Demon Slayer: Who Are the Demons Created by Hantengu?

Demon Slayer: Who Are the Demons Created by Hantengu?

The Demons of Demon Slayer are a truly fascinating lot. They come in all shapes and sizes, and while they are evil in their demonic form, their backstories and their lives while they were human usually contain a tragic note that makes you sad for them. But there are also exceptions, and one such exception is the protagonist of this article – Hantengu. The Upper-Rank Four of the Twelve Kizuki, Hantengu was a very peculiar Demon who seemed to be a complete coward unworthy of his status but proved himself to be a very powerful enemy. In the most recent episode, we’ve gotten a glimpse of Hantengu’s abilities. In this article, we are going to explain who the Demons that Hantengu can divide himself into are.

Hantegu’s Blood Demon Art allows him to divide his emotions and create demonic entities that embody these emotions while allowing the main body to hide and cower somewhere. Each of these Demons thus represents one emotion different than fear and is a standalone, incredibly powerful entity.

The rest of this article will focus on Hantengu and his powers in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series. Hantengu is a villain but an exceptionally important and very peculiar character. His ability to multiply himself by dividing himself into several powerful Demons, each of whom is an embodiment of one of his emotions, was very intriguing, and that is why we will talk about it in this article. This article will contain some spoilers from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga, so be careful how you approach it.

Hantengu’s powers and abilities are unique among the Twelve Kizuki

A Demon with the appearance of an old man, despite his weak and harmless appearance, Hantengu held the position of the Upper-Rank Four, behind only Akaza, Doma, and Kokushibo. Muzan might not have been the fairest, but he was slick and knew what he was doing, so the fact that he gave Hantengu such a high rank meant something.


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He would not have given such a cowardly Demon such a high rank for no reason. During the Swordsmith Village arc, Hantengu demonstrates his strength and loyalty to Muzan and why he is so difficult to kill. Remember how Daki and Gyūtarō had to be killed at the same time for them to actually die? Well, killing Hantengu was neither that simple nor that easy. And this is all due to his specific powers.

Namely, Hantengu was able to use his Blood Demon Art to create four clones of himself, each of the clones being a representation of one of his emotions and a powerful standalone Demon. These clones were:

  • Sekido, the manifestation of anger, is constantly irritated and very aggressive. He is quite powerful and also has exceptional speed and reflexes, as well as the ability to fuse with Karaku, Urogi, and Aizetsu into Zohakuten.
  • Karaku, the manifestation of relaxation, is the most laid-back of all the clones but nevertheless very dangerous. He is also physically imposing but also has incredible stamina and durability.
  • Aizetsu, the manifestation of sorrow, is constantly depressed, negativistic, and cynical to everyone, which aligns with the emotion he represents. His most prominent feature is his durability.
  • Urogi, the manifestation of joy, is the happiest and most cheerful among the clones. He is also quite dangerous, though, as he can mimic avian creatures and use their abilities to his advantage in combat, which is why he is also the oddest one on the list.

As stated, each of these Demons is a standalone and very powerful entity. Sekido can absorb the other three clones into Zohakuten, a manifestation of Hantengu’s hatred. Zohakuten is a powerful Demon who shares a lot of personality traits with Sekido and has such a powerful aura that his mere presence can induce pain in people. Finally, there’s also Urami, a Demon capable of increasing his size so much that Hantengu is able to hide in his heart.

Now, while these clones are present, Hantengu shrinks and disappears, using his exceptionally high stealth abilities, which means that killing him is actually a scavenger hunt more than anything else, as he is extremely difficult to find.

Even if you can kill the clones, you’ll have a hard time finding the main body, which is why Hantengu is very difficult to slay (namely, if you don’t kill the main body, it will give Hantengu more than enough time to regenerate, which would also result in the regeneration of the emotion Demons, and that is why the whole situation is quite complex). But, during the Swordsmith Village Arc, the Demon Slayer Corps managed to do it.

Hantengu’s Demons are powerful and special

In this section, we are going to introduce each of Hantengu’s Demons individually, telling you who they are, what they represent, as well as what their powers and abilities were:


Sekido is constantly enraged, irritated, and angry, even with his fellow clones, as shown by the ease with which he became irate when they disappointed him and were defeated by the Demon Slayers. This is a prime illustration of Hantengu’s rage. Despite Aizetsu’s protests, Sekido violently absorbed his brothers against their will. Therefore, he doesn’t particularly care for them either.

When fighting the Demon Slayers, he gave them commands and assumed charge, showing that he was the most powerful among Hantengu’s clones and was their leader. Sekido later revealed his ability to absorb and unite the bodies of Karaku, Urogi, and Aizetsu into Zohakuten.

