Did Drogon Lay Dragon Eggs & Could Daenerys Have More Dragons?

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Dragons in George R.R. Martin’s world of A Song of Ice and Fire have had a troubled history, twice being at the brink of extinction. They always seem to find a way to get back with force, though. Now that Drogon – Daenerys Targaryen’s only surviving dragon is the last dragon alive, fans speculate that it might not be the case. So, did Drogon lay dragon eggs? Could there be more dragons?

While it was neither confirmed nor denied by Martin or the writers of Game of Thrones, there are many ways that more dragons could be out there other than Drogon. In the books, it’s noted that dragons are gender-fluid and can all lay eggs. Plus, who’s to say there aren’t more eggs hidden in the world?

Now, the most popular theory is that Drogon had already laid some eggs in Volantis during Season 5 of Game of Thrones, where he spent most of the season separated from Dany and his brothers. If that’s not the case, there are numerous ways there could be more dragons after him. Let’s dig in and see how.

Is Drogon the last dragon in existence?

Game of Thrones ended with Daenerys (seemingly, almost certainly) dying and Drogon picking up her lifeless body to fly off. Later, it was somewhat confirmed that they traveled to Volantis. At that moment, Rhaegal and Viserion had both already perished, meaning Drogon was the last dragon in existence. But is that really the case?

As far as we know, Drogon is the last living dragon out there. Still, we don’t even know what’s west of Westeros – it had never been explored. 

Also, if dragon eggs can remain dormant for centuries before perfect hatching conditions are achieved – as did the three eggs gifted to Daenerys – who’s to say there aren’t more dragon eggs lying around, hidden somewhere in the vastness of the world? Maybe in the ruins of old Valyria? There’s a theory some might even lie in the crypts below Winterfell.

Nothing is confirmed, though, so we have to assume only what we know – Drogon is the last alive dragon in existence at the end of Game of Thrones. Whether that changes later is unknown, but if you’re judging by the history of Martin’s universe, they might just come back and grow numbers again. 

I mean, they already did that at least twice. They are magical beings, so nothing is off-limits or impossible.


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Are Daenerys’ dragons male or female?

Let’s say there are no more dragon eggs anywhere in the world, and the three dragons hatched by Daenerys are the last of their kind. They are all considered to be male dragons, so that ends any possibility of them potentially having offspring, right? Well, no.

You see, in George R.R. Martin’s books, dragons were described as gender fluid, and it was said by both the historian Septon Barth and Aemon Targaryen that they have the ability to change genders from one another, ‘as changeable as flame.’

So, a dragon can be male, but if there’s a need for a female to breed and reproduce, they can switch genders and gestate eggs. That could be explained by the fact that dragons are magical creatures, but also by the fact that they have almost gone extinct several times and had to repopulate from very small numbers.

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That’s also why dragons (much like the Targaryens) don’t have problems with incestuous interbreeding.

Therefore – despite Rhaegal, Viserion, and Drogon all having male names and being referred to as male, they are neither male nor female, but both (if we were to believe those accounts, as some Maesters like Munkun, Thomas, or Gyldayn disagree with it).

Potentially, evolution and magic have helped them develop this ambiguous ability to reproduce out of very small numbers and repopulate after being on the brink of extinction. Remember, after Old Valyria was destroyed, the Targaryens repopulated the species with only five surviving dragons.


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Could Daenerys have more dragons?

With all that being said, one can’t disregard the possibility of more dragons being hatched, one way or another. Daenerys’ three dragons might be the only ones known to exist at the time, but there are numerous possibilities that they aren’t the last ever. So, could Daenerys have more dragons? If so, how is that possible?

Well, first, we learned that dragons have no problem with incestuous breeding and that they are gender-fluid. So, while Rhaegal and Viserion were trapped under the Great Pyramid of Meereen, who’s to say they weren’t doing the nasty, believing it could be their last days? Maybe there’s a batch of eggs somewhere deep in the catacombs.

Another possibility stems from the same season – Season 5 of Game of Thrones. While Rhaegal and Viserion were trapped in Meereen along with Daenerys, Drogon spent most of the season away on its own, flying over the skies above Volantis – an ancient city once formed by the old folks of Valyria.

Some fans suggested that, during that time, he might have gone somewhere on Volantis to deliver a fresh batch of eggs and hide them in safety. That opens the question, though – how did the eggs get fertilized, and by who?

Well, there’s a huge possibility the answer is – no one. You see, just like some animals can reproduce without mating and self-fertilize through a process called parthenogenesis, it’s possible that Martin’s dragons can do the same. I mean, they are magical creatures who can switch genders at will – why would parthenogenesis – a real thing in nature – be too far-fetched?

Maybe that’s why Drogon eventually picked up Dany’s body to take it to Volantis. You see, perfect conditions are needed for the eggs to hatch, including Valyrian blood. Perhaps he took Daenerys there to use her blood to help hatch his/her eggs? Or maybe the eggs haven’t even been delivered yet? Maybe Drogon was still pregnant at the moment?

If it all just sounds too crazy and too far-fetched to be true – put it all aside. If you do, there are still so many possibilities of more dragons being alive or at least capable of hatching in the future, even if it’s centuries later.


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The guy that gave Dany her eggs claimed they were the last known dragon eggs in existence, found in the Shadowlands. Put the emphasis on ‘last known’ there – there could be more eggs somewhere in the Shadowlands, or perhaps somewhere on Dragonstone, but simply no one found them, and the hatching conditions just aren’t there.

Heck, a batch of dragon eggs can very well be lying in the crypts under Winterfell. It was heavily implied in the texts that Vermax – one of the Targaryen dragons – laid a batch of eggs in Lyana Stark’s tomb – Ned Stark’s sister and Jon Snow’s mother.

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Also, what about the parts of the world that haven’t even been explored yet? Who’s to say there aren’t more dragons – or dragon eggs, at least? I mean, nobody knows what happened to that bastard girl Nettles, who flew into the unknown with her dragon Sheepstealer right in the middle of the Dance of the Dragons.

Finally, the southern continent called Sothoryos is mostly unexplored, and Arya Stark herself said nobody ever knew what lies west of Westeros before embarking on her journey. Perhaps she will find Sheepstealer, or his offspring, somewhere nobody from Westeros had ever been.

In the end, these are all just theories, and nothing has ever been confirmed. Drogon might as well be the last dragon ever, but there’s also a lot of room for new dragons, or at least dragon eggs, that could pop up.

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