‘Citadel’: Does Bernard Die? Here’s What Happened to Him


When Citadel fell, many agents died, and some were left with their wiped memories. Bernard was the one person who spent many years trying to find any live agents out there, most notably Mason. Manticore did not stop even after they destroyed Citadel and were after an X case, which contained all Citdel’s secrets. Bernard tried to prevent them but wound up in a lot of trouble because of it. But does Bernard die when Manticore finds him, or not? Here’s what happened to him.

Bernard is not dead. Davik Silje severely wounded Bernard when Bernard and Mason got their hand on the X case. Bernard survived, but Davik abducted him and took him to Dahlia, where he would be tortured and questioned. Anders Sillje was about to open Bernards’s skull to obtain his memories, but Bernard prevented that as he had some valuable information concerning Anders and Brielle.

Citadel is a spy action thriller TV show, so naturally, there are a lot of spies, high-tech and secret identities involved. One of the main characters is Bernard. When Citadel was at its full power, he operated as a tech genius and was located in Citadel’s headquarters. After Citadel fell, Bernard survived and spent years trying to gather intel on Manticore’s operations as detailed as possible. But let’s see what happened to him once Manticore abducted him.

Bernard was severely wounded and abducted by Manticore

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When Bernard received a notification about Mason’s whereabouts, he didn’t wait for a second and was on his way to retrieve him. He knew Mason was the only one who could help him prevent Manticore from obtaining the X case. He located Mason and brought him up to speed. Bernard informed Mason about his true identity, about Citadel and Manticore. So, the two of them teamed up and went on a mission to steal the X case from the Silje brothers.

Bernard was in the van guiding Mason, who was in the building trying to get to the case before the brothers opened it. The mission was a success, and Mason got his hands on the case. He then got into the van, so he and Bernard were ready to flee. As soon as the Silje brothers found out that the case was stolen and Mason was the one who did it, they informed Dahlia about it. She demanded that the brothers retrieve the case and bring Mason to her.


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Silje brothers were chasing Bernard and Mason on the road, and as Mason was preparing to inject himself with a serum that contained his memories, Davik pulled the trigger and shot Bernard. Mason fled, but the serum was destroyed. Dahlia wasn’t pleased to hear that the case and Mason were gone, but at least they caught Bernard.

Bernard was tortured into giving valuable pieces of information, but he did not cave

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Dahlia wanted a password to a Citadel AI that tracks Uranium around the world, and when Bernard refused to give it to her, she threatened to kill his wife and daughter. Manticore also kidnapped his protegee, Carter Spence, but Bernard was adamant about keeping his mouth shut. That left Dahlia with no other option but to torture Bernard severely. The doctor who tortured Bernard pulled his teeth out so he could barely talk afterward.

Bernard endured through it all and showed remarkable courage and loyalty to Citadel. Dahlia realized he wouldn’t talk no matter what she did to him, but there was one other option. Dahlia decided that the only way to get to the information stored in Bernard’s mind was to cut into his brain stem and excavate his memories. Anders Silje created a device capable of doing such a thing, and Dahlia permitted Anders to begin the procedure.

Anders hated Mason, so he enjoyed that he was about to hurt his friend, even though he admired Bernard. Silje was ready to penetrate Bernard’s skull with the device in his hand, but then Bernard gave him unexpected information. Bernard tells Anders that a woman he once loved, Brielle, is alive and that he can prove it. Anders was shocked to hear that, but he was assured once he saw a picture of Brielle, Mason, and their kid together.


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Bernard used Brielle to his advantage. If Anders were to get him to liberate and get him to safety, Bernard would tell him everything he wanted about Brielle because everything Anders knew was a lie. He never knew that Brielle’s real name was Celeste Graham and that she was a Citadel agent. Her main mission was to get close to Anders and monitor his work in creating the Oz Key. Her memories were eventually wiped so she would not be a threat to Citadel, most notably Nadia, but Anders knew none of it.

Anders will most likely release Bernard from his captivity because it is clear that he still cares for Brielle. Bernard is very intelligent, so there is a high chance he’ll find a way to get himself to safety without exposing Celeste and her whereabouts. However, we’ll find out more about that in the upcoming episodes.

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