All 18 Disney Characters that Start with “I” (with Images)

Disney Characters that Start with I

It is always nice to remind ourselves of the most beloved and unforgettable Disney and Pixar characters, the supporting and main protagonists who we enjoyed watching as children but also love seeing on screen nowadays. One of the best ways to do that is to order them by the first letter of their name and this is the list of Disney characters that start with “I”.

Iago (Aladdin)

Iago Aladdin

Iago is a talkative, sarcastic, and loud-mouthed parrot with a short temper that served as Jafar’s sidekick during the attempt to rule Agrabah in Aladdin. He is obsessed with money and wealth and most of his villainous deeds are motivated by that.

Ichabod (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad)

Ichabod The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad

Ichabod is a schoolteacher and schoolmaster who loves books, food, women, money, singing, and teaching his students. He is considered strange in his village since he enjoys reading but is still admired by others, especially women. 

Ian Lightfoot (Onward)

Ian Lightfoot Onward

Ian is a kind and caring elf who doesn’t know who his father is and due to that fact he developed an awkward personality where he was afraid to try almost anything. He likes spending time with his mother and brother and listening to stories about his father, he adores cakes and enjoys magic.

Imelda Rivera (Coco)

Imelda Rivera Coco

Imelda is the former matriarch of the Rivery family who is now a spirit in the Land of the Dead where human souls go after their death. She left a ban on music in her family and her grandson Miguel is the one who needs to find out the secret behind it. She is firm and strict, but always puts her family first and would do anything to help them.

Isabella (Encanto)

Isabella Encanto

Isabella from Encanto is Agustin and Julieta Madriagal’s eldest daughter and the golden child of their family whose gift is the power to conjure beautiful flowers and plants. She is a beautiful 21-year-old woman with dark skin, hazel eyes, and long shiny black hair. She is graceful, elegant, and “perfect” from inside and out, as seen by everyone.

Iduna (Frozen)

Iduna Frozen

Iduna from Frozen is Ana and Elsa’s mother, a former member of Northuldra, and former Queen of Arendelle. She was a beloved ruler and a caring and loving mother to her two daughters. She is beautiful, with brown hair, blue eyes and has a wonderful voice.


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Izzy Hawthorne (Lightyear)

Izzy Hawthorne Lightyear

Izzy is Alisha’s granddaughter eighty-nine years later in the future who leads the Junior Zap Patrol. She is a young Afroamerican woman who resembles her grandmother a lot. She loves adventure and fun and being a Space Ranger.

Improv Club Monster (Monster University)

Improv Club Monster Monster University

Improv Club Monster is a big fluffy monster who meets Mike and wants to invite him to join the improv club but fails to improvise a line.

Indian Chief (Peter Pan)

Indian Chief Peter Pan

Indian Chief is Tiger Lily’s father and the leader of the Neverland Indian Tribe in Peter Pan. He is good, kind, and sweet but can be pretty intimidating, especially when his daughter is in danger.


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He is often stern and has never been seen smiling.

Ian (The Princess and the Frog)

Ian The Princess and the Frog

Ian the Gator is a sadistic alligator and the leader of an alligator congregation in Louisiana Bayou. His biggest wish is to eat Tiana and Naveen alive. 

Inger (Atlantis: Milo’s Return)

Inger Atlantis Milos Return

Inger runs an inn in a Cliffside village in Norway where she lives with her baby. She was the one who told Milo and his friends about Edgar Vulgud’s deal with the Kraken. She is a tall and slender woman with long blonder hair. 

Innoko (Brother Bear 2)

Innoko Brother Bear 2

Innoko is a female Inut human and a shawoman of Chilkoot’s tribe, a short and stout woman with black hair and bronze skin. She is playful and always has a great remark to everyone’s comments. She is caring and kind but can sometimes be a bit distracted.

Ipi (Kronk’s New Groove)

Ipi Kronks New Groove

Ipi is a calm old man who lives in Pacha’s village and always plays checkers by the hill. He is a skinny bald man and a typical old man and a friend with everyone in the village.

Iridessa (Tinker Bell)

Iridessa Tinker Bell

Iridessa from Tinker Bell is a perky light fairy in Pixie Hollow, full of energy and spark, with tan skin, short dark hair, and brown eyes. She tends to get worrisome and even panic when she senses danger. She is kind and friendly but surrounded by many reckless friends so it is not too weird that she constantly worries. 

Isabella (Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe)

Isabella Phineas and Ferb The Movie

Isabella is Phineas and Ferb’s good friend and across-the-street neighbour. She is the leader of Fireside Girls Troop 46231 and often volunteers in Big Ideas. She has a crush on Phineas but never tells him. She has straight black hair with, an oval-shaped head and navy blue eyes. She is sweet and optimistic, caring and kind, and very loveable.

Ishani (Planes)

Ishani Planes

Ishani is a great racer, strong, spirited and talented, easy-going, but ruthless in the skies, always focused on winning. She is Dusty Crophopper’s love interest, always nice to him and also likes him a lot.

Ivan (Cars 2)

Ivan Cars 2

Ivan is a blue tow truck who works for Victor Hugo and his personal transportation, towing him from place to place.


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He also works as a bodyguard and shares almost the same car model as Mater. 

Ivy (Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast)

Ivy Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

Ivy is a garden-talent fairy who lives in Pixie Hollow. She is very emotional and cries all the time, even over the most insignificant things. She is Fern and Lilac’s best friend.

And that’s it. All Disney characters start with “I”. Hope you enjoyed this list!

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