farming Add-OnAdds new farming tools, workstations, and a new animal
Smelters ForgeAdds new workstations and utility blocks

Of course, the choice between these Minecraft Bedrock Mods will ultimately come down to what you prefer most. Minecraft offers plenty of room for exploration, combat, adventure, building, and much more.

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Players will need to gauge which features would be most valuable to their preferred playstyle before making their final decisions. Below are the best 15 Minecraft Bedrock Mods, in no particular ranking order.

1. Zalcyan’s Quest

One thing that’s generally been omitted from Minecraft vanilla is the inclusion of aliens and otherworldy tech. If you’re a fan of both Minecraft and all things Sci-Fi, the Zalcyan’s Quest mod may be able to add an extra, unique layer of fun to your gameplay experience. It adds the following 8 new alien biomes to the game:

  1. The Gulumar (giant toxic mushroom biome)
  2. The Lorlands (volcanic wasteland and dazzling geode biome)
  3. The Miren (lush red forest biome)
  4. The Moonlen (mystical and luminous highlands biome)
  5. The Frissania Forest (giant glowing mushroom biome)
  6. The Raken Fens (marsh-like biome)
  7. The Quagar (toxic biome with floating ships)
  8. The Mynis (giant pink mushroom biome)

This mod also adds different kinds of alien mobs, tech, blocks, and structures to Minecraft. It will be a great choice for any Minecraft player who wants to take down some galactic foes or wants to mess around with some awesome extraterrestrial weaponry.

2. Backpack Add-on

The Backpack Add-On is super simple but incredibly convenient and effective, as it includes a classic feature that has been omitted from Minecraft vanilla. It was actually the very first Bedrock add-on, granting players a backpack that can be picked up and placed down, or equipped when needed.

Backpack Add on minecraft

These backpacks act as a mobile chest, giving players somewhere to store items while they’re on the move. Players will need to craft a backpack to get one, and they can even dye their backpacks to match their characters’ outfits and styles.

Having an inventory is beneficial in its own right, but players may feel like they need something extra – especially while exploring and gathering resources. The Backpack Add-On will be handy for runs and looting, as it can lower the amount of time spent picking up and dropping off necessary materials for survival and crafting.

3. Game Polish Mod

Game Polish is extremely good for general use, and it can improve the gameplay experience for any Minecraft player irrespective of their preferred playstyle. This mod focuses on crafting and breaking items down into their base ingredients, which can really come in handy in a range of circumstances in-game.

Game Polish Mod minecraft

Players may often feel like they’re losing out on resources and materials, as salvaging isn’t really part of Minecraft vanilla. This mod can help save on a ton of resources when breaking items while saving time running back and forth recollecting the same resources over and over again.

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It does not add any new items to the game, but it does add 100 new recipes. If you feel like you should be able to do something more with that stack of wild berries or that chest full of sugar cane, this mod may be for you.

4. Nether Plus

The Nether Plus mod would be awesome for anyone who loves spending time in the Nether and wants a bit more of a challenge or more activities to keep them occupied. This addon actually adds new mobs and enemies to the Nether for increased gameplay and unique combat experiences.

Nether Plus minecraft

It includes consumable items like the Crimson Wand, Basalt wand, Twisted wand, and Mold sand wand, all of which have effects. There are plenty of new enemies to keep you on your toes with this Bedrock mod, including the following mobs:

  • Crimson Pig
  • Twisted Pig
  • Basalt pig
  • Soul Sand Pig
  • Soul Sand Blaze
  • Crimson Blaze
  • Twisted Blaze
  • Basalt Blaze
  • Blue Demon Ghast
  • Blood Demon Ghast
  • Crimson Pet Mushroom
  • Twisted Pet Mushroom
  • Twisted Black Mushroom
  • Crimson Black Mushroom
  • Crimson Golem
  • Twisted Golem
  • Semi-Twisted Golem Beta
  • Semi-Crimson Golem Beta
  • Eye of Cthulhu
  • Crimson Patitas Pet
  • Twisted Patitas Pet
  • BlackStone Patitas Pet
  • Bloody Meat
  • Infernal Golem
  • Crimson Creeper
  • Twisted Creeper
  • Glowmushroom Block
  • Creeper Pet
  • Creepy Creeper
  • Pillar Volcano

5. More Swords Add-On

Ever wished you could have much more than a Diamond Enchanted Sword? If so, the More Swords Add-On may be a great choice for you since it allows players to craft 10 new sword types, depending on the materials available in their inventories.

More Swords Add On minecraft

Players can craft unique swords like Obsidian Swords or even Netherswords. It’s an awesome way to make your vanilla Minecraft experience more interesting and your survival experience superior to the original version, where players are limited to crafting weapons until they reach diamond-tier swords.

6. Ore Randomizer

There are already quite a few ore types that players need to mine and use in Minecraft, but it just isn’t enough for some players. If you love mining and digging for ore to use for various purposes in-game, the Ore Randomizer mod may be ideal.

Ore Randomizer minecraft

It adds a plethora of different ores to the Minecraft world, which players can use to craft items like weapons and even new armor. Players can choose between 20, 100, or 1000 ores to add, gaining access to 6000 armor sets, tools, weapons.

However, as with the vanilla Minecraft version, all ores will spawn underground in unknown locations. So, players will still need to dig to get their hands on these new materials!

7. More Simple Structures

Minecraft encourages exploration and adventure, but it’s definitely founded on literal building blocks. While many players have spent hours traversing the world’s regions and biomes, countless players have dedicated themselves to building unique and detailed structures.

