Does Bunny Die in Mayor of Kingstown? Here’s What Happened to Him

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The second season of Taylor Sheridan’s Mayor of Kingstown is improving with each episode – much like the first season. There are tons of twists, but one of the biggest twists was the transfer of convicts from Tent City to other locations. That included Bunny – the fan-favorite Crips gang leader. So, what happened to him? Did Bunny die in Mayor of Kingstown?

After Episode 7 of the second season of Mayor of Kingstown, Bunny is still alive and well but incarcerated at Anchor Bay. Mike McClusky is working on getting Bunny out of prison, but Bunny’s recent actions might’ve thrown the plans out of the gate and made the situation much more complicated.

Bunny is the closest thing that Mike has to a friend, despite them being somewhat on the opposite sides of the law. Being in Anchor Bay with all the other gang leaders while taking matters into his own hands makes Bunny incredibly vulnerable. Will he die by the end of the season? Keep reading to find out everything we know so far.

Who is Bunny in Mayor of Kingstown?

If you’ve watched the show so far, you’d certainly know who Bunny is, as he’s one of the main characters along Jeremy Renner’s Mike McClusky. Nevertheless, I’ll quickly recap his character so far to refresh your memory.

Deverin Washington, aka Bunny, is the leader of the Crips gang in Kingstown and one of the town’s biggest drug dealers. Despite this, Bunny is kind of a good guy, looking out for his family and close ones. He had a tough life, and a horrible upbringing, so he had to make a name for himself, and he did so in a not-so-honorable way, one might say.

As the leader of the Crips, Bunny spent his days sitting in his lawn chair, dealing drugs that he kept in coolers right beside him, out there in the open. That’s how powerful Bunny was; he knew it – he simply felt untouchable.

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Over the course of the season, Bunny and Mike, the Mayor of Kingstown, become kind of close to each other, if you can call it that. They have a good relationship, and as weird as that sounds, Bunny is actually the closest thing that Mike has to a friend.

The character is still in the show in Season 2, portrayed by Tobi Bamtefa. The talented actor appeared in a couple of episodes of Netflix’s The Witcher as Sir Danek and as a character named Godswill in Tin Star. However, his role as Bunny in Mayor of Kingstown is the biggest part of his young career since it started in 2016.


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How did Bunny end up in jail?

At one point, Mike manages to strike a deal with all four big Kingstown gang leaders – including Bunny – to get imprisoned and restore order and (a version of) peace in Kingstown, and later, they would all get released from prison as part of the deal. 

Of course, it backfired, and the system’s executive hands, including the District Attorney, decided not to hold up their end of the bargain. They kept the four gang leaders incarcerated, believing that was the way to keep Kingstown peaceful, but Mike knew it would only make things a whole lot worse; in fact, Kingstown could turn into a war zone at any moment.

Meanwhile, Bunny, the other gang leaders, and numerous other inmates were held at Tent City. Bunny warned Mike that something was going on and that the inmates of Tent City were being moved somewhere, but the Mayor saw no cause for alarm. 

That is until one day, he drove up to Tent City and realized that it was completely emptied. That included Bunny, Dedrick, Gunner, and Luis – the four Kingstown gang leaders. Mike had no idea where they were until he got intel that all of them were held at Anchor Bay prison.

While there, the four gang leaders are led to a meeting with Captain Moore, who tells them that Mike isn’t there to help save them this time and that they’ll all end up in Kingstown Pen. After Moore left, Luis was the first gang leader to decide he was no longer relying on Mike and that he was doing things his way.

Outside of Anchor Bay, Mike is pulling all the strings to get Bunny out of there, knowing how dangerous it is. He even promises Bunny’s cousin, Rhonda, to look after her and her salon until Bunny gets out.

Later, Bunny gets a phone call from Mike in his cell, promising that a plan is in place to get Bunny out and help him make money inside the prison so that he can take care of his family outside. Before the two talk in more detail, another guard approaches, so Bunny’s phone is quickly taken away.

Fortunately, Mike comes to visit Bunny in Anchor Bay and tells him the plan, but you can see in Bunny’s eyes that he has his own plans set in motion. As soon as Mike is out of Anchor Bay, all hell breaks loose inside – Luis is burned alive by one of Bunny’s acquaintances, taking the situation to a brink of a new gang war.

Did Bunny die in Mayor of Kingstown?

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Fortunately, Bunny did not die in the chaos in Anchor Bay. Instead, he was put into solitary confinement while Mike pressured the DA to release Bunny. After he finally manages to ensure Bunny’s release, a twist emerges – somebody guns the DA down, setting the entire plan back.

Enraged, Mike realizes that Bunny is behind the assassination, and as the two meet to talk about it, Bunny confirms it. He said the problem was the DA, and now the problem is solved, so Mike has to finally set everything in motion for Bunny’s release. On the other hand, Mike knows it only made things harder.

The last we’ve seen of Bunny is when he gets a ‘gift’ from Mike. Mike arranged for Bunny and his friend Raphael to be moved into a new cell to keep him somewhat happy while he worked on his release. Carney leads them to an old kitchen, far from all other inmates, equipped with a cozy sofa, a sink, a table, and other stuff.


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On the outside, it’s just a regular thing, but in Anchor Bay, it’s a luxury no inmate has. Bunny and Raphael hide their excitement in front of Carney, but they are thrilled after he leaves, knowing that their stay at Anchor Bay will at least be a bit cozier until Mike finally gets them out.

That’s all we have on Bunny so far – he’s alive but still in prison, where the remaining two gang leaders are also at. Seeing that we’re on the brink of an all-out gang war both in prison and out on the streets, I’m dying to see what happens next.

Episode 8 of Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown premieres on March 5, 2023, exclusively on Paramount Plus.

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