Dafne Keen Excited by Fan Support for ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Role, Responds to X-23 Cameo Speculations

Dafne Keens Reaction to the Latest Deadpool Wolverine Trailer Leaves Fans Puzzled

One of the main attractions of ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is the large number of cameos and variants set to appear in the movie. So far, over 25 characters from Fox’s old ‘X-Men’ series and other properties are rumored or confirmed to be in the film.

One of these characters is Dafne Keen’s Laura. While her role hasn’t been officially confirmed, fans believe she’ll be in the movie because Wolverine’s past, or at least one version of it, hints strongly at her character.

But ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ isn’t the only big project Dafne Keen is involved in. She’s currently promoting her upcoming Star Wars show, ‘The Acolyte,’ where she plays Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon. During the promotion, she was also asked about her role in the upcoming MCU movie. Keen didn’t mind and actually enjoyed that her projects were crossing over. She feels honored to be part of such big fandoms. In her interview with ComicBook, Keen mentioned that she often gets asked about her rumored cameo.

What goes through your head is, first of all, how cool that something is that big that it seeps and it bleeds into other projects. And how cool it is that I got to be a part of something that had such a huge legacy that almost ten years later, I’m still being asked about, and that just feels pretty huge.

Recently, Keen appeared to dispel rumors about her appearing in the movie by saying she’s excited to watch it, which seems to imply that she’s not in it.

I mean, I’m very excited to watch it. The trailer is incredible — we all agree that the trailer is incredible? I love Ryan Reynolds, I love Hugh Jackman, obviously, he is like my second father, like my fake dad. Matthew Macfadyen, Emma Corrin, it is insane, I am very excited to watch it.

Even if Dafne doesn’t appear in the movie, there are other rumors suggesting that Natalia Tena will play the X-23 variant.

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