‘Disenchanted’ Ending Explained: Will Giselle Become an Evil Stepmother?


Welcome to the Ending Explained for Disenchanted, the newest Disney film to arrive on its own streaming service, Disney Plus. The film is a direct sequel to the 2007 film, Enchanted. It brings most of the original cast back and also includes new characters to inject new life into the musical. The film is directed by Adam Shankman and tells the story of Giselle after her Happily Ever After from the first film. It seems that in 15 years, a lot has changed, and not always for the better.

Disenchanted, like most Disney projects, both on the big and little screens, is a product made to appeal to the nostalgia factor people have been loving in their content for the past two decades. However, nostalgia is not always the best, and even with Amy Adams committing to her role 100%, the film feels like it is arriving a bit too late to the platform. The script is weak, the songs are not memorable, and only the real hardcore fans of the original might love this film truly, even with all of its flaws.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Disenchanted. Read at your own risk.

How Is The Live Of Giselle 15 Years Later?

The movie begins with a short recap of the first movie. We see how Giselle comes from the kingdom of Andalasia, a place filled with magic and where everyone sings their worries and issues to find a solution. There, the young Giselle was waiting for her Blue Prince to give her a real love kiss. However, as she fell in love with the prince of the land, Edward, an evil witch threw her through a portal that sent her to New York City, where she found the true love of her life, Robert.

15 years have passed since that moment, and Morgan, Robert’s daughter, is now a full-on teenager, while Robert and Giselle are the parents of a new, beautiful baby girl named Sophia. It is clear from the first moment that Morgan might feel a bit displaced by the new baby. Which is normal, but their parents are not recognizing the signs and blame it on her being a teenager because being distant is just what teenagers do. There is no reason for it. They are wrong, of course.

Giselle looks for a change that might help her family, and she is also very tired of the city. So, she and her family move to the suburbs, which is also very normal once a family starts growing. However, Morgan doesn’t want to leave, she doesn’t want to leave her school and friends behind, but Giselle forces her, and Morgan just accepts it. Robert is not so sure either, but if this makes Giselle happy, he will give it a try. They move to a place called Monroeville, which seems to be the perfect neighborhood. There they meet Malvina Monroe, a descendant of the town’s founders.

The family receives a visit from the now King Edward and Queen Nancy. They have come to congratulate Robert and Giselle on their new home and to bring a gift to their goddaughter, Sophia. The gift is a powerful magic item known as the wishing wand. With it, Sophia will be able to make a wish when she comes of age. Meanwhile, the relationship between Giselle and Morgan becomes more and more strained, to the point that Giselle makes an embarrassing number in front of the school, and Morgan doesn’t know how to deal with her mother anymore. Morgan is so angry that she calls Giselle, her stepmother.

Will Giselle Become An Evil Stepmother?

Giselle sees that her family is falling apart, and she feels that the magic of her home is abandoning her. She cannot sing the right song anymore, and her marvelous cupcakes don’t fix things as they used to. Something is wrong, and she is going to fix it. She is also gravely impacted by Morgan saying she is not her mother, but her stepmother. Stepmothers are always evil in fairy tales, and Giselle suspects she might be transforming into one. So, in a desperate move, she takes Sophia’s wishing wand and wishes for her neighborhood to be a perfect magic kingdom, just like Andalasia.

However, when turning his normal neighborhood into a magical one, Giselle seemed to have forgotten about the evil things that come with magic. You see, when Monroeville became magical, Malvina also transformed into her most logical form, an evil queen. She knows that Giselle has done something, but she doesn’t know what. She suspects it has to be something related to Sophia’s wand, so she sends her underlings to get it. Meanwhile, the town’s transformation seems to also have sped up Giselle’s transformation into an evil stepmother.

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Morgan goes to town, and she starts becoming the protagonist of a fairy tale and catches the attention of Malvina’s son, Tyson, who would be a prince in this town. The wand gets stolen by Malvina’s minions, but Giselle’s cats manage to steal it back. All in time for the big party organized by Malvina. However, Giselle seems to have fallen completely to her evil side. Morgan manages to escape with Tyson as their love is pure, but Giselle, with wand in hand, battles Malvina to the death.

The memories of raising Morgan snap Giselle out of her evilness, but Malvina gets hold of the wand and destroys it. However, Giselle teaches Morgan magic cannot be broken and that she is her true daughter and a true citizen of Andalasia, so she can also use magic. Morgan makes a wish and turns everything back to normal. The family has now joined and, has fixed their differences, getting ready to start a new life in the small town, but this time using only the magic that comes from the heart.