Fallout 4: Companions Can’t Die & Here’s Why

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Companions are an essential part of the Fallout 4 experience. Each companion comes with a wide range of abilities and unique storylines. They can follow you on adventures, they comment on everything you do, and they alleviate the boredom and make the Commonwealth seem just a bit more alive. You can also rely on them in combat, and this leads us to our next question. Are followers in Fallout 4 immortal? They never seem to get lethally injured in combat, and they recover almost instantly, even after sustaining mind-blowing injuries. Let’s see can companions die in Fallout 4.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Companions in Fallout 4 cannot die through the usual means. As long as they follow you actively, they have an essential tag which means they cannot be killed.
  • If they are not your active followers, they retain the so-called “protected” status meaning that they cannot be killed by NPCs but cannot be killed by the player.
  • You can kill a follower if you lower your disposition with it low enough, causing them to turn hostile toward you.

Can companions die?

Companions cannot be killed like most regular NPCs in Fallout 4. Companion and all important quest-related NPCs are flagged as essential. In the worst-case scenario, if they are injured enough during combat, they will fall to the ground and try to recover. However, the lethal blow will never come as their health cannot be lowered enough to the point of dying. The essential flag is important since it stops the game from being glitched forever by some important NPC dying, leaving you unable to finish the game.

Piper knocked out

Companions retain essential status as long as they are in your service or are included in the many quests. Since most companions are involved in quests, both major and minor ones, this makes them extremely difficult to remove from the game.

Things are a bit different in Survival mode; however, if your companions are badly injured, and you don’t heal them in a specific amount of time, they will not die but will be dismissed from your service, and you will need to recruit them again at the place you’ve previously found them.

Can companions in Fallout 4 be killed after you dismiss them?

After you dismiss your companions in Fallout 4, their essential status is removed, but they still retain protected status. This means that they cannot be killed by NPCs but can be killed by the player character and his active companions. This is a trait they share with settlers in your settlements. The companions lose their essential status because some are meant to be killed by the player, depending on the factions that the players side with.


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Can your companions turn hostile toward you in Fallout 4?

Some companions can become hostile toward you if the relationship is long enough. Some companions will abandon your service permanently and even turn hostile toward you if you murder or steal in their presence. The most severe case of this are Piper and Nick. If you murder or injure civilians, guards, and other non-hostile NPCs in Diamond City, they will turn hostile toward you, and you will be forced to kill them.

Piper hostile

At that point, considering that they are not your followers anymore, their protected status does not protect them from damage caused by you. The same is applied to MacCready and NPCs in Goodneighbour. Automatrons and Dogmeat cannot become hostile toward you if you kill someone innocent in their presence since they don’t have the same moral compass as the rest of the NPCs, and they don’t mind murder.

Even if your unjustifiable actions don’t turn your companion hostile, the relationship can deteriorate up to a point where they leave your service permanently. In that case, since at this moment, they don’t have the essential status, they can be killed by the player.

Can Dogmeat be killed?

Dogmeat cannot be killed, and the rules stated above for most companions don’t apply to him. Even if he loses his essential status and becomes only protected, he will never turn hostile toward the player; hence, the player has no true cause to kill him. Your relationship with Dogmeat can never deteriorate enough for him to leave your service, and he can never judge you for murdering innocents. All of this makes him immortal.


What happens if you don’t revive your companion in Fallout 4?

As we stated before since a companion cannot be killed while he is actively following you, even in survival mode, the only real consequence of not reviving your followers is the fact that they leave your service temporarily. Not reviving your fallen companion results in the companion going home to recover, and you will need to locate them at the place where you last recruited them. They still retain their protected status during the whole ordeal.


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As you can see, companions in Fallout 4 are essentially immortal. Especially if they are actively following you because they have the essential status, upon dismissing them, they will still be protected and immune to all NPC attacks. Being protected from other NPCs does not mean that they are protected from you, as you can still both damage and kill them. A companion can turn hostile toward you if it witnesses you committing a severe crime. In that case, you might be forced to kill them. The same goes for faction-specific quests during which you are required to kill certain followers.

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