Classroom of the Elite: Who Does Ayanokōji End Up With?

Aho Does Ayanokōji End Up with in Classroom of the Elite?

The romantic intrigues of Classroom of the Elite are quite interesting and are of interest to a lot of fans of the series. Whether it’s some major ship or something of lesser importance, fans around the world keep discussing how their favorite characters might evolve and who they might end up with in the end. Of course, what everyone wants to know is who Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, the protagonist, is going to end up with, as this is one of the seminal questions in the series. Due to that fact, we have decided to cover this issue in this article, and we are going to discuss that topic and reveal all the possibilities here for you.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • At this moment, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji is dating Kei Karuizawa in Classroom of the Elite, and they are still officially a couple as of the time of writing this article.
  • This doesn’t mean that Kei Karuizawa will be the one Ayanokōji ends up with in the end, but that is how things are now, and we don’t know what the future will bring at this moment.
  • Other potential interests and ships include Suzune Horikita, Airi Sakura, and Maya Satō, but he has not been in any romantic relationship with them, and they are on friendly terms.

Who will Ayanokōji end up with in Classroom of the Elite?

Now, as we have said, Ayanokōji is currently dating Kei Karuizawa in Classroom of the Elite, and that is a very unlikely couple based on their earlier relationship. Now, we don’t want to state that people’s relationships cannot change, but this really did seem like an unbelievable ship. Still, it seems to be functioning well at this point, which is why we have to consider her as his potential love interest for the series. But, seeing how these things in Classroom of the Elite are never fixed, we have to consider other possibilities as well, which is what we are going to do here. Let us begin.

Kei Karuizawa

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Suzune saw that Kiyotaka was invisible to the rest of the class when she selected him to act as a guardian alongside Yosuke Hirata to watch over the guys in the class during the survival test on the island. Suzune and Kei both agreed that he didn’t seem vulgar, which seemed to suggest that she wasn’t paying him much attention.

It was initially unclear what he thought of her because of his monologue at the end of the anime. Their relationship is a lot more nuanced in the light novels than it is in the anime. Like the anime, Kei didn’t think much of Kiyotaka at first. However, in Volume 7.5, Kei comes to terms with her feelings for Kiyotaka, and they finally confess to each other in Volume 11.5 and officially become a couple. Despite some rough moments, they are still together in the series.


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Suzune Horikita

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Suzune Horikita is considered to be Ayanokoji’s first and best friend in the series. The two of them started off as allies out of necessity, but they eventually grew fond of each other and have become real friends. They are also very close to each other and know each other’s feelings and secrets, which makes them a good couple material.

Still, as it seems, the two of them are just friends, as Suzune never openly expressed any romantic feelings for Kiyotaka; the same goes for him. She was somewhat disturbed by the fact that he actually started dating Kei, but not much, as they were still on very good terms and were as close as they were.

Airi Sakura

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Airi Sakura is a very specific character whose fate is one of the sadder moments in the series, but she seems to be happy where she is now, so it’s quite good. She is one of the characters who never really developed a deep bond with Ayanokoji (like Kei and Suzune), but she has liked him from the start and was willing to become his girlfriend, even confessing to him. Sadly for her, he did not reciprocate her feelings, but the two of them have remained on good terms, despite everything that happened. This is a less likely ship now that she has been expelled.

Maya Satō

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Maya Satō is one of the characters who openly confesses her feelings for Kiyotaka, and since she is very close to Kei, this turns out to be a very interesting situation. Maya Satō likes Kiyotaka, and the two of them even go on dates, but he does not feel the same about her, so they never become a couple, although they are friends. Maya Satō is listed here because she herself said that she would “grab” Kiyotaka in case he and Kei ever broke up.

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