Disney Characters that Start with L: All 55 Names

Disney Characters that Start with L

Disney and Pixar movies have always been great company for children and adults of all ages, with their beautiful stories and interesting protagonists. We still remember the ones we saw when we were little and like to remind ourselves of them. A great way to know who was where and what was going on in the movie is to make a list of characters. This is a list of Disney characters that start with the letter L.

Lady (Lady and the Tramp)

Lady Lady and the Tramp e1657952446420

Lady is Jim Dear and Darling’s beige pet cocker spaniel with dark brown eyes and brown eyes. She falls in love with a street mutt Tramp and discovers a completely different life from the one she led until then. Lady is timid and naive but likes to be in the company of those she likes.

Lizzy (Meet the Robinsons)

Lizzy Meet the Robinsons

Lizzy is one of the participants in the Science Fair and the antagonist of the video game Meet the Robinsons. She is dark and gloomy and often speaks in a monotone voice to her fellow students and is not interested in their work.

Lafayette (The Aristocats)

Lafayette The Aristocats

Lafayette is a Basset Hound and, just like his friend Napoleon, a stray dog that lives in an abandoned mill in the French countryside. His only hobby is to take care that anyone on wheels that comes to their territory is chased away.

Lorenzo (Luca)

Lorenzo Luca

Lorenzo Pagura is a sea monster and Luca’s father. In a monster form, he has green skin with scales and brown eyes with oval pupils. In his human form, Lorenzo has brown eyes and hair and fair skin.

Lalo (Ratatouille)

Lalo Ratatouille

Lalo is an African saucer chef at Gusteau’s. Before he became a saucier he ran away from home at 12 to join a circus troupe as an acrobat but was fired for messing around with the ringmaster’s daughter.

Lotso (Toy Story 3)

Lotso Toy Story 3

Lotso is a huge, pink strawberry-scented bear who used to rule Sunnyside Daycare in an evil and dictatorship-like manner, treating its residents like minions in a prison. At first, he seems kind and caring and interested in others, but very soon it turned out he is dark, sadistic and someone to be very afraid of.

Lampwick (Pinocchio)

Lampwick Pinocchio

Lampwick is a tough, slightly older boy who becomes friends with Pinocchio on their way to Pleasure Island. He is open-minded and loud, opposing any kinds of authorities and enjoying forbidden things, such as drinking and vandalising. He is a complete delinquent but every now and then shows his soft side.

King Louie (The Jungle Book)

King Louie The Jungle Book

King Louie is the ruler of the Ancient Ruins who got tired of his simian lifestyle and wants to find the secret of man’s “red flower” to fulfil his dreams of becoming a human. He lives by his orders and laws in his palace, enjoying his lavish lifestyle full of good swing music and dance.

Chef Louis (The Little Mermaid)

Chef Louis The Little Mermaid

Chef Louis is a chef at Prince Eric’s who loves to season food to a great, almost unhealthy extent. He speaks with a French accent and is Sebastian’s greatest enemy, always trying to cook him. 

Larousse (Ratatouille)

Larousse Ratatouille

Larousse is Gasteau’s chef-garde manager who is first seen introducing Alfredo Linguini to Chef Skinner. He quits his job at the end of the movie when Linguini introduces Remy to everyone.

Louis (The Princess and the Frog)

Louis The Princess and the Frog

Louie is a trumpet-playing alligator who dreams of becoming a jazz musician. He is large and overweight with olive-green scales and dark green spines. He is a good-hearted giant with a big heart, the complete opposite of his ferocious outside.

Luca (Luca)

Luca Luca

Luca Paguro is a sea monster who is encouraged to venture into the surface and escapes with his new friend to the new town of Portorosso. In human form, he is slender, with brown eyes and wavy, brown hair.


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In the beginning, he was pretty shy and timid, but later on developed into an open, friendly character, who remained curious and imaginative. 