More Simple Structures minecraft

If you’re crazy about building and exploring in Minecraft, the More Simple Structures Mod may just be perfect for you. It includes a ton of awesome new and naturally spawning structures, ranging from pyramids and desert oases to campsites and huts, making the world feel more detailed and lived-in. It’s sure to spark some fresh creativity in just about any Minecraft player.

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8. New Weapon Add-On

The Minecraft vanilla weapons have been trusted for ages, but it’s safe to say that many players may be feeling tired of them. If you’re looking to wield some awesome and new Minecraft weapons, the New Weapon Add-On may just be the right choice for you.

New Weapon Add On minecraft 1

It adds up to 10 great new weapons to the game that would not be available otherwise. The damage of these weapons is also pretty good compared to vanilla weapons, depending on the materials used, and these weapons can be crafted in survival mode as well.

9. Handheld Torches Add-On

The Handheld Torches Add-On is another simple but effective mod to try out, and it will be an invaluable addition for any Minecraft player. It’s great for players who love exploring around the clock, or for those who are dedicated to traversing Minecraft’s deepest caves and darkest caverns.

Handheld Torches Add On minecraft

It allows players to hold their torches and use them as light sources while out and about – instead of having to place them down on a wall or floor to activate their lighting function. The mod adds a new sense of immersion to the game without any manipulative or game-breaking mechanics – it even adds a throwable torch for players who need to see what lies ahead of them.

10. Ocean Factory Modpack

Minecraft players have been hyped about the world’s oceans and underwater regions ever since its beta days, and the release of new aquatic features has only heightened this excitement. There are tons of related mods out there, but the Ocean Factory Modpack combines the best add-ons all into one neat and inclusive package.

Ocean Factory Modpack minecraft 1

This mod will start players off on an island in the middle of the ocean, practically forcing them to use the add-ons to explore the surrounding waters. It combines 16 different add-ons so players don’t have to download each add-on individually. It includes the following add-ons:

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  • Advanced Machinery
  • Android Infusion
  • Baubles
  • Chickens
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Item Exchange
  • Loot Bags
  • Lucky Blocks
  • More TNT
  • Ore Seeds
  • Ore Trees
  • More Generators
  • Survival Guns
  • Tinkers’ Awakening
  • Magic
  • Weapon Cases

11. Vein Miner and Treecap Add-on

Mining and gathering resources are integral aspects of Minecraft vanilla, and the game simply cannot be played without these activities. But, depending on the type of resources and your tool’s quality, the process can really start to feel like a drag – players could be spending their time doing so much more!

Vein Miner and Treecap Add on minecraft

Thankfully, the Vein Miner and Treecap Add-on will put the fun back into these tasks by cutting down on the amount of time it takes to gather or mine a block. However, it’s still pure enough to maintain Minecraft’s immersion and challenge levels – great for players who want to make the most of their gaming sessions while staying true to the Minecraft experience.

12. Expansive Biomes

If you’ve explored your Minecraft world and have uncovered all the climates and regions there are out there, things can start to feel a bit dull. The Expansive Biomes mod may be an awesome choice for these cases, as it adds over 20 new and unique biomes to explore, as well as new mobs to defeat and blocks to use!

Expansive Biomes minecraft 1

Using this Bedrock mod will be a great way to keep things fun and interesting, and a sure way to reignite your explorative and creative drive. It makes the entire world far more diverse and interesting, and it’s even topped with new armor for players to use.

13. Abstract’s Recraft

The Abstract’s Recraft may be an excellent choice for anyone who feels that their Nether experience has been slightly underwhelming. It focuses on adding far more detail to the Nether areas, making this section of the game far more enjoyable.


It adds awesome items like cool monuments, skeletons of dead dragons, and structures. But, there are also new weapons and armor types for players to use, and even new biomes to explore – a great way to make any Nether exploration more interesting.

14. Advanced Farming Add-On

The Advanced Farming Add-On would be ideal for any Minecraft player who loves building barns and lavish farmlands, inhabited by bouncing animals and endless crops. It includes a ton of awesome new features for farmers, making players feel like they’re on an actual farm.

Advanced Farming Add On minecraft

It also features amazing new 3D farm items, such as mowers, workstations, craftables, harvesters, sprinklers, plows, a functional tractor, and much more. It even includes a new animal type, goats, that can be cared for or harvested for food. Since farming is an incredibly important survival aspect, this Bedrock mod is a simple but super fun mod to try out.

15. Smelters Forge

The Smelters Forge mod is a great choice for general use, and it can add great value to the gameplay experience for just about any Minecraft player. It adds a ton of features to the original Minecraft version, specifically concerning the smelting process.

Smelters Forge minecraft

But, it also includes some highly useful additions in other areas, such as:

  • Fully Working Forge
  • Stencil Table
  • Part Table
  • Pattern Chest
  • Sieve
  • Bonsai Pot
  • Tanks for storing Liquids
  • Drying Racks
  • Over 50+ new items

This mod makes the game more realistic, unique, and slightly easier to play. It’s a great option for anyone wanting some extra flare without changing the game too much.

Although Minecraft’s Bedrock edition does allow the use of many mod types, there are a select few that have really stood out from the rest. The choice between these mods will ultimately come down to personal preferences and playstyles. But, all of these Bedrock mods can be great additions as they can greatly improve the quality of gameplay overall.

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