All 3 My Hero Academia Sagas and 22 Arcs in Order

My Hero Academia Sagas & Arcs in Order: How Many Are There & What Are They About?

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Written by Kōhei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia has become one of the most popular manga and anime series of the modern era. This superhero shonen work is considered to be part of the modern “Big Three” alongside Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen. The manga has been published since July 7, 2014 and is currently on volume 33.

The manga became a global phenomenon, and that popularity also spread to the anime adaptation. My Hero Academia has been in the spotlight for several years and in this article, we will give you an overview of the manga’s arcs so that you can find your way around Horikoshi’s fun and entertaining work.

How many My Hero Academia sagas and arcs are there?

As we have already noted, My Hero Academia is an ongoing manga series that has been on the market since July 7, 2014, which is an impressive period of time. So far, 347 chapters have been published, with 328 of them being collected in 33 volumes; the remaining written chapters have not yet been collected.

Now, what do these 347 chapters in total amount to in terms of story arcs? The My Hero Academia manga series is usually divided into three major sagas and 22 arcs (so far), with some additional spin-off arcs, the most notable among which is the ongoing My Hero Academia: Vigilantes narrative. In this article, we’re not going to focus on the spin-offs.


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The arcs are of an uneven length and don’t contain the same number of chapters. The shortest among all the arcs is the “Quirk Apprehension Test Arc”, which contains only three chapters, barely beating out the “Entrance Exam Arc”, which only has four.

My Hero Academia sagas and arcs in order

This section is going to list all the major manga sagas and arcs and give you some basic info about their plots. The arcs are going to be divided based on which source material they are taken from. The arcs are listed in chronological order, not by the release date. Not that the arcs’ names aren’t official and that the whole division is based on unofficial data.

1. U.A. Beginnings Saga

Chapter 131 28229

The saga tells how one day a luminous baby was born in Keikei in China and had a “Quirk”. Soon everyone across the world would get what they call a Quirk. These powers would then be whether people become heroes or villains. The saga also occurs when Izuku, a young man enters U.A. High School and has to meet the school’s expectations.

We’re introduced to two of the series’ main villains, Tomura Shigaraki and Black Mist. Their goal is to kill All Might, the Symbol of Peace. The U.A. Sports Championship begins for students to hopefully get noticed by Pro-Heroes. Katsuki Bakugo becomes champion after defeating Shoto Todoroki. At the end of the championship, the students take time off and practice their internship under the responsibility of their master-trainee to gain real-world experience to help them.

Izuku along with his classmates, travels to chosen agencies to gain experience and heroin training under the supervision of professional heroes. Meanwhile, Evil begins to unfold in Hosu, eventually leading to a confrontation between three young heroes and Stain, the Hero Slayer.

Following this whole battle, the origins of One For All is revealed by All Might. The second A does their quarterly exam not in front of simulation robots like the entrance exam but in front of their own teachers.

The U.A. Beginnings Saga is composed of a total of nine arcs, encompassing chapters 1 through 97. We are now going to tell you a bit about each of the arcs:

1.1 Entrance Exam Arc

WSJ Issue 2014 32 Artwork

Number of Chapters: 4
Chapters: 1-4

In a world where the majority of the population is endowed with special powers called “Quirks”, Izuku Midoriya is a young boy who always dreamed of becoming a hero, even if he has no Quirks, until the day when he is attacked by a villain, Slime. Izuku is saved by none other than All Might, the most famous hero of all time and his idol since childhood.

Izuku discovers that All Might’s true form is that of a frail man, who suffered a severe injury years ago. All Might tells Izuku that he should give up being a hero and focus on a more realistic dream. Discouraged, Izuku returns home, only to see Katsuki Bakugo, a childhood friend, but also his tormentor, being attacked by the same supervillain who attacked him a few hours earlier.

Neither hero is able to fight the villain, due to the latter’s Quirk, but Izuku, without thinking, then rushes to save his comrade. After All Might finally steps in to save Katsuki, the Greatest of Heroes explains to Izuku about his Quirk, the “One For All”, a special Quirk that consists of transferring his Quirk to another person.

While All Might believes Izuku is worthy of his Quirk, he reveals to him that giving it to him right away would ruin his untrained body. All Might then designs a ten-month training regimen, called “American Dream”, to ensure that Izuku has a muscular, trained body that can contain this Quirk.

