Is Ragnar In Vikings: Valhalla? (Or Other Vikings Characters)


Vikings: Valhalla is set to release on Netflix, as we are about to see the latest story in the history of the Vikings. But while Valhalla is a new series that has connections with the original one, the first Vikings series is still pretty much one of the favorites among different fans all over the world as they have fallen for its characters. With that said, is Ragnar or any of the other Vikings characters in Vikings: Valhalla?

Set 100 years after the original Vikings series, Vikings: Valhalla will not be featuring any of the other characters that we saw during the first series because they are most likely deceased by this point in time. Meanwhile, Ragnar himself died during the events of the original Vikings series.

It is interesting to note that, as much as we love the characters of the original Vikings series, they are not going to appear in Vikings: Valhalla because of how different their timelines are. As such, the new series will feature new sets of characters that were also pulled out from the pages of history books. That said, we are here to talk more about the original Vikings characters and their chances of appearing in Vikings: Valhalla.

Is Ragnar In Vikings: Valhalla?

The moment the original Vikings series premiered, it wasn’t a secret that Ragnar was the star of the show, as he was portrayed as an ambitious Viking that ended up becoming one of the most powerful persons among all of the Vikings. Due to his success as a raider and his strategic moves, he was able to rise as the Norse king.

While Ragnar may have been the star of Vikings, he will not be appearing in Vikings: Valhalla. And it’s not only because Vikings: Valhalla is set a century after the events of Vikings but also because Ragnar had already died during the events of the original series.

Ragnar Lothbrok died all the way back in season 4 of Vikings, as the Norse king was executed in a way that’s similar to how he was killed in real life. He was left to die in a pit of venomous snakes as his death opened up the conflicts between his sons and the different stories they needed to take to grow on their own.

As such, due to the fact that Ragnar had already died in the events of the original Vikings series, there is no way he will be returning in Vikings: Valhalla. Nevertheless, he will still return in one form or another because Ragnar is already revered as a mythical figure during the events of Valhalla. His story will be told as some sort of a legend during the events of Vikings: Valhalla, and that means that he is now in the history books of the Vikings in that series.

Is Lagertha In Vikings: Valhalla?

Lagertha was one of the first characters introduced during the events of Vikings. She started out as the wife of Ragnar but ended up becoming bigger than just a mere wife. Lagertha had moments of her own because she was also a fierce fighter and a great leader. In that regard, she became a favorite among fans.

However, Lagertha will not be returning in Vikings: Valhalla not only because the new series takes place a century later but also because she had already been killed off during the events of season 6 of Vikings. As such, there is no way for her to return in the events of Vikings: Valhalla.

Is Rollo In Vikings: Valhalla?

Rollo is also one of the main supporting characters of the original Vikings show, as he went on to become a noble in Frankia. However, during the events of season 5, he went back to Frankia and his wife. He was never seen in the final season after that.

As such, we don’t know the fate of Rollo and whether or not he died during the events of the final season. But what we do know is that the real Rollo of Normandy was able to live a full life until the age of 70 and died in 930. 

Considering that the events of Vikings: Valhalla happen during the 11th century, there is no way that Rollo will be making an appearance in the series. 

Is Floki In Vikings: Valhalla?

Floki is the very personification of the trickster god Loki during the original Vikings series. He became one of the most popular characters throughout the original Vikings, as he seemed like a polarizing figure that you would either love or hate.


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At the end of the series, Floki managed to stay alive and was one of the few main characters that made it all the way to the final episode, even though he was introduced in season 1. But the fact that Vikings: Valhalla takes place a hundred years later means that there is no way for Floki to still be alive by then.

Is Bjorn Lothbrok In Vikings: Valhalla?

Bjorn Lothbrok is the son of Ragnar Lothbrok and Lagertha. He became a fan favorite as well because he grew up to be bigger and stronger than his own father. Bjorn also went on to engage in conflicts with his brothers, particularly Ivar the Boneless. But is Bjorn going to be in Vikings: Valhalla?

It is worthy to note that Bjorn never made it out of the original series. He was killed in the events of Vikings after he was stabbed by Ivar. He didn’t die outright, but Bjorn ended up dying due to the wounds he suffered from getting stabbed by a sword by his own brother.

Is Ivar In Vikings: Valhalla?

Ivar the Boneless was also one of the most polarizing characters in Vikings ever since his introduction. That’s because he has a chip on his shoulder and is seemingly ready to do anything just to prove that he was as capable as the rest of his brothers.

However, just like Bjorn, Ivar never made it out of season 6 of Vikings. He was killed by a nervous Saxon soldier in battle as Ivar was left dying in the hands of his brother Hvitserk. As such, he won’t be returning to Valhalla but will return as one of the mythical figures that the Vikings look up to.

Is Ubbe In Vikings: Valhalla?

Ubbe is another one of Ragnar’s sons. He played a prominent role after Ragnar’s death, as he was one of those who continued to grow on his own even after the death of his father. However, unlike his other brothers, Ubbe went on to survive the events of Vikings.

Despite the fact that Ubbe survived up to the end of Vikings, there can be no way he will appear in Vikings: Valhalla because of the huge time gap between the two events. As such, he might have died sometime between season 6 of Vikings and the beginning of Vikings: Valhalla.

Is Hvitserk In Vikings: Valhalla?

Hvitserk is the second son of Ragnar to his second wife, Aslaug. He also played a prominent. Role in the original Vikings series, especially after his father’s death. He was also there when Ivar died in his arms. However, Hvitserk doesn’t die like his brother.

Instead, he was captured by the Saxons and was forced to renounce his religion so that his life would be spared. The real-life Hvitserg died at the hands of his fellow Vikings in Northern Ireland after ruling as the king of Dublin.

Considering that Hvitserg died somewhere between the events of Vikings and Vikings: Valhalla, he also won’t be making an appearance in the sequel series that’s set a hundred years after the original show.

Is King Harald Finehair In Vikings: Valhalla?

King Harald Finehair was also a prominent figure during the events of Vikings as he looked to become the first king of all of Norway. He was introduced in season 4 and made it all the way to season 6 as one of the main characters.


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However, he was killed by Bishop Aldulf during the events of season 6 of Vikings. That means that he won’t be appearing in the events of Vikings: Valhalla, considering that he had already met his death in the final season of the original series.

Is Athelstan In Vikings: Valhalla?

Athelstan played a huge role during the first few seasons of Vikings, as he went on to befriend Ragnar, even though he may have been a Christian monk. But being a Christian monk made him a target of the more traditional Floki, who killed him during the events of season 3 of Vikings.

Considering that Athelstan died at the halfway point of the original Vikings series, he will not appear in the events of Vikings: Valhalla, which will take place after the events of the first Vikings series.

Is Aethelwulf In Vikings: Valhalla?

Aethelwulf, who was the king of Wessex in real life and in the series, was a prominent character from season 2 to season 5. However, in season 5, he died an unceremonious death when he was stung by a bee. His allergic reaction to the sting eventually killed him.

Due to the fact that he died in season 5, Aethelwulf will not be appearing in the upcoming Vikings: Valhalla series.

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