Laverne (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Laverne The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Lavern is one of three gargoyles, Quasimodo’s friend and a motherly figure who always encourages him to do what he feels to be right.

Laurel Lightfoot (Onward)

Laurel Lightfoot Onward

Laurel is an elf, Ian and Barley’s mother and Wilden Lightfoot’s widow. She is pretty plump, with short blue hair, dark brown eyes and glasses. She is a warm and caring mother who would do and risk everything for her two boys.

Lucifer (Cinderella)

Lucifer Cinderella

Lucifer is Tremaine’s family black cat, a wicked and sly creature who constantly torments Cinderella’s bloodhound Bruno. He is obese with black fur covering the majority of his body. He is very intelligent and cunning, spoiled, pompous and gluttonous.

Lawrence (The Princess and the Frog)

Lawrence The Princess and the Frog

Lawrence was Prince Naveen’s royal valet who betrayed him after years of disrespect and humiliation. He allied himself with the evil Dr Facilier to seek revenge. Lawrence is not a typical villain, but an unsatisfied man who was forced into villainy out of bad behaviour towards him throughout his whole life.

Lucius Best (The Incredibles)

Lucius Best The Incredibles

Lucius Best, also known as Frozone is Mr Incredible’s best friend and close ally. He is pretty cool and with strong morals, always there to help his friends. 

LeFou (Beauty and the Beast)

LeFou Beauty and the Beast

LeFou is Gaston’s sleazy, loyal, clumsy sidekick, a short, slightly obese man with fair skin and a large pink nose. He is not dumb at all but is portrayed as somewhat distracted and clumsy, always in the shadow of the evil Gaston.

Lucky (101 Dalmatians)

Lucky 101 Dalmatians

Lucky is one of the most famous pups from Pongo and Perdita’s litter, named for the horseshoe pattern of spots on his back. He is also the “runt” in his parents’ litter. He is sweet and playful, but a bit timid and gets tired easily. He is closest to his brother Patch who is his complete opposite.

Lefty (Meet the Robinsons)

Lefty Meet the Robinsons e1657954164830

Lefty is a one-eyed purple octopus who works as Robinsons’ butler and lives without water. He doesn’t like to be thought of as a monster.

Lucky Jack (Home On the Range)

Lucky Jack Home On the Range

Lucky Jack is a careless rabbit who likes to help others. He is a cook, shaman, bottle washer and Maggie’s sidekick. He is also very laid-back, but unfortunately not as lucky as his name says, being a victim of some misfortunes.

Lucy (101 Dalmatians)

Lucy 101 Dalmatians

Lucy is a goose who lives at Withermarsch with her friend, a bloodhound named Towser. She is very concerned for the puppies and only wishes for them to be safe.

Lewis (Meet the Robinsons)

Lewis Meet the Robinsons

Lewis is an extremely intelligent 12-year-old boy who loves to invent and is good-natured. When he grows up, he becomes head of Robinsons Industries. He doesn’t like failures and broken promises and especially being rejected and doubted. He has ginger hair, blue eyes and wears glasses.

Libba Gardner (Soul)

Libba Gardner Soul

Libba is Joe Gardner’s mother, a tailor who lives in New York City. She adores her job, loves sewing and would do everything for her family. She is a loving mother, full of faith in her son but still doesn’t understand why he wants to pursue his musical career, instead of getting a better-paid and more secure job.

Luigi (Cars)

Luigi Cars

Luigi is a yellow Italian 1959 Fiat 500 who runs his own tire shop and is Guido’s best friend and boss. He is crazy about racing and adores Italian Ferraris. He brings a certain Italian Flair to his sleepy town of Radiator Springs. 

Luisa Rivera (Coco)

Luisa Rivera Coco

Luisa is Miguels’ mother, a good woman and a considerate and caring mother. She is pregnant with her second child for the majority of the movie.


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She loves music and is sad because of the ban on music in her family.

