Dafne Keen’s Reaction to the Latest ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Trailer Leaves Fans Puzzled

Dafne Keens Reaction to the Latest Deadpool Wolverine Trailer Leaves Fans Puzzled

A major draw of ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ appears to be the abundance of cameos and variants slated to feature in the film. Currently, there are rumors or confirmations of 25 characters from the former Fox ‘X-Men’ franchise and other properties making appearances.

Among them is Dafne Keen’s Laura. While her character’s presence hasn’t been officially confirmed, fans speculate her involvement based on the strong hints towards Wolverine’s past, or at least one of his variants, which seem to allude to the character.

Dafne Keen portrayed Laura in ‘Logan,’ widely acclaimed as one of the finest Wolverine films.

Laura, born in 2016, was among the offspring of the Transigen Project led by Zander Rice. Created using genetic material from mutants and carried by captive women, Laura inherited Wolverine’s healing abilities and retractable claws. Unlike him, her skeleton lacked full adamantium coating. The children, meant for military use, were deemed failures after the successful creation of X-24, leading to their intended termination. Laura and her fellow mutants fled with help from sympathetic nurses, seeking refuge in Eden, North Dakota. She was eventually adopted by her nurse, Gabriela Lopez, who sought Logan’s aid in ensuring her safety.

Recently, Dafne reacted to the ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ trailer At this year’s CCXP MX event, which confused fans due to her insinuation that she’s not in the movie.

I mean, I’m very excited to watch it. The trailer is incredible — we all agree that the trailer is incredible? I love Ryan Reynolds, I love Hugh Jackman, obviously, he is like my second father, like my fake dad. Matthew Macfadyen, Emma Corrin, it is insane, I am very excited to watch it.

Even if Dafne Keen doesn’t make an appearance in the film, there are persistent rumors suggesting that the X-23 variant will be featured, portrayed by Natalia Tena.

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