After receiving All Might’s Quirk, through a dubious process of ingesting a hair from All Might, the time has come for Izuku to take the entrance exams to join UA High School, which is the most prestigious high school in Japan.

During the practical exam, Izuku puts himself in an extremely difficult situation and is about to totally fail until one of his classmates, Ochaco Uraraka, finds himself in grave danger. He then runs to his rescue, earning him 60 rescue points, with no attack points. Izuku is therefore admitted to UA High School.

1.2 Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

Volume 1.2 Anime Cover

Number of Chapters: 3
Chapters: 5-7

U.A. Academy’s sophomore-A students now have to be judged on their Quirks by their homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa, to see whether or not they are fit to become heroes.

1.3 Battle Trial Arc

Chapter 9 28Cleaned29

Number of Chapters: 4
Chapters: 8-11

Now, donning their own hero costumes, students are assigned to a mock battle between teams of two to test their combat abilities. Izuku teams up with Ochako Uraraka, the girl he helped during the entrance exam and who also becomes his friend much to his delight. However, also much to his frustration, one of his adversaries is Bakugo, who always mocked him for his thoughtlessness, and is now furious with him.

The mock fight continues with Izuku barely holding on against Bakugo’s devastating attacks, leaving Ochako to face the other opponent Tenya Iida on her own. As the time limit draws near, Izuku seems to have no choice but to use his Quirk against Bakugo in an attempt to defeat him, until he comes up with a better idea.

After losing to Izuku in the simulation battle, Bakugo watches the rest of his classmates in action and realizes he still has a long way to go to stand above his peers. After recovering from his injuries, Izuku attempts to cheer him up, to the point of sharing some of his secrets with him. Meanwhile, the news that All Might teaches U.A. is received by some people with contempt.

1.4 U.S.J. Arc


Number of Chapters: 10
Chapters: 12-21

The students of the second A were involved in a rescue mission and had to solve the incident. Just as practice began, the League of Villains struck. Black Mist used his Quirk to separate the students. The class homeroom teacher and Number 13 fought off the villains. However, Number 13 was seriously injured in the battle against Black Mist.

Shota Aizawa was also badly injured while battling Tomura Shigaraki and knocked out by Nomura. Afterward, All Might arrived and turned the situation around. The delegate, Tenya Iida, contacted the teachers of Yuei High School and the incident was resolved. As a result, two teachers were injured. However, it was a very good experience for the pupils of the second A who overcame the problem.

1.5 U.A. Sports Festival Arc


Number of Chapters: 23
Chapters: 22-44

Still recovering from the previous incident, the school is set to hold the U.A. Sports Championship, which will be a chance for the students to show off their Quirks to professional heroes looking for sidekicks. On occasion, All Might confesses to Izuku that his powers are diminishing, and that the championship is an opportunity for Izuku to show his true worth to the world.

Todoroki expresses to Izuku that he will defeat him and show his true power. At the start of the championship, students from the three branches of the school all take part in an obstacle course.

1.6 Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Volume 6 28Cleaned29

Number of Chapters: 15
Chapters: 45-59

The U.A. Sports Championship is over, and everyone’s injuries are nearly recovered. Aizawa announces that everyone must decide on a hero name for themselves, and that since many students have received several offers from professional heroes, everyone will do a one-week internship at a hero agency. Midnight joins in to give her opinion on everyone’s hero names.

After that, everyone chooses an agency for their internship. Izuku is still not sure which agency he should join when suddenly All Might shows up. He tells Izuku that his teacher offered an internship, and Izuku accepts. Meanwhile, Iida chooses an agency in the area where her brother was attacked. The next day, everyone leaves for the course.

1.7 Final Exams Arc

Izuku Katsuki vs All Might

Number of Chapters: 10
Chapters: 60-69

The pupils of the second A will take part in the end-of-term exam which is a written and practical test. Only, this year, it is not robot simulators that the second will have to face, but their own teachers.

1.8 Forest Training Camp Arc


Number of Chapters: 14
Chapters: 70-83

Sophomores A and B from Yuei attend a summer camp aimed at honing the quirks of budding heroes. The exercises are difficult and for those with average grades, intense evening classes are on the program. And as the troupe prepares to take part in a test of courage, a squadron of the League of Villains is about to target the students.

