‘Castlevania’: Is Alucard Immortal? Dhampirs Explained


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One thing we know about ‘Castlevania’ is that Alucard is one of the recurring characters featured in the original ‘Castlevania’ series and the newer ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ show. But we also know that there are more than 300 years between the two different shows, even though they take place in the same universe. So, does that mean that Alucard is actually immortal?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Alucard is born the son of Dracula, a vampire, and Lisa, a human, which means he is a dhampir.
  • The dhampirs are hybrid children of a vampire and a human, and they have the qualities of both of their parents.
  • That explains why Alucard doesn’t die due to old age and can walk out in the sun without getting burned.

Is there a way to kill Alucard?

One of the things that we know about the ‘Castlevania’ storyline is that it focuses on the Belmont family’s mission to hunt down and kill monsters, including vampires. In that regard, we have seen our fair share of Belmonts since the time of Leon Belmont, who was the first one to vow to slay all monsters on Earth. And we know that Trevor and Richter both have their shows in the form of ‘Castlevania’ and ‘Castlevania: Nocturne.’

But while we know that the storylines of the ‘Castlevania’ games and TV shows almost always have a Belmont, the Belmonts featured in these stories change because decades or even centuries separate them. For example, Trevor is not in ‘Nocturne’ because more than 300 years have passed since the first ‘Castlevania’ animated series ended.


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However, even though the main Belmont character changes from one game to another or from one series to another, the one protagonist who has been around for a long time is Alucard. Of course, we know that Dracula will always be a constant in the ‘Castlevania’ video games due to his immortality as a vampire and because someone almost always finds a way to bring him back. But Alucard was featured in many different video games that are separated by centuries.

Of course, the reason why Alucard has been around for a very long time is the fact that he has the longevity of a vampire. We know that vampires don’t age or die of old age. That means they are immortal as far as Father Time is concerned, as they will never die of old age. The same goes for Alucard.

alucard 1

Alucard is a dhampir, a hybrid offspring between vampires and humans. The dhampirs are known for having most of the qualities of their parents, which is why they never age or die of old age. The dhampirs are also known to have physical capabilities close to what vampires are capable of. And they don’t need to consume blood to survive, as humans can survive by eating regular food.

So, while dhampir may be weaker than vampires, they are known to have the best of both worlds. This explains why Alucard can live as long as a vampire can but isn’t the same bloodthirsty beast that the other vampires in ‘Castlevania’ tend to be. As such, he can never die of old age as he has the longevity of a vampire.

But just because Alucard has the longevity of a vampire, it doesn’t mean that he is immortal. There are a lot of instances wherein people believe that not dying from old age means is equal to being immortal. But true immortal means never dying, not just by old age but through any other means. As such, while vampires fancy themselves as immortals, they are not immortal in the strict sense of the word because they can still die.

In the same way, Alucard can still die because he isn’t completely immortal. He is only immortal to the effects of time but isn’t immune to the touch of death. This means that there are a lot of other ways that Alucard can be killed.


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For one, Alucard can be killed using the traditional way of killing a vampire: stabbing them through the heart using a stake. Silver also harms vampires and dhampirs alike, as seen when the Japanese siblings in season 3 of ‘Castlevania’ could keep Alucard bound to his bed using silver. Of course, bisecting or decapitation can also kill Alucard.

However, the difference between Alucard and an ordinary vampire is that he is far stronger because he is Dracula’s son. Other dhampirs in ‘Castlevania’ may not be as strong as ordinary vampires. Still, the fact that Alucard inherited his father’s genes allows him to be far stronger than any other ordinary vampire in ‘Castlevania.’ That’s why other conventional methods, such as fire, will not be as effective on Alucard as they are on other vampires, as he has his father’s durability and resistance.

Can Alucard survive in the sun?

Another quality that makes Alucard special compared to other vampires in ‘Castlevania’ is that he can walk out in the sun without any ill effects. That’s because dhampirs also inherit their human parents’ ability to walk out in daylight without dying when exposed to sunlight.

alucard middle finger

As such, Alucard is extremely hard to kill because he is almost as strong as Dracula but doesn’t have some of the conventional weaknesses that other vampires have. He has the longevity of a vampire and the sunlight resistance that humans have. That is why Alucard truly enjoys the best of both worlds.

But it is also worth noting that while almost all dhampir should be resistant to the sun and immune to the effects of time and aging, we cannot say for sure if they are all as strong as Alucard. As mentioned, being the son of Dracula plays a huge role in Alucard’s innate strength and abilities. So, while he may be half-human, his other half comes from the strongest vampire in ‘Castlevania.’ This explains why he is so durable and almost impossible to kill.

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