Does All Might Die in My Hero Academia? (& Who Will Kill Him?)

Does All Might Die in My Hero Academia? (& Who Will Kill Him?)

Toshinori Yagi, better known as the superhero All Might, is one of My Hero Academia‘s trademark characters. Despite being a supporting character in the proper sense of the word, All Might is a character that has certainly left his mark on the story of My Hero Academia. Now, while he is the most powerful superhero known in the universe of My Hero Academia, his death has been foreshadowed in the series, and in this article, we are going to discuss whether that is actually going to happen.

Sir Nighteye is a character who has predicted All Might’s death at the hands of a still unidentified villain and in a very gruesome manner. Now, Sir Nighteye’s predictions are not true in every case, so this might be misleading; still, there are several pointers which actually hint to All Might dying at one point in the manga, but that has not happened yet.

In the remainder of this article, we are going to discuss the future of All Might in the My Hero Academia manga and anime. You are going to find out whether he is actually going to die, i.e., what hints we have that his death is (not) going to happen in the series. We are also going to speculate on some other questions related to this main issue.

Will All Might die in My Hero Academia?

Toshinori Yagi, better known as All Might, is the former number one hero and the eighth user of the One For All Quirk. He is also a teacher at the U.A. Academy for heroes. After fighting All For One, he used up every last one of One For All’s remaining embers completely, thus All Might retired from crime fighting, thus ending his era.

All Might is an exceptionally important character for the world of My Hero Academia, as we have said. The guy actually managed to defeat the strongest supervillain in the history of the franchise, and he did it all by himself. But, this, as we have explained, drained his Quirk so much that he had to retire in a state of failing health.

During the Shie Hassaikai Arc, we found out a lot of the details surrounding All Might’s retirement, as he decided to tell Midoriya the whole story behind that event. Namely, as it turns out, All Might’s former superhero partner, the clairvoyant Sir Nighteye, made a prediction about All Might that caused Izuku to demand a proper explanation from his idol.


Izuku had asked Gran Torino if he could take him under his wing but Gran Torino refuses and recommends All Might’s former sidekick, Sir Nighteye. Izuku goes to see All Might in the staff room and asks him to introduce him to Sir Nighteye but All Might refuses to help Izuku and tells him that there are three reasons for his decision: firstly, he does not think that sophomores need to do hero studies so soon; second, he wants Izuku to focus on strengthening his shooting style; and third, he and Nighteye broke off their partnership several years ago.

All Might gives in to his student’s determination and asks Izuku and Mirio Togata to join him in a room to talk about some things. All Might tells Izuku that Mirio is doing a hero internship under Nighteye and asks Mirio if Izuku is fit to work under Nighteye. Mirio replies that Deku is capable of it but he doesn’t understand why he isn’t the one who introduces Izuku to Nighteye since they were friends and allies and Nighteye still has great respect for him.

All Might replies that he doesn’t feel comfortable seeing Nighteye again because he has become exactly what Nighteye warned him about. All Might allows Izuku to complete his work studies under Sir Nighteye. However, Izuku’s first day is filled with bitter revelations. Izuku discovers the truth about the One For All, that he was the wrong candidate to inherit it and that Mirio was the one to succeed All Might as Symbol of Peace.

This causes Deku to start doubting himself and on top of that the two boys couldn’t help a little girl called Eri, alleged daughter of Overhaul, leader of the Eight Precepts of Death, a Yakuza organization. which Sir Nighteye was investigating. Unable to continue like this, Izuku asks his master, who is jogging, why he didn’t tell him that Sir Nigheye knew about the One For All and that Mirio was supposed to be the Quirk’s true heir.

All Might states that it was not necessary to tell him everything, since he does not want to hurt his student, knowing that he had chosen him despite many oppositions. All Might tells him that Sir Nighteye has been his sidekick for years. But six years ago, after his fight against All For One, they dissolved their partnership due to his injuries and their differences in values.

At the time, Nighteye warned him to stop pursuing his hero duties due to his severe injuries and seek a successor but he refused as it would bring about a time of fear and chaos. Sir Nighteye revealed to him that the real reason he wanted Toshinori to quit was because he had predicted his death at the hands of a villain in six or seven years. After their argument, they took different paths.

Nezu recommended Mirio Togata to be his successor and arranged to meet them, but he ended up meeting Izuku first. All Might didn’t want to say all that to Izuku so as not to hurt him. Izuku is shocked and distraught by the truth All Might told him; not only was he never intended to be All Might’s successor, but also that All Might has about a year to live.

