Who Does Ayanokōji End Up with in Classroom of the Elite?

Aho Does Ayanokōji End Up with in Classroom of the Elite?

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The romantic intrigues of Classroom of the Elite are quite interesting and are of interest to a lot of fans of the series. Whether it’s some major ship or something of lesser importance, fans around the world keep discussing how their favorite characters might evolve and who they might end up with in the end. Of course, what everyone wants to know is who Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, the protagonist, is going to end up with and in this article, and we are going to discuss that topic in this article.

At this moment, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji is dating Kei Karuizawa in Classroom of the Elite. This is a very strange pair since their relationship prior to becoming a couple did not indicate that they would be a couple, but that is just how things are at the moment. This doesn’t mean that Kei Karuizawa will be the one Ayanokōji ends up with in the end, but that is how things are now and we don’t know what the future will bring at this moment.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the current relationship between Kiyotaka Ayanokōji and Kei Karuizawa. You’re going to find out all the necessary details, as we are going to reveal as much information as possible, but also discuss whether this is going to be a permanent solution or not. Be aware that a lot of these facts haven’t yet been published in the English editions of the light novel series, so there are numerous spoilers ahead.

Who will Ayanokōji end up with in Classroom of the Elite?

Now, as we have said, Ayanokōji is currently dating Kei Karuizawa in Classroom of the Elite and that is a very unlikely couple based on their earlier relationship. Now, we don’t want to state that people’s relationships cannot change but this really did seem like an unbelievable ship. Still, it seems to be functioning well at this point, and here is what we have to state about this couple.

Suzune saw that Kiyotaka was invisible to the rest of the class when she selected him to act as a guardian alongside Ysuke Hirata to watch over the guys in the class during the survival test on the island. Suzune and Kei both agreed that he didn’t seem vulgar, which seemed to suggest that she wasn’t paying him much attention.

It is unclear what he thinks of her because of her monologue at the end of the anime. Their relationship is a lot more nuanced in the light novels than it is in the anime. Similar to the anime, Kei didn’t think much of Kiyotaka at first. Despite the fact that she had nothing against him, she would frequently disparage him as an “unremarkable youngster.”


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She starts to harbor a grudge against him after he and Yukimura overhear Manabe and her friends abusing her. She finds it difficult to look at him without getting angry, and she was irritated when Hirata set up a meeting with him but brought Kiyotaka with him. Hirata quickly made it clear that her pretentious demeanor is just a front she keeps up to conceal who she really is.

He reveals the fictitious relationship between Kei and Hirata and describes how Kei has been the target of bullying for nine years, starting when she was a young child. Knowing about Kei’s past, Kiyotaka uses Manabe and her group to provoke Kei in a closed-off space, at which point he blackmails her by promising to shield her from harassment in exchange for cooperating with him.

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He seems to have developed a trusting relationship with her after her, and Kiyotaka is shown to have more faith in her than Suzune. It seems that she has grown to adore Kiyotaka by volume 6 of the light novel. The light novel’s jealousy of Maya’s flirtations with Kiyotaka is another indication of her passion for him. One of the rare individuals that address Kiyotaka by her first name is Kei. She was also the first to wish him a happy birthday, which made him hesitate to delete her texts, which she typically does. He also decided to do the same for her when he learned that it was her birthday.

In volume 7.5, Kei comes to terms with her feelings for Kiyotaka, and in the epilogue, they discuss Karuizawa splitting up with Hirata, which Ayanokōji supports because it was always the plan. Ayanokōji now declares that he would also now address Karuizawa by her given name, Kei. Then he expresses his concern for her. Kiyotaka confesses his love to her in the epilogue of volume 11.5, and she agrees.

In Second Year Volume 1, Ayanokōji asks Kei to study with him in his room and forces her to take the tests. When she questioned whether she was capable, he responded that since she started attending school, there has never been a problem he couldn’t address. Later that evening, when the doorbell rang and Amasawa’s image appeared on the monitor, Kei decided to remove the red hair after seeing a strand of red hair on the floor and asking Ayanokōji who it belonged to.


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She introduces herself to Amasawa and inquires about her connection with Ayanokōji. When he jokes that he is her personal chef, Amasawa stooping to search under the bed for the missing hair prompts Ayanokōji to anger her by telling him to stop eating. Kei glares at him after noticing his butt. He initiated and gave her his first kiss in Year 2 Volume 3 to ease her anxiety since, on the third night of the Unmanned Island Trial, she was having conflicting thoughts for him and their future together.

Despite being okay with light touching, they nevertheless decide to keep their relationship a secret. Because she was openly envious of him while he spent time with Nanase, he gave her the assignment of seeking for “someone” who had not yet been identified. They made the decision to go public with their relationship in Year 2 Volume 4.5, choosing to do it after the holidays. She phoned him to dispel the stories that had been going around about him. He waited for Kei to tell him what she had heard before deciding not to say anything out of fear of generating unnecessary difficulties.

He uttered “I love you” to her for the first time at the end of their talk, which made her laugh aloud since she had initially asked if he did. She selfishly asked him to repeat the statement, and he reluctantly did so, more so than the previous time. She then revealed the phrase to him and declared that she would keep it to herself. As Kiyotaka said, “Love is not a horrible emotion,” they bid each other good night to conclude their talk. She went to her room later. She was eager to share her romance with her school but also a little nervous. She instantly rejected Kiyotaka’s suggestion when he said she didn’t have to force herself if she didn’t want to.

He finished his coffee and unexpectedly gave her two lips-to-lips kisses afterward. He then told himself that he needed to work on his timing. They started their first long, passionate kiss after he asked her if she was ready, and it lasted for more than ten seconds. She nodded. They kissed again as he thought about how she should learn to deal with him without acting like a host. Additionally, he believes that their relationship will end soon because they will soon have to deal with their greatest obstacle, which was his father. He still aspires to live a long life and have many wonderful moments before that inevitable day comes.

Kei was greatly upset when Airi was expelled and furiously demanded of Kiyotaka whether he would do the same by reappointing her after she would no longer be of any further use to her class. She and Airi are essentially different persons, therefore Kiyotaka responds that drawing comparisons between them would be pointless because the circumstances would be different. Kei scolded him for his response, telling him that the correct response would be how he would defend her no matter what. After that, before attempting to calm himself down, Kiyotaka acknowledges that he still has a lot to learn about relationships.


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As for the future – we don’t know much more than this. We don’t know whether Ayanokōji will end up with Kei at the end, but they are currently dating and from what the light novel keeps telling us, this is not going to change, at least not soon. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. This is all we know at this moment and as you can see, it is a very dynamic relationship with lots of ups and downs, but it seems that the author is set – at least for the moment – on developing it further and we might just see one of the better relationships in the world of manga and anime, or in this case, light novels.

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