Libby (The Good Dinosaur)

Libby The Good Dinosaur

Libby is Arlo’s older sister and Buck’s town sister and the only girl in the family. She is green and has a long neck, likes to make pranks with her brother and dislikes doing chores.

Luisa Madrigal (Encanto)

Luisa Madrigal Encanto

Luisa is Isabela’s younger and Mirabel’s older sister, a bodybuilder often described as a “rock” of the family. Her gift is to perform jobs others can’t do. She is 19 years old, muscular, tall, with brown hair tied in a bun. She is the strongest and most reliable person in the family.

Lightning McQueen (Cars)

Lightning McQueen Cars

Lightning McQueen is a talented and confident car racer who is determined to win his first race in the Piston Cup. In the beginning, he was an arrogant, selfish and cocky racer who changed when he arrived in the sweet town of Radiator Falls where he met his best friends and realised there is a world outside the racing arena.

Lilo (Lilo & Stitch)

Lilo Lilo Stitch

Lilo Pelekai is a small orphaned Hawaiian girl who lives on the island of Kauai with her older sister Nani. She is sic years old, has long black hair and brown eyes. She is a special little girl, highly eccentric and has alienated herself from other children after her parents’ death. She is sensitive, and emotional and often cries when she gets hurt.

Luke (The Rescuers)

Luke The Rescuers e1658000193591

Luke is a muskrat and one of the Swamp Folks who lives in the Devil’s Bayou where he spends time with Ellie Mae and carries his jug of moonshine around. He likes to rest and sleep and can often be seen in his hammock. 

Lulubelle (Fun and Fancy Free)

Lulubelle Fun and Fancy Free

Lulubelle is a forest bear who resides in the forest and is Bongo’s big love interest. 

Linguini (Ratatouille)

Linguini Ratatouille

Linguini is the son and heir of the great chef Auguste Gusteau, a bumbling, but a kind young man who works as a garbage boy in his father’s restaurant. At the beginning of the movie, he is rather clumsy and insecure but by the end, he starts to believe in himself.

Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast)

Lumiere Beauty and the Beast

Lumiere is a talkative and friendly candelabra, the castle’s maitre’d, a charismatic and rebellious individual who loves his master and colleagues who were turned into house ornaments by a mysterious enchantress. He plays a big role in the movie, helping save his master from the ugly curse and possible destiny.

Lucille (Meet the Robinsons)

Lucille Meet the Robinsons

Lucille is a scientist and the matriarch of the Robinson family, known for being very caring of her family and celebrating the future’s motto of “keep moving forward”. She has always been interested in science and besides that, she also loves baking cooking and dancing. 

Mr Litwak (Wreck-It Ralph)

Mr Litwak Wreck It Ralph

Mr Litwak is the owner of the arcade where all the games from the movie can be found. He is an older man with receding light brown hair, moustache, blue eyes and glasses. 

Little John (Robin Hood)

Little John Robin Hood

Little John is Robin Hood’s loyal sidekick and best friend. He is a big bear who appears to be more cautious than Robin and often reminds him of the possible consequences of his plans. He is a laid-back bandit, talented with disguises.

Lyle Rourke (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

Lyle Rourke Atlantis The Lost Empire

Lyle Rourke is at the beginning a reliable and praiseworthy commander of a previous mission to Iceland, able to lead his man successfully, but in the end, he proved to be a highly manipulative, ruthless and sadistic mercenary.

Lizzie (Cars)

Lizzie Cars

Lizzie is the widow of Stanley, the founder of Radiator Springs. She is an entirely black Ford Sedan with a headlight with a grey tint. She is the owner of Radiator Springs Curios shop and is one of the town’s oldest residents.

Larry (Zootopia)

Larry Zootopia

Larry is a male wolf and a security guard at Cliffside Asylum. He is tall, with a grey coat and ice blue eyes. 

