Digimon ReArise Tier List: Strongest Characters, Ranked

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Digimon ReArise allows players to choose from hundreds of different characters in the game. But, the diversity in characters also makes it tricky to decipher the potential pros and cons of each Digmon. Stick around to find out about the strongest characters in Digimon ReArise with the use of this Tier List to help narrow down the best characters for you.

Digimon ReArise Character Tier List

There are plenty of characters in Digimon ReArise, all of which flaunt their own unique benefits and potential disadvantages to players in the game. At the moment, there are hundreds of characters in the entire game, with all of them being available in the Japanese version and only some of them being available in other regions.

All of the Digimon ReArise characters have been divided into 5 different tiers based on how strong they are in the game. While the placement of these characters is always debatable, the characters in the game generally get placed in different tiers depending o their powers, attributes, levels, and their attacking qualities.

Below is the summarized and most well-believed Tier List for the most notable characters in Digimon ReArise, placed in no particular ranking order:

TierDigimon ReArise Characters
SCreepymon, Chaosmon, Sagittarimon, Opposumon, Rabbitmon, ShineGreymon, Piedmon, Ravemon, Sakuyamon, GranKuwagamon, Machinedramon, Omegamon, Boltmon, Quetzalmon, Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, Magnamon, Swanmon, Susanoomon
ADatamon, Pajiramon, Filmon, Angemon, Phantomon, Ebemon, Lilamon, Infermon, Blue Meramon, Piximon, Crowmon, Rosemon, Beelzemon, Mephistomon, Etemon, LoaderLiomon, Cherrymon, Gigadramon, Meicrackmon, Hippogriffomon
BGuilmon, Lucemon, Solarmon, Wormmon, Gaomon, Tentomon, Hagurumon, Renamon, Chrysalimon, Numemon, Leomon, ExVeemon, Keramon, Salamon, ToyAgumon, Jazamon, Falcomon, Dorumon, BlackGabumon, Hawkmon, Lalamon
CYokomon, Tsunomon, Motimon, Gummymon, Koromon, Wanyamon, Pusurimon, DemiVeemon
DPunimon, Zerimon, Pichimon, Dodomon, Conomon, Jyarimon, Poyomon

However, most Tier classifications are based on player preferences, and they very rarely follow the exact same organization. One may find that they feel a certain character belongs in a different category as a result.

10 Strongest Digimon ReArise Characters (Ranked)

All of the strongest Digimon ReArise characters can be found in the S-Tier, being incredibly overpowered with both high-end damage and special offensive and defensive powers. They have outstanding winning percentages in the game compared to other characters in lower tiers.


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The S-Tier characters can easily blend into just about any team without causing issues or incompatibilities, making them not only tough to go up against but incredibly useful for any player. These are followed by the most prominent members of the A Tier, which can also prove incredibly beneficial throughout the game.

It’s worth noting that many of these characters can be found in other ranking spots in some cases, or perhaps in completely different tiers, but this is all up to speculation and differing gameplay preferences. The current tier listings seem to be quite different in just about every case. We’ve ranked all of the strongest Digimon ReArise characters from strongest to weakest with images thanks to the Digimon Wiki, according to what the vast majority of fans believe to date.

10. Boltmon

Boltmon was created around the same time as Andromon was formed. But, the main difference is that Boltmon actually has emotions and is far more powerful than Andromon.


The main skill is Tomahawk Crunch, while the sub-skill is Burn Attack. Boltmon is a Mega-level Digimon belonging to the Electric Type with the Vaccine Element.

9. GranKuwagamon

GranKuwagamon is an evil Digimon, but he is still incredibly powerful compared to most other characters in the game. This Digimon is the arch nemesis of HerculesKabuterimon, and is described as the Demon of the Deep Forest.


The main skill is Scissor, while the sub-skill is Shout. GranKuwagamon is a Mega-level Digimon belonging to the Plant Type with the Free Element.

8. WarGreymon

WarGreymon has a swift and speedy character with a smart appearance to match, often being compared to Bumblee from Transformers. He has some stellar movement speed in battle, which can allow him to decimate his foes in mere seconds.


The main skill is Terra Force, while the sub-skill is P-Break Prominence. WarGreymon is a Mega-level Digimon belonging to the Fire Type with the Dark Element.


WarGreymon vs. MetalGarurumon: Which Digimon Is More Powerful?

7. Ravemon

Ravemon has some amazing wings similar to Angles, but they are made out of Chrome Digizoid instead of magical compositions. He is pretty strong in Digimon ReArise, and often uses these wings to land some lethal blows on opponents in battle.


The main skill is Celestial Blade, while the sub-skill is Darkness Attack. Ravemon is a Mega-level Digimon belonging to the Wind Type with the Vaccine Element.

6. Machinedramon

Machinedramon is made out of pure metal, making it one of the strongest Digimons in the entire game – at least, physically. He is tough as nails, literally, and can withstand tons of hits with ease.


The main skill is Infinity Canon, while the sub-skill is Paralyze Attack. Machinedramon is a Mega-level Digimon belonging to the Electric Type with the Virus Element.

5. ShineGreymon

ShineGreymon is not the strongest Digimon in the game, but it definitely flaunts some unique and powerful skills. This Digimon makes use of red-hot solar energy to attack and completely obliterate foes and targets with ease – and, he is topped off with some stylish wings as well.


The main skill is GeoGrey Sword, while the sub-skill is R-Charge Spectrum. ShineGreymon is a Mega-level Digimon belonging to the Holy Type with the Vaccine Element.

4. Omegamon

Omegamon, also referred to as Omnimon, is considered one of the most powerful Digimons in the game. It is a member of the Royal Knights and is extremely powerful when put up against the vast majority of other characters in the game.


