Concept Art for ‘Madame Web’ Shows That Movie Could Have Gone In a Different Direction

Concept Art for Madame Web Shows That Movie Could Have Gone In a Different Direction

‘Madame Web’ is the latest addition to the SSU, but it didn’t include Spider-Man. The movie wasn’t successful, both commercially and critically. The lead actress even admitted she probably wouldn’t do something like this again, and the rest of the cast distanced themselves from it.

When the movie first came out, Dakota Johnson mentioned that the script underwent significant changes, and it wasn’t what she initially agreed to. ‘Madame Web’ exists in its own standalone universe and is set in 2003.

We’ve witnessed the birth of Peter Parker, or at least one iteration of him. However, according to pre-release rumors and leaks, he was initially intended to appear in the movie. Leaked concept art seems to support these claims, showing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in a battle against Ezekiel Sims.

The movie was originally planned to include the web-slinger in a supporting role, but the crew realized the timeline didn’t fit and had to remove all references from the final product. Fans have noticed how impressive the concept art looks and suggested that if the movie had followed this direction, ‘Madame Web’ might not have become another meme factory like ‘Morbius’ did for the SSU.

However, it’s important to take this “what could have been” scenario with a grain of salt. Some fans and critics (including myself) consider Ezekiel Sims to be the weakest aspect of the movie. His performance and the entire premise surrounding him were deemed laughable at best. I won’t even comment on the costume.

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