‘Citadel’: Who Is Abby Conroy? Is She a Mole?

Abby Mason and Hendrix in Citadel

Abby Conroy, aka Celeste Graham, aka Brielle, is one of the most interesting characters in Amazon Prime Video’s Citadel. While most fans vouch for Nadia and Mason to make the perfect couple, everything in the show’s first season proved that it wouldn’t happen. At the heart of all that confusion is Abby Conroy, whom Mason sacrificed to save Nadia, but is now married to. So, who really is Abby Conroy, and is she a Manticore mole?

Abby was initially introduced in the show as Mason’s wife, Abby, only to be later revealed as Celeste Grahaham, a tier 1 Citadel spy whose memories Mason Kane wiped. While the show hasn’t shown her working with Dahlia or any Manticore agent, many unanswered questions exist. The most troubling possibility is that Carter could have helped her get her backup vial to return her memories.

Abby doesn’t have a reason to trust either Kane or Nadia because they both played a part in destroying her career as an espionage spy. On the other hand, Carter never agreed with Mason’s decision and admonished him for using Celeste to cover for Nadia’s mistake. It is unclear whether Carter went as far as to help Celeste regain her memories, but how she approached Mason’s reunion with Nadia suggests she knows much more than she is letting on, so let’s delve into it.

Who plays Abby in Citadel?

Ashleigh Cummings as Abby Conroy

Abby Conroy is portrayed by the Australian actress Ashleigh Cummings, famous for playing Dorothy Williams in ABC’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Cummings was born to Australian parents in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, before moving back to Australia as a teenager.

She studied dancing and acting at the Brent Street Schoo of Performing Arts in NSW, Australia.

She became popular after playing Robyn Mathers in the Australian adventure Tomorow, When The War Began, in 2010.

Playing Abby in Citadel is one of her biggest-ever roles on the international stage, with Abby’s character being a lot more complicated than her breakthrough role.

She had to portray the different faces of Abby, with the most important one being the smart spy, able to hide her biggest secrets from those around her.


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Cummings’ character has to literally lose herself when embedded as a spy and make herself unpredictable.

While she may not have been a perfect spy as Celeste Graham, Abby Conroy is still a perfect wife and mother, and Cummings’ performance in the show’s first season was spectacular.

What happened to Abby in Citadel?

Abby Conroy as Celeste Graham

Abby Conroy’s real name is Celeste Graham, and she was a tier 1 espionage spy, just like Nadia and Mason.

Celeste was sent on an undercover mission to infiltrate the Silje brothers and steal a dangerous device called the Oz key.

The device could be used to hack and take hostage any nation’s digital infrastructure, including vital services such as communication, electricity and water supply, and emergency services.

Her mission was to get Anders Silje to fall in love with her so she could get close enough and steal the device from him.

She was trained for the mission by Mason Kane, who warned her that she would have to convince herself for her undercover character named Brielle to work.

Celeste succeeded on the mission, but before she could get away with the device, she was made by Anders’ brother Davik, forcing her to fight her way out.

Mason had also ordered a mission to evacuate her since she had failed to check in for weeks, and the team arrived just in time while Celeste was fighting with Davik.

The OZ key got lost during the rescue mission, and Mason Kane accused Celeste of being a mole and authorized the wiping of her memories, claiming to keep Citadel safe.

It is later revealed that Mason knew Nadia had instructed the chief of the mission to steal the OZ key behind Citadel’s back and deliver it to her.

Carter also learned that Mason knew Celeste was innocent and that Mason had made her take the fall to save Nadia.


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Mason wiped her memories and placed her in a hospital for Amnesiacs in Oregon under the name Abigail Lenahan.

After Citadel was betrayed and Mason’s memories wiped a year later, he found himself in that same hospital under the name Kyle Conroy, and that is how the two fell in love and got married.

Eight years of their happy marriage led to the birth of their daughter Hendrix, and now with Nadia’s daughter in the picture, Abby is worried that Mason might choose his past over their present and leave the family.

Did Abby betray Citadel?

Abby and Anders in Citadel

Abby was faithful to Citadel while working undercover to recover the OZ key and only failed to communicate with Mason because she wanted to protect her cover.

Mason had instructed her to check in with him once every week because he feared for her.

The mission was dangerous, and Celeste had only been promoted as a tier 1 agent, but she still pulled it off successfully until Nadia compromised her.

Nadia instructed the chief of the evacuation team to take the OZ key from Celeste without her knowledge, so she had nothing to do with the betrayal.

When Mason accused her of being compromised, he already knew that she was innocent and only wanted to remove any suspicion on Nadia, who actually possessed the OZ key.

Is Abby working for Manticore?

Dahlia in Citadel Star 1

In the first season of Citadel, there was no indication to suggest that Abby was working with Manticore in any capacity.

However, there is an eight-year time gap between her last mission for Citadel and her reappearance as Abby Conroy.


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Even with his memories gone, Mason was able to remember some aspects of his past, and the same should have happened to Abby.

If she had help, either through Carter or Dahlia, there is the possibility that she already knows what happened and that she is playing Mason.

It is hard to determine who to trust in Citadel, and Abby Conroy is not spared from that suspicion.

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