Danny DeVito Would Love To Revisit His Penguin Again

Tim Burton’s Batman duology starring Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne is still known as one of the most beloved superhero franchises in history. 1989 was a big year for the fans of Batman – Burton released the Batman movie, which made the history of the superhero genre. In 1992, Burton made a sequel – Batman Returns – in which Keaton reprised his role and Danny DeVito played Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, a supervillain known as The Penguin.

Even today, DeVito’s performance as The Penguin is widely praised. And since Michael Keaton will return next year as Batman in the multiversal movie The Flash, almost every other actor who ever worked for DC was asked if they’d like to return in some way. George Clooney recently revealed that he would never return, Halle Berry said she would love to revisit Catwoman, but as a director. And now, Danny DeVito revealed he wouldn’t mind playing Penguin again.

“I feel like it’s not out of the question that The Penguin will return someday, but this is all up to Tim, whether or not Tim wants to do this. I would say that could be in the cards because we ain’t dead yet (laughs). We could do a continuation of what we had in the past because that was truly a brilliant movie. They afforded me that opportunity and I feel very grateful and would I like to revisit it? Why not! It was a really great moment in time for me. There is a little Oswald in me.

Danny DeVito for Forbes

Oswald Cobblepot was played by Robin Lord Taylor in the TV series Gotham, and the character will be played by Colin Farrell in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which is set to be released next March. Since two sequels are planned, there are reports that Penguin will be a huge part of Robert Pattison’s Batman story. A Penguin-related project is also in development for HBOMax.

Danny DeVito also wrote a Penguin story in the anthology comic book Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant for the 80th anniversary of the character.

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