Does Endeavor Know About One For All, & How Did He Find Out?

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Ever since he was introduced as a character in My Hero Academia, one of the things that made Endeavor quite prominent was his desire to surpass All Might as the top hero in Japan. But the one thing that he never bothered to know about All Might was his source of power and the nature of his Quirk, as All Might kept this a secret for a long time. But the circumstances changed after the events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc. So, does Endeavor know about One For All?

Endeavor already knows about One For All. Even though he wasn’t there when Hawks and Best Jeanist wanted to know everything about One For All from All Might, it can be presumed that they told Endeavor about the nature of the Quirk so that they could all work together to bring down All For One.

In the past, it was important to keep One For All a secret because All Might and the other users needed to ensure that the power was kept far away from All For One. But because the circumstances have now changed and that Deku needs all of the allies he needs, it is important for the top three heroes to know about the nature of this Quirk and how One For All works so that they can put a stop to All For One. Now, let’s look at how Endeavor found out about One For All.

Does Endeavor Know About One For All?

While Endeavor has always been a proud hero who worked hard to improve his Quirk so that he could surpass All Might as the number one hero in Japan, we know that he doesn’t know anything about how All Might’s Quirk worked. He only knows that All Might is incredibly strong and durable and has the best physical attributes among all the different heroes in the world. And this is due to the fact that All Might possessed the Quirk called One For All, which is a stockpiling Quirk that allowed him to use and stockpile energy that has been passed down from one user to another.

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But while All Might has already passed the Quirk to Izuku Midoriya, who goes by his hero name of Deku, we also know that Endeavor remained clueless about the nature of Midoriya’s Quirk. In fact, only a few people in the storyline are aware that All Might chose Deku as his successor. And it was important for Deku to keep All For One a secret because of how dangerous this information was.

However, things changed during and after the Paranormal Liberation War arc, especially because Deku closely worked with Endeavor in his fight with Tomura Shigaraki. There was a point where Midoriya told Endeavor that Shigaraki was after him. So, does Endeavor already know about One For All?


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Endeavor quite possibly only found out about One For All during the time when he was still recovering from his wounds from the fight with Shigaraki. At that point, he was visited by Hawks and Best Jeanist, who are ranked second and third, respectively. Hawks and Best Jeanist thought that they needed to work together and consolidate any information they had because they were the top three heroes in the country.

Hawks remembered something about what was called One For All when the media tried to obtain information from him and Best Jeanist while they were on their way to the hospital. In that regard, Hawks thought that this thing called One For All was interesting because of how it could be related to All For One. And that was when Endeavor remembered what Deku said about Shigaraki coming after him.

This implies that Endeavor was the one who first thought that All Might and Deku were the ones who would know more about One For All than anyone else. And because Endeavor was too injured to get up from bed to ask All Might and Deku regarding the Quirk, Hawks, and Best Jeanist were the ones who did it.

It was also implied during the press conference that Endeavor knew about One For All but opted not to answer any questions related to it. This means that he understands the nature of this Quirk and how important it is for him to keep it a secret. And that was the reason why, despite knowing about this Quirk, he didn’t say anything about it to the media even though he admitted everything about what Dabi said in the broadcast.

How Did Endeavor Know About One For All?

While it is implied that Endeavor knows about One For All already, he found out about the Quirk quite possibly through Hawks and Best Jeanist. In episode 131, Hawks and Best Jeanist went to Deku’s hospital room, where they found All Might watching over the unconscious boy. That was when they asked All Might to tell them everything he knew about One For All.

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The nature of this Quirk was always supposed to be a secret, but All Might had no choice but to tell them about it. That’s because the situation had already changed in the sense that hero society had all but fallen after the Paranormal Liberation War. On top of that, the villains are running around the streets unchecked after they broke out of their prisons and due to the fact that the roster of heroes has taken losses.


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As such, All Might most likely understands that Midoriya, at that point, needed all the allies that he needed to help keep the peace in Japan and to make sure that he could defeat All For One and Tomura Shigaraki. Of course, because Endeavor was still too injured to get up from bed to go to Midoriya’s room, Hawks and Best Jeanist probably told him what they learned from All Might.

It was important for Endeavor to know about One For All because the next arc of the storyline involves the top three heroes working with Deku to stop the villains that were wreaking havoc in the streets. As such, Endeavor needed to know the nature of Deku’s Quirk if they needed to work together to defeat the villains and lure Tomura Shigaraki and All For One out of hiding.

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