‘Classroom of the Elite’ Season 1 & 2 Recap

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 & 2 Recap

The third season of Classroom of the Elite is finally here, and we on Fiction Horizon will be covering the story for you as usual. But, while we’re waiting for new episodes of this great show, some of you might want to reminiscence about what happened so far in the series. It’s been a while since the first season premiered and in this article, we have decided to bring you a quick recap of Seasons 1 and 2 of Classroom of the Elite, so that you can keep following the current season without having to worry about some detail from the past.

Classroom of the Elite Season 1 recap

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji ends up in class D at the government-established Advanced Nurturing High School, which was designed to prepare the top pupils who would eventually be able to easily obtain employment or enter universities. According to Professor Sae Chabashira, each student at the school is given a monthly allotment of 100,000 points through the school’s point system. While Kiyotaka is starting to experiment with the system, he meets two of his classmates, Kikyo Kushida and Suzune Horikita.

The following April 30th, the majority of class D spends their points lavishly and maintains their inappropriate behavior during lessons. When May 1st arrives, class D students are shocked to learn they have not received any allowance. Chabashira informs them that the points are awarded based on the class’s overall performance and that because they neglected their studies, they have lost all of their points. The pupils start to concentrate harder on their studies after learning how the system operates. When the intermediate exams come around later, class D succeeds in getting exceptionally high scores.

On June 30, Class D discovers from Chabashira that there is a delay in the delivery of points for the first year due to an unspecified problem. The next day, July 1, three students from Class C claim to have been attacked and injured by Sudo, who claims to have done so only in self-defense, and given the absence of witnesses, they will have to participate in a hearing that will be held the following week. Meanwhile, the students of classes D and B look for potential witnesses to the accident, and Suzune reveals that Airi Sakura witnessed the event.


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Sakura is asked to testify on the day of the hearing, but the evidence does not clear Sudo of any wrongdoing. As a result, Sakagami, the Class C teacher, suggests a compromise, which Class D rejects. Manabu ends the session after realizing that one of the two classes is lying and says he will make his verdict public the next day.

Once the end-of-term exams are over, the summer holidays arrive. As they end, they take a trip, which turns out to be a special exam that involves surviving on a desert island for a week. The last day of the exam arrives, and the students break down their camps and try to guess the class leaders of the other sections. The results are then revealed, and Class D wins with 225 points; the students then return to the cruise ship. In the end, after agreeing on their respective needs for allies with Suzune, Kiyotaka actually thinks that he does not consider anyone to be his ally and that he sees everyone in his class, as well as all humans, as tools that he will continue to use and sacrifice until when he hasn’t “won.”

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 recap

While Akane Tachibana tells Manabu Horikita the results of the latest exam, the students continue their journey aboard the cruise ship. Later, the boys are informed of the existence of another exam. After four days, Class C passes the exam.

The school made the decision to host the Sports Festival, in which the white team (Classes B and C) and red team (Classes A and D) will participate in mandatory and elective competitions. The outcomes of the competitions will determine bonuses and penalties. Later, Kei and Kiyotaka talk, and after that, Kiyotaka says there will be a traitor in Class D, and they part ways. Later, Kiyotaka and Suzune debate whether or not using any techniques is convenient. Training starts for the class. Class D comes in last at the end of the festival.

Class D learns that no one was expelled following the festival, so Chabashira proposes another exam called the Paper Shuffle, in which two students must receive a score of at least 60. Students from different classes will generate the questions for the mini-exam, which will decide pairs based on a threshold for total points. After the exam, Kushida approaches Ryuen to chastise him, suggesting that he betrayed her by giving class D his copy of the questions.

When some pupils from Class C provoke others from Class D the following day, Suzune says that Ryuen thinks that she is “pulling the strings” and is trying to figure out who she actually is. Following that, Kiyotaka is escorted by Chabashira to a reception area where his father, whom he hasn’t seen in a year and a half, is waiting for him. It is then that he learns that their butler took his own life after being sacked for helping him. When the school president, Mr. Sakayanagi, shows up, the father wants his son to sign the withdrawal form, but Mr. Ayankoji lets him stay because the president was the one who recommended Kiyotaka, and no one has the authority to remove a student from the classroom by force.


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Later, when Ryuen is still torturing Kei, Kiyotaka consents to go out to karaoke with his friends. However, in an effort to keep Kiyotaka safe, the girl doesn’t tell him the truth. Kiyotaka, in the meantime, makes the decision to see Chabashira and requests that she put an end to Ryuen’s harming of Kei. Chabashira agrees. At this time, Kiyotaka goes to save Kei and admits to being the mastermind. This leads to the pivotal moment: Kiyotaka and Ryuen fight hard, and when Kiyotaka gets the better of him, he strikes Ryuen hard in the face, knocking him out. Ultimately, while Kei sobs in his arms, Kiyotaka goes to console her and tells her that he will always come to her rescue.

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