‘Castlevania: Nocturne’: Who Is Drolta & What Happened to Her?       


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There were a lot of new characters introduced in the ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ series as the storyline takes place more than 300 years after the events of the original ‘Castlevania’ animated series. Of course, vampires will always be constants in ‘Castlevania,’ and there were quite a lot of them in the events of ‘Nocturne.’ One vampire who stood out was Drolta Tzuentes. But who is Drolta, and what happened to her?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Drolta Tzuentes is a vampire who works as Countess Erzsebet Bathory’s most trusted ally and underling, as she is often the one sent as a herald by the Vampire Messiah.
  • Before working for Bathory, Drolta was a priestess of Sekhmet.
  • Drolta was killed by Alucard in a sneak attack when she was about to strike Richter Belmont down.

Drolta is Erzsebet Bathory’s most trusted underling

The storyline ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ focuses on a new group of vampire hunters looking to defeat the vampire threat in Europe against the backdrop of the French Revolution. Richter Belmont, the series star, discovered that France was about to face a new threat in the form of the Vampire Messiah, who the vampires believe would plunge the world into eternal darkness. And this Vampire Messiah was Erzsebet Bathory.

While Bathory steadily made her way to France while rampaging all over Europe, there was one person whom she trusted the most to become a “herald” of her coming. This was Drolta Tzuentes, whom she sent to France before her arrival to prepare the French aristocrats for the coming of the Vampire Messiah, who was set to crush the revolution of the peasants of the country.

drolta 2 1

Drolta was the one who was working to make Bathory’s arrival smoother as she coordinated with the different allies that pledged their allegiance to the Vampire Messiah. This included the Marquis and the Abbot. Of course, Drolta herself had a very interesting background.

While we don’t know a lot about Drolta’s past, she did reveal to Olrox that she used to be a priestess of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war, thereby showing that she might have been around centuries before the events of the series. During her time as a priestess, she met Erzsebet Bathory and pledged her loyalty to her. It is unknown whether or not she became a vampire before meeting Bathory.

Around 17 years before the series’ events, Bathory and Drolta were based in Russia. They attacked Tera’s Speaker caravan in a nearby village. Tera was the only one to survive the attack as she tried to rescue her sister, whom Drolta’s raiding party had captured. However, Tera learned that Bathory had turned her sister into a vampire, as she killed her before making her way out of the castle and fleeing as far west as she could.


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Drolta continued to serve under Erzsebet, working as the one terrorizing local humans and acquiring young girls that Bathory could torture and kill for fun and nourishment. She became the most trusted underling working for Erzsebet as she understood the quality of young girls that her mistress preferred.

In the video games, Drolta Tzuentes was not a vampire but a witch loyal to Elizabeth Bartley. She was the one who resurrected her mistress using her command over witchcraft and other dark forces.

How powerful is Drolta?

As Erzsebet Bathory’s most trusted underling, Drolta is likely the strongest of all her minions. After all, Drolta was responsible for preparing Erzsebet’s arrival in the different places they traveled to. She was also the one who killed and hunted young girls for her mistress.

We also saw how strong Drolta was when she was able to go toe-to-toe with Annette under the Abbey. Though Annette had the power of the god of iron, Drolta could keep up with her and even get the upper hand. This means that while she has all of the standard abilities of a regular vampire, she is certainly stronger than most vampires.

drolta vs annette

But after Erzsebet Bathory plunged the world into darkness by summoning an eclipse, Drolta showcased her true power. She transformed into a succubus-like demon with fiery hair. In this form, she was a lot stronger as she could push Richter Belmont to the limit even though he had reawakened his magical abilities and was far stronger than he was.

Alucard killed Drolta

During the final episode of season 1 of ‘Nocturne,’ Drolta attacked Richter and his allies in the Abbey while Bathory was still on her way. In that battle, she could go toe-to-toe with Richter’s skills and magic while also fighting Maria on the side. However, Richter gained the upper hand and was about to deliver the killing blow to Drolta before Erzsebet arrived.


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In her Sekhmet form, Erzsebet’s very presence created a shockwave that prevented Richter from killing Drolta. After that, Drolta and the other vampires rallied behind their Vampire Messiah as Erzsebet toyed with the heroes and forced Tera to sacrifice herself to her instead of giving Maria up to the powerful vampire.

drolta attack

After Tera’s sacrifice, Richter, Maria, Annette, and Mizrak escaped both the Abbey and the town. Drolta and her vampires, however, gave chase because they wanted to crush the resistance as early as possible. She was about to deliver a fatal attack on Richter, who was already exhausted from all the fighting.

But before Drolta could strike Richter down, a familiar face appeared out of nowhere to strike Drolta down using his sword. This man was Alucard, who introduced himself as the son of Dracula. Drolta died soon after Alucard’s appearance as the heroes could have a small victory in the middle of defeat by killing one of Erzsebet Bathory’s strongest and most reliable lackeys.

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