25 Coolest Anime Guns You Need to See (Ranked)

25 Coolest Anime Guns You Need To See (Ranked)

Anime, action, and weapons all in one? Sign us up. Action, combat, and powerful abilities are one of the most exciting things you can get in anime. Japanese creators and animators brought us so many unique elements in their works that inspired so many western animators in the last few decades. Weapons are definitely one of the features in anime that makes the fans really exciting, and because of that, we decided to rank our 25 coolest anime guns.

We will include our picks of the coolest anime guns that will stem from various anime we watched and enjoy. If you are interested in our picks for this list, stay with us until the end of the article. Without further ado, let’s start!

25. Dying Will Gun – Reborn!

In the anime Reborn! The Dying Will Gun has huge significance because it is used by Vongola bosses. The original wielder of the gun, Vongola Settimo used this gun ammo to store his Flame which was the weakest out of Vongola Bosses. However, a new version of the gun (as we see in the picture above) was created by Xanxus who “borrows” the idea from Vongola Settimo.

He uses two guns instead of one, and the difference is noticeable. Xanxus stores the Flame of Wrath within his guns, instead of ammo which makes guns so much stronger. Abilities like Scoppio d’Ira, Boccilo di Fiamma, and more makes this gun one of the coolest we saw in a very long time.

24. P90 – Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

Sword Art Online presented us with a lot of cool weapons but Llenn’s a.k.a. Karen Kohiruimaki’s gun is really cool. Llenn is known in the game as the Pink Devil hence the pink equipment and whole look, and her submachine gun brought her a certain reputation. She regularly does triple-digit kills with P90. This is Llenn’s primary weapon, and her original P90 was destroyed during the final battle of the first Squad Jam that occurred on February 1, 2026.

After that, she did purchase another P90, which was also destroyed a second time – the final battle of the second Squad Jam that occurred on April 4, 2026. All in all, this pink, P90 is a rare and cool gun that has inspired various artists all over the world, and CS: GO even added it to the game as a weapon skin.

23. Requip: The Gunner – Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail anime presented us with various different magic, abilities, and this one is unique by itself. The Gunner is a Caster magic, a type of Requip Magic and Spatial Magic that summon various types of firearms. This type of Magic allows the user to store Magic guns in different pocket dimensions, which means, whenever they need one, they can just cast a magic spell and summon it.

The higher the magical ability, the higher amount of guns stored for summoning and just more power. It is connected to the user’s own special ability as well, and in Fairy Tail we see Bisca using her magic and guns.

22. Smith and Wesson Model 19 – Lupin III

Daisuke Jigen is Lupin’s, main character in the anime Lupin III, a loyal and reliable partner who is a smooth gunner. Because he is such a great marksman, Jigen needs cool and reliable weapons to hit his targets. With his revolver Smith and Wesson Model 19, Daisuke can perform a 0,3-second quick draw and has an accuracy that borders on superhuman.

He can even deflect another bullet mid-air! Daisuke is a skilled gunman, and his Smith and Wesson Model 19 revolver is chambered in .357 Magnum, due to its stopping power and reliability.

21. Gandr Sniper Rifle – Chaika: The Coffin Princess

The Coffin Princess, Chaika, is a really special character. She is a 14-year-old sorcerer, who carries a coffin with her. She excels in high-precision spells, which of course, includes her sniper – she attaches an enormous sniper rifle to her source of power, usually crest on the neck, and empowers this weapon.

Chaika herself carries her weapons in her specialized coffin, which makes her the coolest goth mage in the anime world. Also, her sniper is enormous and very cool.

20. Stun Gun – Trigun

Milly Thompson is one of the supporting characters of the famous anime Trigun. Her stature is intimidating to some people and when you combine it with her weapon of choice, a Stun Gun, you better run.

She conceals her trusted heavy concussion gun which is referred to as a Stun Gun under her coat, and it breaks havoc whenever it is used. Shots pop out in the form of x-shaped claws, and they are so powerful that Milly can knock over trucks with them. The gun weighs 98kg (216lbs), which is perfect for Milly and her stature.

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19. Spirit Gun – YuYu Hakusho

The Spirit Gun is a signature technique of Yusuke Urameshi in the anime YuYu Hakusho. The gun concentrated energy into the user’s hand and releases pent-up energy from the user’s fingertips. After Yusuke Urameshi became a Spirit Detective, he gained this power from Koenma, who showed him how to wield this power.

Even though it is not technically a solid gun, Spirit Gun is still pretty cool and has a unique premise. Just imagine greeting someone with finger guns and Spirit Gun is summoned all of a sudden. That would be a great tool for acknowledging other people.

18. Flintlocks – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Mami Tomoe in the anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica is wielding really cool weapons. We know about Sailor Senshi and their powers like tiaras, energies, and whatnot but this Magical girl is using rifles (flintlocks) which have that vintage 1600s look that scares Mami’s opponents. The Flintlocks are summoned from her body.

