Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds Reveals How Is Development Going

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Ryan Reynolds announced a while ago that he’s gonna take a little break from acting, but don’t worry, he will be back and his most anticipated upcoming project – Deadpool 3 – is still going forward.

Reynolds was yesterday in Los Angeles on the Red Notice world premiere event where he was asked not only about Red Notice but about Deadpool 3 as well.

Plugging away. Can’t really comment on that, but hopefully soon though.

Ryan Reynolds for Variety

We know, it’s not much. And the word ‘soon’ probably doesn’t mean soon enough. Typical vague answer.

Zazie Beetz recently revealed she’d love to return as Domino in Deadpool 3. The movie is currently in development and it was announced that the movie will be incorporated into the MCU. President of Marvel Kevin Feige said that Reynolds is overlooking the work on the script and that the movie will keep its signature R rating despite the fact that this movie will be distributed by the House of Mouse that is usually known for family-friendly content.

Deadpool 3 is definitely on the way, we just don’t know how far it is. Time will tell how soon this Reynolds’ “soon” actually is.

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