‘Demon Slayer’: Why Does Mitsuri Eat so Much?

Demon Slayer: Why Does Mitsuri Eat so Much?

Mitsuri Kanroji is a very important supporting character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is the current Love Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, as well as one of its most skilled and most powerful members, which is why she is such an important part of the organization. With the Swordsmith Village Arc finally being adapted into an anime, fans have finally gotten the chance to see more of her and her story in the anime as well, as manga fans know how big of a story she actually has. And while Mitsuri’s story might seem bland because she is always cheerful and flirtatious, her story is quite deep and full of sadness and rejection. Mitsuri is truly special, which is why she is going to be the focus of this article, in which you will find out why she eats so much in the series.

The author never explained it in detail, but we know that Mitsuri Kanroji was born with a special, almost unique bodily constitution. Her muscles have a special composition, and they are eight times denser than regular human muscles. This is what made her so powerful and why she could lift large boulders as an infant. Due to her body spending more energy than a regular human body, she has to eat more in order to keep her energy levels high, which explains her eating habits. The large energy consumption also explains how she is able to keep herself slim, despite eating more than anyone else.

This article will be the most informative guide on Mitsuri Kanroji you need in relation to the question at hand. We will give you a full introduction to her backstory and some other related aspects of Mitsuri’s story, those that are relevant to understanding her eating habits and how some biographical details influenced these habits. You’ll get many answers related to Mitsuri Kanroji, as we plan to provide you with everything you need related to the question. We must warn you that the article will contain some spoilers, so be careful how you approach it.

Mitsuri eats so much because she has to due to her special muscle composition

In order to explain Mitsuri’s eating habits, we have to go back in time and explain what happened to her as an infant. One of five children born during the Meiji era, Mitsuri’s early display of superhuman abilities astounded even her stout mother. She had a unique muscular composition, which was the cause of this. In a manga flashback, it was revealed that she could carry enormous rocks even when she was an infant, which is an ability that both scared and astonished her parents.

But, due to her unique muscular composition – namely, her muscles were eight times denser than a regular person’s – Mitsuri had to find a way to keep her energy levels normal, so she started eating more than others. Whether it’s eight times more than a regular person or even more than eight times is unknown, but Mitsuri Kanroji is notoriously known for her binge-eating episodes that we’ve seen in the manga and the anime.


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This is one of her trademarks, and she is notoriously known for eating a lot. This was seen recently in the anime during the Swordsmith Village Arc when she ate a lot with Tanjiro and in a flashback where she was seen eating with Obanai.

She usually says she just had a nibble when she’s finished eating while columns of empty plates pile up around her. She grew up eating far more than the norm, and one of these episodes actually led to a change in her hair color. Namely, due to eating too much sakura mochi, her hair became pink, which is actually possible in real life.

And while the reasons behind her eating habits have been explained, we still have two things to say. First of all, Mitsuri did not always eat like that. Namely, when she was seventeen years of age, she had a very important interview with a potential suitor.

During that meeting, her potential husband, who seemed very mean, told her that only a bear, boar, or cow could take Mitsuri as a wife because of her inherent strength and her eating habits. He also said he was disgusted by her pink hair, but that is a completely different topic.

Faced with such harsh rejection, Mitsuri decided to change. Aside from dying her hair, Mitsuri also started pretending she was weak, and she also stopped eating as much, despite the fact that it hurt her to do so. And while she seemingly did find a potential suitor who would accept her like that, Mitsuri wondered whether she wanted to live a fake life and eventually decided that she did not want to live like that, breaking off the engagement and eventually joining the Demon Slayer Corps. She also started to eat like she used to at this moment.

The second thing we wanted to explain is how she manages to keep such a slim figure while eating for ten people. Namely, this has to do with her body composition. Sure, Mitsuri Kanroji eats for ten people, and she is always hungry; eating ten or more plates is for her just a snack. But she is as slim as she can be, and while she has muscles that are eight times denser than normal human muscles, her hands are quite slim. How is that possible? Well, it has to do with her energy levels.


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Being stronger, Mitsuri also spends more energy than usual. This is why she has to eat as much, but she doesn’t get fat because she spends everything she consumes. The quantity of food she consumes is just enough to keep her functioning normally. And while it would turn a normal person into a mountain, in her case, due to her energy consumption, she looks completely normal, despite eating much.

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