Mami uses two guns in combat and its bullets can pierce through anything – they have burning fuses and believe it or not, only one bullet. She usually deals final blows with this gun but Mami’s Flintlocks are still one of the coolest guns we saw in the anime.

17. Cerberus – Gungrave: Aftermath

Another cool gun on this list is Cerberus, which is a pair of Brandon’s twin handguns. Each gun, Red, and White, provides the user with unique abilities. Its barrel length is 60 cm and it’s loaded with 15 mm caliber bullets, which are stronger in destroying the undead in comparison to D-Point in the anime.

Brandon in the Gungreave series loses his trusted handguns but gets them back in The Hellbound of Billion. Biscoe provides Brandon with his twin guns – pleased that he got them back, Brandon twirls them around his fingers. Great guns definitely deserve to be on this list.

16. The Thompson Contender – Fate/Zero

This special piece of equipment is wielded by Kiritsugu Emiya in the anime Fate/Zero. Thompson Contender is developed by the American company Thompson/Center arms in 1967. It is a break-open single-shot pistol meant for sports shooting but when modified a bit, this gun is really powerful and can shoot various different bullets.

The bullets of the pistol can puncture bulletproof vests, and kill large animals in a single shot. Moreover, a special magical modification of the gun is what makes this weapon really cool – its Origin Bullets, which contain part of the Kiritsugu’s soul, can cripple living creatures when shot at.

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15. Judgement – D.Gray-Man

Cross Marian in the anime D.Gray-Man is an exorcist and general of the Black Order. He is a skilled marksman as displayed by his signature weapon Judgement, an equipment-type Innocence that takes the form of a large caliber auto revolver. Cross being a skilled marksman can shoot multiple bullets in rapid succession, often emptying rounds in a split second.

Judgment can shoot various different ammo like Bullets of Condemnation, Arrow of Original Sin, and Sin Annihilation Level that have their own special effects. What is this list without one cool, holy gun?

14. Liz & Patty – Soul Eater

We are doing the coolest guns list, and that is why we need to put Liz & Patty from Soul Eater. These sisters are Demon Weapons who can transform into traditional weapons. Demon weapons possess a human appearance and when they turn into weapon forms because they still have human souls, weapon looks can vary.

Liz & Patty evolve into Beretta M9 Pistol. They are unique and cool and their combined skills make them one of the more powerful weapons in Soul Eater.

13. Lilynette Gingerbuck – Bleach

Bleach showed us many interesting weapons and abilities during its long run and for this list, we picked Lilynette Gingerbuck, who can actually turn herself into a powerful gun. She is an Arrancar and Coyote Starrk’s sole Fraccion, as well as a part of the same Hollows identity – when Coyote uses his Resurreccion, Lillynette can become one with him.

When transformed and fused with Starrk, Lillynette becomes Coyote’s weapons, in this case, his twin guns. She can talk and feel in that form and shoot out of the gun of her own will.

12. Caster Gun – Outlaw Stars

In the Towards Stars Era, Caster refers specifically to an antiquated weapon that fires specialized shells. Once the name “Caster”, was referred to wizards who cast spells using naturally occurring energy called mana. However, mana began to dissipate on the planets and Casters worked to find a way of harnessing the power before it vanished completely.

This is how spell guns were created or more notably, Caster Guns which are shooting harnessed mana in specialized cells and used as ammo. Notable users of this cool gun are Gene Starwind and Ronald MacDougall in the anime series called Outlaw Stars.

11. Sniper Rifle – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The main protagonist of the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann wields a really cool weapon. Yoko Littner is a 14-year-old girl who seeks revenge after Gunmen attacked her village. She wields an extensive range of firearms and is mostly using her trusted sniper rifle that is created in a combination of Railguns and Barrett M82.

That is why we included it on the list – even though it is a rifle, the weapon still has features of the railgun. Her Spiral Power provides her with superhuman abilities including weapon empowerment, that enable her to pierce enemy Gunmen with her sniper.

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10. Cross Mirage – Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

This Intelligence was created for Teana Lanster by Shario Finieno in the anime StrikerS. The gun is coded XC-03 and can appear in different forms, depending on the mode the weapon is currently put in. Standby Mode puts the weapon in a card form, Guns Mode which enhances Cross Mirage with two laser sights installed.

Dagger Mode enables a gun to extend mana blades from the barrels of the guns, turning them into cross-range weapons. It has several spikes on it, reminiscent of an oversized Mark I trench knife. Finally, the Blazer Mode puts Cross Mirage in a larger version of the handgun which is specialized in long-range combat. With its cool looks, multiple functions, and just pure power, Cross Mirage is a must-see entry on this list.

