‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What Has Iris Been Doing?

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Welcome to the Recap and Ending Explained for Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7, titled, “Drones.” The show keeps elevating the stakes, and it will soon come to its climax next week. Things are finally lining up for all stories to reach their logical conclusion, and it promises to be quite an unnerving turn of events. Bunny in prison has become the main attraction, but in this episode, we can finally see glimpses of Iris coming back into the picture and being some kind of redemption for Kyle and his path of self-destruction.

In the previous episode, we saw Kyle actually looking like a looney and making everyone around him scared for his mental health. He has also started to drink heavily, and he even entered the evidence room at the police station and robbed Milo’s bonds. On top of that, the situation in prison seems to be getting more intense as everyone needs to get out immediately. Bunny, especially, is trying to survive and keep his sanity intact. However, even he got impatient and gave the order to kill the DA, the person who could set them free but didn’t want to.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Mayor of Kingstown, Episode 7 read at your own risk.

Has The Situation On The Street Gotten Better?

We have been told that peace on the street has been achieved for the past few episodes. The hierarchy of power inside and outside of the prison has been established. However, it seems some people have not received the memo. Mike finds a couple of bangers from different gangs on the edge of shooting each other, but he stops them. It is a very tense scene, and it shows that the order hasn’t really come back. Or that, at least, the grasp of the leaders is not as tight as they think.

Mike talks to Bunny, and he informs him that having the district attorney killed is something crazy to do. It could mean that Bunny has made things harder for himself and others. Bunny says he has opened the way, but how? Whoever gets the power to release them from prison will surely do it, but it could also happen that whoever takes the position will know nothing about this strange deal and won’t respect it either. Again, it is quite frustrating because it seems like Mike is the only character who thinks things through a bit.

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Mike does manage to take Bunny and Ralph to a better jail, where they can cook and have a more normal life. They are grateful for it but worried that the balance of power inside the prison is shifting. Drones have been seen dropping drugs inside the prison, giving the brotherhood gaining influence on the yard. Mike shuts it down, threatening never to let them escape jail. It is nice to see Mike having at least one small win in this entire affair, but things keep building up.

There is also the hint that Rhonda, Bunny’s sister, is really interested in Mike. He is warned that he should be careful when mixing family with family.

What Has Iris Been Doing In Mayor of Kingstown?

So, Mike is still trying to get Bunny out of jail, but other characters also have their own problems. For example, Ian keeps seeing the prisoner named Charlie. We still don’t know why this man is in jail or who he is, it is kind of confusing, but Ian has a clear connection to him. It could even be family. He takes him a burger and proposes that Charlie say he must go to the dentist. Charlie is clearly not normal; he has some kind of mental condition and looks confused most of the time. We have to wait and see where this leads to.


Does Bunny Die in Mayor of Kingstown? Here’s What Happened to Him

Robert, the leader of the police force SWAT team, is now being put on trial along with many of his men. A member of his own team has sold them, and now they are being charged for the killings during the prison riot. Kyle wants to testify in Robert’s favor, but it seems things will not be well. The police officers saved by Robert that day are grateful, but everyone else looks at him and his team like murderers. Mike promises to talk to the traitor to see if he can make him change his mind.

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His mother also reminds Mike that a juvenile kid wants to talk to him. The kid fears for his life and asks Mike’s mother. However, he is so busy that he hasn’t had the time to talk to him. Mike visits Evelyn, who is clearly shaken, and he warns her that she, and only she, has the power to stop this war. She needs to sign the release now that she has the power. It is a difficult decision for her, but it seems Mike is the only one trying to think for others other than himself.

Kyle also keeps descending into alcoholism, and his wife does not have it. In one of his escapes to the city, he goes to the bar and catches up with Iris there. They don’t talk, but Kyle recognizes her, and she recognizes him. Kyle immediately calls Mike to let him know. What will happen in the season finale? Will Iris finally escape from Milo’s hands?

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