Did Soldier Boy Die In The Boys Season 3 Finale? What Happened To Him?

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It was never a secret that Soldier Boy was going to be an important character in season 3 of The Boys, especially with the fact that his backstory and involvement in the larger scheme of things were going to be a huge part of the narrative of this season. However, even after learning that Homelander was his son all along, Soldier Boy still decided to kill him because he didn’t like the man Homelander had become. And this led to an all-out battle in Vought Tower. So, did Soldier Boy die in The Boys season 3 finale?

Soldier Boy survived the events of the season 3 finale. Vought released the information that he had died after Maeve stopped him in the battle in Vought Tower and when his nuclear energy blew up on both of them. However, it was shown near the end that Grace Mallory kept him sedated in a secure location.

The fact that Soldier Boy is incredibly difficult to kill was evident in the fact that he was able to survive his own nuclear energy blast and was actually still alive yet heavily sedated. Of course, considering that Homelander did get his genetics from him, Soldier Boy should be incredibly durable. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened to Soldier Boy in the season 3 finale.

What Happened To Soldier Boy In The Boys Season 3 Finale?

Back in episode 6 of season 3, we were able to see how incredibly powerful Soldier Boy is as he was able to fight Homelander on par and was almost able to kill him when he was about to shoot him with his nuclear energy blast. Nevertheless, Homelander escaped to live to fight another day as it was clear that he and Soldier Boy were going to meet and fight once more.

However, during the events of episode 7, Soldier Boy learned from Mindstorm that he was actually Homelander’s father all along because his semen was used to create the powerful supe in a lab. As such, the circumstances have changed with the introduction of that fact as Soldier Boy became conflicted about killing his own son during the events of the finale.


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After sharing with Butcher his experience with his own father when he was still young, Soldier Boy realized that he needed to kill Homelander because he didn’t like the person that his own biological son had become. He, Butcher, and Queen Maeve invade Vought Tower, where Homelander was waiting for him the entire time. But, even after Homelander introduced Ryan to him, Soldier Boy still decided that he needed to kill his own son because he saw how much of a disappointment he had become.

This led to Butcher and Maeve holding Homelander down as Soldier Boy was about to shoot him with his nuclear blast. Ryan, however, intervened and attacked Soldier Boy, who retaliated by attacking the child. Soldier Boy was about to kill both Homelander and Ryan, and that was what changed the circumstances of the battle on Butcher’s part because he wanted to keep his wife’s son safe.

Soldier Boy and Butcher started battling while Maeve was doing her part to keep Homelander at bay. However, Soldier Boy proved to be too much of a match for Butcher, who got overpowered until the arrival of Starlight. But even the duo of Butcher and Starlight couldn’t defeat the legendary supe. Starlight, however, was able to momentarily incapacitate him in time for her and Kimiko to hold him down while Mother’s Milk used Novichok on him to keep him sedated.

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But before the Russian nerve agent could put him to sleep, Soldier Boy was about to blast his nuclear energy on everyone. That was when Maeve, who was able to incapacitate Homelander long enough, decided to become a hero. She grabbed Soldier Boy and jumped off of Vought Tower as the nuclear blast detonated in the middle of the air and destroyed a portion of the building without killing anyone else.

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After that, Vought released a press statement that informed the public that Queen Maeve sacrificed herself in an effort to defeat and kill a Russian-brainwashed Soldier Boy. And everyone actually went on to believe that Soldier Boy died right then and there.

Did Soldier Boy Die In The Boys Season 3 Finale?

While Soldier Boy was caught in his own nuclear explosion after Maeve grabbed him and threw both of themselves off of Vought Tower, does that mean that Soldier Boy did indeed die as a result of the blast?

It was revealed near the end of The Boys season 3 that Soldier Boy had survived his own nuclear blast. In fact, he was heavily sedated as Grace Mallory was there to supervise the entire process of keeping him asleep and locked in a facility that was seemingly secure and secret.

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In that regard, Soldier Boy was able to survive the blast but was merely unconscious after the Novichok had taken its effect on him. If Maeve was able to survive the nuclear blast, it only follows that Soldier Boy was strong enough to survive the blast as well.


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Then there’s the fact that Soldier Boy was probably enhanced by the Russians to be able to withstand his own nuclear energy blast. We already know for a fact that he is as durable as Homelander, and that means that the blast wouldn’t have killed him. However, he must have also been immune to the effects of the blast such that his powers would still remain even after surviving this. We had seen this when he was basically caught in his own explosion during the events of Herogasm, where numerous supes were left either dead or powerless, but Solider Boy was able to survive unscathed.

Knowing that Soldier Boy was still going to be a threat to the world if ever he was allowed to roam free, Grace Mallory kept him sedated and hidden in secret. In that regard, she was also able to get her revenge on Soldier Boy for being the one responsible for the death of her comrades during the Nicaraguan event in 1984.

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