‘Chloe’ Ending Explained: Why Did Chloe Accepted Catherine as a Client?

Chloe Ending

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Chloe, a 2009 erotic thriller starring Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson, and Amanda Seyfried. The film is directed by Atom Egoyan, who has basically made a career out of directing this type of story. The film is written by Erin Cressida Wilson, who also penned the fantastic 2002 “Secretary” and she is soon coming back to the big screen by being the screenwriter for Disney’s new live-action Snow White coming next year. The film tells the story of a woman looking for answers when she starts believing his husband has been cheating on her.

Chloe works very much like a classic thriller, and adds some elements of eroticism to make everything a bit more enticing to the viewer. Erotic thrillers were becoming a sort of fad in the mid to late 2000s, and Chloe has basically become one of the best examples of the genre.

With the passing of time, the film has been analyzed further, and it seems it has found a new home among current movie watchers. Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson are excellent, as always, their roles very much fit the idea we had of them during this time period. However, Amanda Seyfried stands out from the rest, proving that she is so much more than just one of the Mean Girls.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Chloe. Read at your own risk.

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Why Is Catherine Contracting Chloe To Work For Her?

Chloe is a film that shows many things but doesn’t say them out loud, which is quite refreshing. Especially today, when shows and movies spend a lot of time spelling out their themes and ideas to the viewer so that there is no doubt about what they are trying to do.

Chloe isn’t that complicated, but still, many viewers were left confused about Chloe’s motivations and why she is doing what she is doing. Is she just being crazy? Is she just being annoying and problematic for the sake of it? The movie shows and gives us little hints about who Chloe is and what she is trying to do.

The film begins with Chloe getting ready for work. The film makes it very clear that Chloe is an escort. She uses her beautiful looks to attract wealthy men who pay for her company and other things like sex. She says that she is very aware of the effect she has on others and is very observant.

Not only that, but she knows where to place her hands, how to move, and how to act in order to seduce other people. She seems to be very good at what she does. However, by the way, she speaks, it is clear that this is only her job. She is very professional about it and doesn’t add feelings to the mix. Here, we see an old hairpin for the first time that she seems to treasure a lot.

Chloe Ending Explained 2

Later, we meet Catherine, our other protagonist. She is a middle-aged woman who has prepared a big surprise party for her husband, David. David is a musician and a teacher at a prestigious academy. Both of them are very busy, but Catherine is trying to surprise him. David is in another city and will take a plane to be at the party.

We see that Davis’s students like him very much, including a couple of female students who seem infatuated with him. The students invite him to dinner to celebrate his birthday, but he says he can’t.

However, later, when she calls Catherine to let her know he missed his plane, we see a female student in the background. The movie tries to make us think that David is having an affair with this student, which is why he is lying to Catherine.

Catherine feels that she and David have become quite distant in these later years. She is also having an awful time communicating with his teenage son. The next morning, Catherine and David see each other, and something is off between them. Catherine checks some of his cell phones and sees a picture of David with the female student. She believes David is cheating on her.


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Catherine has been watching a beautiful young woman go out with older men from her office window for a while. This young woman is Chloe. She goes to the place where she knows she will meet Chloe, and the two establish a relationship. Chloe tries to give her old hairpin to Catherine the first time they meet, but she rejects it. However, Catherine plans to hire Chloe to tempt David to see if he will cheat on her and confirm her suspicions.

Why Did Chloe Accepted Catherine As A Client?

From there, the movie follows a structure where Chloe goes out with David and returns with her report of what happened. We see a scene where Chloe asks David for sugar at a café, and he passes it to her. This is the only moment where we see the two together. He looks at her, and she smiles at him, but nothing else happens. From there, every single encounter we see between Chloe and David is a vision of what Catherine imagines while hearing Chloe’s report. Chloe reports that they kissed, and David was willing to cheat on her. Catherine is angry, but they continue to do it.

Chloe meets with Catherine at her office, and Chloe is just amazed at what Catherine is, a successful doctor with a lovely family. There, Chloe meets Catherine’s son, who becomes smitten by Chloe. Chloe continues to describe her sexual encounters with David to Catherine, who seems really upset. At one point, Chloe reveals that she thinks Catherine likes to hear these reports. They anger her but also turn her on. Chloe tries to kill Chloe, it is clear they feel attracted to each other, but Catherine runs away scared.

Chloe Ending Explained 3

The first time they met, Chloe told Catherine she never went out with single women. She could do it with men and even married couples, but not with single women. This is a strange distinction. When asked how she did this job, Chloe replies with a simple gesture, as if having sex with these men was nothing to her.

It becomes clear as the movie progresses that Chloe is in love with Catherine. She is actually a lesbian. Sex with men doesn’t do anything for her. However, starting to date a single woman is dangerous for her because she could fall in love, which she does with Catherine.

Chloe tries to separate Catherine from David but fails when they are honest with each other. Chloe gives Catherine her hairpin before dying by falling from the upper floor of Catherine’s house.

The movie ends with a view of Chloe’s hairpin being worn by Catherine. Proving that while it couldn’t be, Catherine was starting to have feelings for Chloe as well. What they had was real in its own twisted way, even if Catherine won’t admit it.