Sekido has the universally-present demonic ability of flesh manipulation, which is his main ability. Sekido utilizes this power to transform parts of his body into a Khakkhara staff that he can use to improve his Blood Demon Art. He has demonstrated the capacity to produce multiple at once. Sekido is a high-tier demon with reflexes and speed that are on par with Hashira’s. Before they reached him, he was quick enough to avoid Genya’s shotgun.

Sekido and Karaku


Karaku was portrayed as the most unassuming and calm among the clones. Instead of treating the fight seriously, he treated it like a game and was only concerned with the new experiences it gave him. He complimented Genya, Tanjiro, and Nezuko the whole time during their fight. He demonstrated this while he was fighting against Nezuko by choosing to toy with her while having the ability to overwhelm her easily at any time. He also exhibits traits of masochism, as evidenced by the fact that he joyfully voiced his curiosity about the brand-new phenomenon after Genya shot him and claimed he had never been hurt so severely before.

His other clones were easily frustrated by his actions, particularly Sekido, who frequently chastised him for being so slow in battle. Karaku also has some capacity to manipulate and change his flesh, like all other Demons. Karaku uses this power to mold his flesh into an Uchiwa, a hand fan, with the shape of a maple leaf. Like Sekido, Karaku can simultaneously produce several Uchiwa, and can even generate a bigger Uchiwa to increase its area of effect. Karaku demonstrated his extraordinary physical prowess by using a single kick to pierce Nezuko’s tough body and his bare hands to shatter her arms.


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Karaku is also extremely resilient and, like other Demons, has excellent resistance. In a fit of ecstasy, Karaku said that he had never been subjected to such an assault and revealed how much he had enjoyed it when Genya shot his head off, leaving him hanging on a thread with his neck completely bones exposed. He never indicated that he was in discomfort.


Aizetsu Profile

Hantengu’s sorrow is portrayed by Aizetsu as entirely depressed, bitter, and unpleasant, with frequent references to how depressing everything is, as evidenced by the fact that he did not frivolously waste time by amusing himself like Urogi and Karaku or becoming angry and irritated at something like Sekido, Aizetsu demonstrated that he was the most composed and composed of all five manifestations. Aizetsu methodically assessed his foes and deliberated his course of action before striking.

Aizetsu has limitless stamina, endurance, and ability to manipulate flesh to produce a Jmonji Yari Blade. This was demonstrated by the fact that he battled Genya for a considerable amount of time without growing weary. Aizetsu was as carefree when Genya used a shotgun to shoot Nichirin steel balls that broke his neck, managing to avoid hitting his head.


Hantengu abducts edited

The happiest and giddiest Hantengus clone is Urogi. Like Karaku, the relaxed one, he perceived the fight against the Demon Slayers simply as a game or a form of entertainment, as evidenced by how he delightedly praised Tanjiro’s intelligence for figuring out Hantengu’s secret and kept saying how delightful it was to fight him. Urogi can imitate the characteristics and prowess of bird species, including their broad feathered wings and razor-sharp talons.

Urogi has enormous wings with which he can fly quite fast, and its claws are sharp enough to cut through a diamond, making him incredibly powerful. Urogi’s body must be incredibly light, which has the drawback of allowing his adversaries to exploit his flying prowess against him.


Hatred Hantengu 2

Sekido and Zohakuten had a lot in common regarding temperament; for example, both were easily enraged, highly bitter, and resentful toward their adversaries and perceived them as evildoers for mistreating their “weak and innocent” selves. Hantengu’s animosity may be seen in this situation. He was equally as harsh as Sekido, as evidenced by the way he belittled his rivals and repeatedly spoke of Mitsuri as a whore and other derogatory terms.

He also appeared exceedingly faithful to Muzan, as he told the Love Hashira that he only pays attention to and follows one man’s orders around the globe. He was proven to be the most perceptive and clever of all the emotional Demons. He has exceptional physical power and endurance, as he is an amalgam of several clones, but his specific trait is the menacing aura he emits. Namely, only a mere gaze from his is enough to petrify someone in place out of pure fear, which allows him to deal with his enemies easier.


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Urami, who passionately warned Tanjiro not to mistreat and damage his “weak and innocent” self, was just as cynical and deluded as both Hantengu and Zohakuten. This revealed Hantengu’s grudge. He was furious and questioned Tanjiro’s lack of ability to “see” his innocence. He has lived up to his name by displaying a disdain for being punished and accused of crimes for which he was “innocent.” Hantengu. Urami’s specific trait is his size alteration ability, which is most often used for defensive purposes to hide Hantengu’s main body, as he did in the Swordsmith Village.

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