The main skill used is Transcendent Sword, while the sub-skill is P-Break Spectrum. Omegamon is a Mega-level Digimon belonging to the Holy Type with the Vaccine Element.

3. Imperialdramon Dragon Mode

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode is considered to be one of the most overpowered Digimons in the game. Although it is not technically the strongest, this Digimon belongs to the list of ancient Digimons and has been around much longer than others making it a force to be reckoned with.


The main skill is Positron Laser, while the sub-skill is C-Charge Slash. Imperialdramon Dragon Mode is a Mega-level Digimon belonging to the Water Type with the Vaccine Element.

2. Piedmon

Piedmon is possibly one of the most mysterious characters in the entire game, with a rather odd personality and appearance to match. But, Piedmon is undoubtedly considered one of the strongest characters in the game – possibly the strongest of all in some players’ opinions.


This Digimon is a Wizard that can tear opponents apart without mercy. Its main skill is Trump Sword while its sub-skill is Darkness Attack. Piedmon is a Mega-level Digimon belonging to the Dark Type with the Virus Element.

Piedmon is more of a techy type Digimon character, with the ability to increase his self-pinpoint rate by up to 40%. His main skill enables him to provide 370% damage to 2 enemies at the same time, and he also features some great defensive capabilities.


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This Digimon can also deal 210% damage to 3 enemies using his passive skill, topped with a 50% chance to blind them as well. Players can use Piedmon in the TAC team or the purple team to maximize all of his most notable attributes.

1. Creepymon

Creepymon, also known as Daemon, is probably seen as the most powerful Digimon in the entire game – at least, by most Digimon ReArise players. Creepymon is dark and evil, but it offers some of the most ruthless and powerful attacks in the game – with over enough force to take down tough opponents.

The main skill is Flame Inferno, while the sub-skill is Shout. Creepymon is a Mega-level Digimon belonging to the Dark Type with the Virus Element.


Creepymon is actually a Dark Demon Lord in the game, who is able to make his allies immune to burn and poison attacks during battle. He can provide damage up to 320% to 2 enemies at the same time, coupled with the ability to absorb damage and recover up to 500 HP.

This Digimon also has a passive skill that allows him to protect allies, and he can increase his own power stats from 15% to 75%. This Digimon is the best choice for anyone wanting to create the ultimate purple team since his active and passive skills can really be a game changer in many instances.

What Is The Strongest Digimon In ReArise?

The strongest character in Digimon ReArise has to be a tossup between Creepymon and Piedmon. Both of these characters are incredibly overpowered and can be an extremely valuable asset in any team.

How Do I Get More Digimon In ReArise?

Getting your hands on the best and strongest Digimon characters may feel impossible at times, and it’s definitely not easy. In fact, it can be tricky getting more Digimon in Digimon In ReArise at all. But, there are ways to get more characters in if you just keep grinding the game.


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Players will get 11 Digimon within the main tutorial summon, after which you’ll need to start acquiring more through rubies. Spend the rubies in the Summon Menu, then step-up summon and obtain more Digimons.

This sort of system means that you’ll need to get as many rubies as possible to get more Digimon in the game. Try out the following tips for acquiring more rubies in the game and progressing with more Digimon characters:

  1. Continue with the main story: Players will not only receive some awesome loot and experience points, but players will receive rubies for each chapter that they complete with a 3-star rating across all stages.
  2. Complete Daily Missions: There will be a set amount of fairly simple missions that players can complete every day. Completing these missions will reward rubies, which will add up to more summons over time.
  3. Complete Challenge Missions: New Digimons generally get released with Challenge Missions. Completing Challenge Missions will reward players with rubies.
  4. Start Your Own Raids: Players can spend stamina to start their own raid, which will reward a certain amount of rubies after each raid is completed. While this can be done solo, players are not restricted to completing the raid on their own.
  5. PvP: Players can be rewarded with rubies if they work hard to get great rankings in PvP. Players can still earn a reasonable number of rubies each week without spending real-world money on stamina for PvP.

Check out the video guide below by BonzaiBill to find out more on how to get more rubies for summoning Digimon in the game:

How Do You Reroll In Digimon ReArise?

There are some instances in the game where it would be more suitable to reroll. If players have the time and patience, it would be more worthwhile waiting for the right moment since it may offer a better chance of getting better things in the game – otherwise, rerolling may not be worthwhile.


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Rerolling is pretty easy to do, as long as players reset the game and start over. Players will need to go through the tutorial section again – but, this may stand the chance of getting better characters from the 10+1 summon for beginners.

Follow the steps below to reroll in Digimon ReArise on Android:

  • In order to reroll on an Android device, you will have to head over to the Settings menu (the cog or gear icon)
  • Select the Apps option (you will have to view the complete list of Apps on your device)
  • Select DigimonReA (or however the game appears on your device – it may be listed as DigimonReArise)
  • Select Storage (or App Details / Data, depending on how it appears on your device) ‘
  • Navigate to Data, and then select Clear Data. Do not select Clear Cache data.

Follow the steps below to reroll in Digimon ReArise on iOS:

  • The rerolling here is slightly easier, as all you have to do is Uninstall the app and then Reinstall it again, following the same steps as the first time.
  • Players could theoretically reroll on an Android device and then select to transfer the account onto their iOS device, but this method is typically way more time-consuming.

Check out the video guide below by BonzaiBill to find out more on exactly how to reroll in Digimon ReArise:

Although some Digimon ReArise characters are far stronger than others, they all have their pros and cons. Choosing your characters in Digimon ReArise can still be up for debate based on gameplay preferences, but you’ll definitely be on your way to forming the ultimate team using the characters on this list.

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