9. Beretta 92F’s – Black Lagoon

We did feature Revy on our other list, best anime tomboys, and she had a pretty high ranking, for a good reason. Besides being a certified badass, her weapons, more specifically, Beretta’s are extremely cool. These dual Sword Cutlass pistols are customized to have a 5,9-inch barrel and slide configuration, which is one inch longer than the standard Beretta.

They are engraved with special markings of the Jolly Roger of the famous pirate Calico Jack and the inscription “Manufactured by Praiyachat-Special Specs” which was a Thai gunsmith who created these cool guns.

8. Hades – Black Cat

Anime Black Cat provided us with one cool gun that deserved a place in our top ten coolest anime guns. Hades is not just a regular gun, it is an ornate handgun issued to Train Heartnet as the 13th member of the Chronos Numbers. It is made of the strongest metal in the Black Cat’s universe, Orichalcum.

This revolver besides looking cool with its specialized gold engravings, its speed, and rapid firing is something to be afraid of if you are on the other side of the Hades. It can shoot multiple different types of bullets, like Burst Bullet, Freeze Bullet, Crying Bullet, and more.

7. Double Machine Gun – Hunter X Hunter

Franklin Bordeau is a seventh member of the Phantom Troupe in the famous anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter. Because he does not stray from killing and injuring his enemies, Double Machine Gun is pretty suitable for him. Moreover, it is … quite unique for the lack of a better word. Franklin’s double machine gun is shot from his fingers!

This kind of creativity can only be seen in anime and nowhere else. Regardless, because of his uniqueness and just raw power that Franklin possesses, Double Machine Gun definitely deserved to be this high on this list.

6. Pumpkin – Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! has a lot of mysterious items in its universe and one of them are Teigu, extremely powerful relics, that is really rare and used only by the most powerful individuals in the anime.

Pumpkin is a gun-type Teigu, which has differently attachable parts to modify it and is really powerful. In the anime, it is used by Mine and its usage of the spirit energy as ammunition makes it extremely powerful. It can shoot from long and short distances and has rapid-fire bursts that destroy everything in front of it. Unfortunately, the gun was destroyed in a fight against Budo in the anime.

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5. The Punisher – Trigun

Trigun has an amazing collection of weapons that we could make a special list for, but for this list, we picked The Punisher. There are at least ten Punishers in the existence but in the anime, are seen in the possession of Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who is a part of the special group Eye of Michael.

The Punisher has a machine gun attached to the front and a rocket launcher at the back of the gun. It is powerful, flexible, and just too cool to pass on. After Wolfwood dies, the guns are inherited by Vash.

4. AGL Arms .45 Long Colt – Trigun

Besides Cross Punisher that he inherited from Wolfwood, Vash with Knives, wields his signature weapon, AGL Arms .45 Long Colt. Its cartridge surpasses those of.44 magnum and its features are combined from the various guns from the various parts of the world. Knives build both revolvers which makes them unique, and their two modes include the ordinary revolver and The Angel Arm mode.

Each of the revolvers has its own features and when activated, a gun fuses with the user’s arm transforming it into a high-yield energy weapon capable of mass destruction. One of the coolest guns in the anime ever.

3. Jericho 941 R – Cowboy Bebop

One of the most iconic characters in anime history, Spike Spiegel also has one of the coolest guns as well. His signature pistol, customized Jericho 941 R is chambered in 9x19mm. Spike installed custom-made grips and mounted a laser on the right side of the gun even though he does not use it that much.

Even though it looks ordinary, it is anything but – Spike’s modifications including reduced recoil and increased rate of fire make Jericho a feared weapon. An Exiled Hitman of the ruthless Red Dragon Syndicate, of course, needs to have a good reliable weapon, and Jericho 941 R, is the best choice for Spike Spiegel.

2. The Dominator – Psycho-Pass

The Dominator Portable Psychological Diagnosis and Suppression System or just the Dominator is an iconic gun carried by officers of the Public Safety Bureau in the anime Psycho-Pass. The Dominator has various different features and a few of them include robotized, AI system technology that can determine the identity of the user needs to be connected to the Bureau’s database for operating and can read the minds of the people on the other side of the firearm.

It can determine everything from the status of the targeted person, their mental state, the danger level, and can shoot various different bullets like Non-Lethal Paralyzer, Lethal Eliminator, Destroy Decomposer, and many more, and because of its few weaknesses, The Dominator is one of the most powerful and coolest guns in anime history.

1. Casull and Jackal – Hellsing

The first entry of this list needs to be Casull and Jackal wielded by the most powerful weapon of the Hellsing Organization, Alucard. He works against vampires and other supernatural forces. He is a force of nature, and his superhuman strength transcends some comic book heroes. That is why his trusted guns Casull and Jackal cannot be wielded by normal humans.

Each revolver has its own abilities but when combined together, they make one of the most powerful weapons in the Hellsing series. Moreover, Casull and Jackal are perfect for Alucard and for that fact, a perfect number one entry on the list of the coolest guns you need to see.

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