Daughters of Liberty Rumored to Join MCU

daughters of liberty rumored to join MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is currently in its Multiversal phase, and the upcoming projects promise a plethora of exciting content. A noteworthy aspect of these upcoming endeavors is the increased emphasis on various superhero teams. While fans have predominantly followed the Avengers’ adventures, a shift is imminent with the inclusion of X-Men, Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts, and Midnight Sons, all either confirmed or rumored in the MCU.

Leaked information from sources like MyTimeToShine and previously DanielPRK suggests that Marvel Studios initially intended to introduce another superhero team called the Daughters of Liberty. A project dedicated to an all-female superhero team was in the works, but strikes disrupted the development schedule, casting uncertainty over several projects.

The origins of the Daughters of Liberty can be traced back to the American colonies, where they received training in combat magic from Agatha Harkness and in science from the Dryad. Committed to safeguarding freedom and responsibly guiding humanity, notable figures like Harriet Tubman were among their ranks. In the mid-20th century, Peggy Carter joined their ranks under the mentorship of Alexa Volkoff.

Carter’s initial mission involved protecting the Super-Soldier Serum to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, a task that led to a romantic entanglement with Captain America. Eventually, she assumed the role of the Dryad. In the modern era, the Daughters united to clear Captain America’s name when he was framed for murder by Thaddeus Ross.


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As evident, the Daughters of Liberty would be intricately linked with other characters poised to play pivotal roles in the upcoming phases, including Agatha Harkness, who is set to have her standalone show and Thunderbolt Ross, though skepticism surrounds whether their portrayal will adhere strictly to their comic book origin.

Amidst this, fans harbor reservations about this addition, given the MCU’s current abundance of characters either mishandled or inflated in importance within the Marvel Lore. No official confirmation has surfaced about the Daughters of Liberty project from reliable sources. Moreover, there’s a circulating rumor that Kevin Feige is contemplating a reboot of the MCU, aiming to retain successful elements while discarding those deemed ineffective.

Nevertheless, in hindsight, it could have been a promising concept.

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