Lawrence Fletcher (Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe)

Lawrence Fletcher Phineas and Ferb The Movie

Lawrence is Herb’s biological father and Phineas and Candace’s step-father who is interested in history, cultures and ancient events. She loves to read about old movies, English history and rock music, as well.


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He works as a historian and an antique and is portrayed as absent-minded, easygoing and imaginative. 

Leadbottom (Planes)

Leadbottom Planes

Leadbottom is an old biplane, always full of work and never has time for Dusty’s fancy flights. He is grumpy and always complaining and spends his days working, b+never having time for fun or rest. 

Leland Turbo (Cars 2)

Leland Turbo Cars 2

Leland is a member of British Intelligence and the only secret agent whose gadgets are not seen. He is adventurous, brave and never runs away from danger.

Lenny (Toy Story)

Lenny Toy Story

Lenny is a small, blue binocular wind-up toy with orange feet. He uses his binoculars in various situations and often reports on different sights when he also becomes pretty talkative.

Lily (Turning Red)

Lily Turning Red

Lily is one of Mei’s aunties, the most talkative and doubtful at times and tends to complain. She has a round head and a slim body, brownish-black hair and deep brown eyes.  In her panda form, she is red coloured, with deeper red and white markings on her, deep brown eyes and a round head. 

Loco (A Bug’s Life)

Loco A Bugs Life

Loco, together with his mate Axle, was a member of Hopper’s gang. He is short and one of his antennas is cut in half.

Lon (Pocahontas)

Lon Pocahontas

Lon is one of the settlers that travel to the New World with the Virginia Company, with red hair, a beard and a moustache. He can be insecure at times, but is a friendly man, loyal to John Silver and enjoys wine and singing.

Longbourne (Treasure Planet)

Longbourne Treasure Planet

Longbourne is one of the pirates in John Silver’s crew, a grey eel with a purple spine, guilty of various crimes, such as assault, kidnapping and theft, among many others.

Louie (Bolt)

Louie Bolt

Louie is a dusty brown pigeon with a dark brown neck, timid, but daring and portrayed like other pigeons, pretty dumb, but capable of making a few good decisions.

Lyria (Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure)

Lyria Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

Lyria is the best story-telling fairy in Pixie Hollow who tells magical tales at Fairy Tale Theatre.


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She brings them to life by creating moving illustrations out of pixie dust. She is beautiful, with long brown curly hair and green eyes. 

Lanky Schmidt (Monsters Inc.)

Lanky Scmidt Monsters Inc.

Nick “Lanky” Schmidt is a magenta-coloured monster with a small head and long arms and legs. He is tall and skinny and that’s where he gets his nickname from. He is one of the scarers at Monsters Inc and according to the scare card, a very tall monster.

Lady Kluck (Robin Hood)

Lady Kluck Robin Hood

Lady Kluck is Maid Marian’s lady-in-waiting, a very energetic and temperamental young woman who speaks with a distinct Scottish accent. She is very loyal to Marian, being her good friend and confidant who advises her on her love for Robin Hood.

Librarian (Monster University)

Librarian Monster University

The librarian is an elderly female monster who works at the Monster University school library and is similar to a grey cephalopod monster with eight tentacles and grey hair. In the beginning, she appears as a small good lady, but she turns out to be a giant about the same size as the library.

Lost Boys (Peter Pan)

Lost Boys Peter Pan e1658006778147

Lost Boys are a group of small and young boys led by Peter Pan in Neverland. As the name suggests, their group consists only of boys and the members are Slightly, NIbs, Tootles, Cubby and The Twins. They are playful, adventurous, sometimes mischievous and loyal to their leader Peter.

Lucky (Jungle Book 2)

Lucky Jungle Book 2

Lucky is a vulture with a Cockney accent, an extremely hyperactive, wild and crazy bird who always laughs at his own jokes. He also enjoys teasing Shere Khan, making all kinds of jokes and laughing his heart out.

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