All Might and Sir Nighteye break up

All Might goes on to tell him that when he met him, he considered him the perfect candidate to inherit One For All. Toshinori told Nighteye about it, but the latter was fiercely opposed. Their heated debate drove them apart, and Nighteye took it upon himself to form Mirio, whom he thought was the suitable successor.

Izuku asks Toshinori if Nighteye’s Foresight can be changed, but Toshinori’s answer dashes Izuku’s hopes; there is a margin of error in his estimate, but nothing can change the future he sees in his predictions. Toshinori tells him that after accepting his inevitable death and because he understood for what purpose he must fight, he did not hesitate for a second to confront All For One in Kamino and that he had planned to die there.

However, Izuku was there, a shy and uneventful boy who, day after day, lived up to his expectations. Izuku’s determination and his mother’s encouragement gave him the willpower to foil Nighteye’s prediction and try to stay alive to see the boy become a hero worthy of being the Symbol of Peace. Izuku promises All Might that they will defy fate together.

A few days later, Deku takes part in the Police Raid against the Eight Precepts of Death, a police operation organized by Sir Nighteye to dismantle the criminal organization, arrest its members and rescue Eri, who turns out not to be the daughter of Overhaul, otherwise a daughter that Overhaul was conducting experiments with which he was developing a drug that could destroy Quirks.

The operation ends successfully, Izuku defeats Overhaul and restrains Eri, but Mirio loses his Quirk when injected with the drug and Sir Nighteye is mortally wounded during his fight against Overhaul. Sir Nighteye’s injuries are too serious for him to survive. Bubble Girl, one of Sir Nighteye’s sidekicks, calls All Might to see him in his final moments.

Izuku and Mirio are also present and Nighteye is happy to see his friend visit him one last time on his deathbed. All Might laments that he hasn’t visited him before and begs his old friend to get out of it so he can make amends. Izuku begs Sir Nighteye to live, as the latter claims he doesn’t hold a grudge against All Might, only wishes for his happiness, and accepts that All Might is fighting against fate.

Although Sir failed to find a way to save his friend, Izuku showed him a way. Sir Nighteye speculates that everyone’s wishes for a better future changed the outcome. In his final moments, Sir Nighteye bids farewell to everyone, tells All Might and Deku that he is grateful to have met them, and uses foresight one last time to look into Mirio’s future, assuring him that he will become an exceptional hero.

Sir Nighteye passes away peacefully after telling everyone to keep smiling, because society needs smiles and laughter to bring about a better future. After saying the last words, Izuku, Mirio and All Might mourn the loss of their dear Sir Nighteye.

As you can see, All Might’s death seems inevitable and aside from the prophecy, there are also several other pointers that this might actually happen: firstly, All Might’s health is failing and whether Nighteye’s prophecy comes true or not, he seems like he’s on his way to permanent retirement; secondly, despite his influence, All Might is still only a supporting character and his death, albeit shocking, wouldn’t really cause any narrative issues; we already know that Deku will succeed him as the #1 superhero (although this last one doesn’t have to mean that All Might will actually die).

Ultimately, even Sir Nighteye’s predictions don’t always come true, though, the fact that only one of them did not come true doesn’t really make us overly hopeful. Namely, Eri’s appearance saved Deku’s life and nullified Nighteye’s prophecy that Deku would be killed by Overhaul; whether that will have any influence in All Might’s case remains to be seen, as well as whether All Might will actually die or not.

Who is likely to kill All Might?

In case Nighteye’s prophecy really does come true, All Might is to die at the hands of a villain. So, who could that be? Seeing that his bitter rival is dead, we think that there is only one real candidate – Tomura Shigaraki. At first, All Might detested Tomura for invading U.A. and trying to kill the students.

He considered him a criminal with a strong desire to cause random acts of destruction and murder, but one with a “man-boy” personality who likes to show off and act up when things don’t go his way.


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However, things change when All for One told him that Tomura is the grandson of his mentor, which caused him a great shock. All Might wishes to find Tomura and stop him; however, Gran Torino tells him that he is in no position to do such a thing and that he cannot do it because he could not see Tomura as a villain.

Tomura’s goal, on the other hand, is to kill All Might, therefore, he has a great hatred for him, making it clear multiple times and even telling All Might in person that he hates him. His desire to kill him is so great that he was able to attack Class 1-A multiple times for Toshinori to show up and try to kill him.

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