Classroom of the Elite: Point System Explained!

Classroom of the Elite: Point System Explained!

The third season of Classroom of the Elite is finally starting, and while we’re building on the hype, we wanted to talk about some important aspects of the series here on Fiction Horizon. We know that the Advanced Nurturing High School is a competitive and elitist place, implying that it is special in more ways than one. The system of points used by the school makes it stand out and makes the students’ lives more complex. In this article, we have decided to explain this system to you so you will know how the points system of the Advanced Nurturing High School works.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Advanced Nurturing High School of Classroom of the Elite has a special point-based system which is used by the students as a payment method, but also as a ranking system for classes themselves.
  • There are several important rules related to the points in the Advanced Nurturing High School, some of which deal with the points themselves, while others regulate their use.
  • The points are extremely important as they determine the success of an individual and a class, which means that they can lead to the promotion or even expulsion of a student.

Rules governing points in the Advanced Nurturing High School

Before we actually make a proper chronicle of how the points are used, we just wanted to say that the point-based system of the Advanced Nurturing High School is something that is very important for the world of Classroom of the Elite. Exactly because of that, we have decided to quote the major rules related to the points, as they have been presented in the original light novels. There aren’t too many of them, and they are:

  • Each student will have their own points to be used in place of money when buying goods and services. There is nothing, within the realm of reason, that cannot be bought on campus using points.
  • Each class is assigned class points. Class points will fluctuate based on the affiliated students’ behavior and the results of certain tests. Every month, each student is assigned private points equal to their class points times 100.
  • Any student who fails to meet the required score on a midterm or final exam will be expelled. The threshold for expulsion is 50% of the average score of the rest of the class in any given subject.
  • Class A through D labels are provisional and can change based on class point assignments. The class with the current highest total class points will be named Class A, with B, C, and D, being named respectively in descending order.
  • Students are allowed to exchange private points among themselves. The acquisition of another students’ private points through fraud or threat will result in severe punishment, but the trading of points under any contract deemed legitimate will be left up to personal discretion.
  • Students can buy the right to transfer to the class of their choosing. 20,000,000 private points are required to do this.
Classroom of the Elite light novel, Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 7

As you can see, these rules are quite interesting, and they show just how important the point system is for everyone in the school and why the students want to obtain as many of them as possible. In the next section, we are going to discuss the practical application of the points.


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The points are used in various ways

We have told you how the points are used, but why are they so important? Well, they can be used in several different ways, and it is in a student’s and a class’ best interest to have as many points as possible; individual points are obtained easier and in larger amounts, whereas class points are more difficult to obtain.

The classes use these points to advance in the overall ranking system, which is important for the competitive system within the school. Classes with more points advance further and have more benefits, while those with fewer points risk punishments and even expulsion.

Individually, the points are mostly used by the students for their private dealings, as they can increase a student’s influence and authority; those with more individual points have access to more stuff. They can also be used to “buy” votes when votes are organized, as well as to save someone from being expelled; the amount is the same as the one required for a transfer.

As you can see, the points are extremely important for the series, and that is why we wanted to explain this system to you. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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