Classroom of the Elite: Is Sae Chabashira Evil? What Is Her Goal?

Classroom of the Elite: Is Sae Chabashira Evil? What is Her Goal?

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The third season of Classroom of the Elite is finally starting, and we on Fiction Horizon will be covering the anime but also talking about some other concepts and characters from the series as we are going to explain some burning questions. This article is going to be dedicated to a specific character, as you are going to find out more about Sae Chabashira, the homeroom teacher of Class D. Chabashira is a very specific brand of character and a very specific brand of teacher, which is why fans keep wondering about her precise role in the story. This article will reveal that to you, so keep reading to find out more.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sae Chabashira is a secondary character from Classroom of the Elite, who is a member of the staff of the Advanced Nurturing High School. She is in her late twenties and is known for wearing a ponytail.
  • She teaches Japanese history in the school but is also the homeroom teacher of Kiyotaka’s class, a position she will hold during all three years, as there is no change in that aspect in the school.
  • She has a dark past full of regrets and is a very atypical professor, but she cannot be called evil and doesn’t seem to have any evil plans.

Sae Chabashira is not evil, but she is a very atypical teacher

Sae Chabashira is the homeroom teacher of Class D and one of the best-known members of the school’s staff. She is young – in her late twenties – and is known for always sporting a ponytail hairstyle. She teaches Japanese history in the school. As there is no class change at this school, she will remain as the homeroom teacher of Kiyotaka and his class for the duration of their education.

She is, by all means, a very atypical teacher. She doesn’t really form any bonds with her students and is very strict, as well as law-abiding, meaning that she will respect the school’s rules almost like a robot. She won’t help students if it means that it will cause her any trouble, and she also has a somewhat sadistic trait of enjoying seeing them in trouble. On the other hand, she will praise them when they deserve it and will treat them justly in most situations. She also took a special interest in Suzune and Kiyotaka, noting that their selfless acts – those she had witnessed – were something she had never seen in school, which is why she finds them so intriguing.

It has been mentioned that she has a troubled past, but no details have been revealed yet. Be that as it may, she is definitely an atypical professor, but we wouldn’t really call her evil. She is not unfair, she is just very neutral and not very lenient towards the students. This doesn’t make her a good professor, but it also doesn’t make her an evil person, especially in light of the fact that there is obviously a background to her current behavior. She also doesn’t seem to have any ulterior motives here, and her actions are simply a result of her general personality traits.


Classroom of the Elite: Who Does Ayanokōji End Up With?

Does Chabashira know about the White Room?

The White Room is that mysterious, special educational institution run by Ayanokoji’s father, where Ayanokoji was also enrolled before escaping; this is why his father wanted to get him expelled from the Advanced Nurturing School and return him to his own institution. The White Room aims to “create” geniuses, as opposed to the theory that geniuses are simply born like that, and while it has a relatively normal goal, the methods used are highly controversial.

Ayanokoji’s connection to the White Room is kept a secret, although some characters are aware of it, including most of the staff members. As for Sae Chabashira, it is unknown how much she knows, as she hasn’t really referenced Ayanokoji’s past in that aspect, but it is almost certain that she knows something. She knows about Ayanokoji’s past and she was present during the incident with his father, so there is no way that she – as the class’ main teacher – doesn’t know that Ayanokoji is connected to the White Room.

As we’ve said, the extent of her knowledge has not been specified, but the likelihood of her knowing nothing is next to zero. As a member of the staff and someone who is responsible for Kiytaka’s class, there is no way that she was not informed of the situation, but we don’t know how much she knows. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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