1.9 Hideout Raid Arc

Volume 11 28Cleaned29

Number of Chapters: 14
Chapters: 84-97

While Katsuki Bakugo was captured by the League of Villains-affiliated Genesis Squad at summer camp. The professional heroes plan to go and infiltrate the hideout of the criminal organization. Meanwhile, Izuku, Eijiro, Shoto, Tenya followed by Momo decide to take matters into their own hands and try to save their classmate on their own.

2. Rise of Villains Saga


The Saga begins with the transfer of high school students from Yuei to a boarding school in order to guarantee their safety. Class 1-A must now aim to acquire their provisional license. The whole class gets the permit except for two students, Katsuki and Shoto.

2.1 Provisional Hero License Exam Arc


Number of Chapters: 24
Chapters: 98-121

U.A. High School was transferred to a boarding school named Heights Alliance. The second A begins her new life in this boarding school. Class 1-A’s first task is to complete her training to improve their Quirk, which she failed to do at camp to be ready to accept the Provisional Permit exam.


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2.2 Shie Hassaikai Arc


Number of Chapters: 41
Chapters: 122-162

Before the U.A. sophomores leave after Nezu’s speech, Hound Dog, U.A.’s lifestyle counselor, barks. Sekijiro Kan performs the lyrics of Hound Dog to the students; he says there was a combat incident last night and asks them to conduct themselves according to the standards of living expected of all. Nezu asks the U.A. students to return to their classes starting with the third-year students.

As the third-year students leave to return to class, one of the three years asks their classmate who was fighting last night. Behind Class 1-A, Shota Aizawa tells the class that starting today they will resume normal class activities. Shota warns them that the training will be tougher than last semester.

Tsuyu Asui asks Shota about Hero Internships, which piques the interest of Fumikage Tokoyami, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Hanta Sero. Shota decides to tell Class 1-A; Hero camps are hero activities done off-campus, saying it’s a more formalized version of boot camp to do with Pro Heroes.

2.3 Remedial Course Arc


Number of Chapters: 6
Chapters: 163-168

Shoto and Katsuki both failed the second stage of the Provisional License Exam, so they need to catch up. There, they find students of Shiketsu, Utsushimi Camie, and Inasa Yoarashi, all four must win the hearts of children of the new generation of Quirks. Meanwhile, Endeavor wants to have a serious talk with All Might about being the Symbol of Peace.

2.4 U.A. School Festival Arc


Number of Chapters: 15
Chapters: 169-183

U.A. High School hosts an annual Cultural Festival and Grade 1-A decides to perform a live dance in hopes of alleviating public concerns. At the same time, Izuku tries to make Eri smile at the performance of her class. Danjuro Tobita and his partner, however, plan to make a mark on U.A. and they choose the Cultural Festival as their goal.

2.5 Pro Hero Arc

Chapter 186 Artwork

Number of Chapters: 10
Chapters: 184-193

An intelligent Brainless is active in the land, meanwhile, Endeavor is officially named the No. 1 Hero following All Might’s retirement. After the annual Japanese Hero Ranking, Hawks and Endeavor go to dinner to discuss the Brainless that was sighted, Hawks had heard about it from ordinary people. After they finish eating and when the count comes in, they are attacked by High End, the Brainless they were talking about.

Hawks evacuates the civilians from the building and Endeavor battles the Nomless. Quickly, he is overtaken and is seriously injured and is put down. But he manages to get up and propel himself thanks to the feathers of Hawks. He finally manages to beat High End with his Prominence Burn attack. Suddenly Dabi comes, he creates a wall of blue flames and says he only wants his brainless back, but he starts attacking Endeavor and Hawks.

But Miruko intervenes, so Dabi decides to run away, asking Ujiko to teleport him away. He tells Endeavor that they will have another opportunity to meet again, and that he must not die.

Later in the villain’s lair, Dabi and Hawks argue and saying he didn’t keep the deal they made, Hawks says he works for the league, Dabi decides not to let him meet Tomura just yet. continued. Later, it is learned that Hawks is actually working for the government and spying on the alliance.

2.6 Joint Training Arc


Number of Chapters: 24
Chapters: 194-217

Winter begins, as Izuku begins to have a strange dream where he is inside One for All… Thanks to this he manages to see a piece of the past of All For One and his little brother. He manages to see all the holders of the One For All except 2 which was apparently too far away. A new workout begins and a surprise guest arrives!

This is Shinso Hitoshi who is there to enter the Heroic sector. The training takes place over 5 matches. Class A will face Class B. Everyone has become stronger, especially Shinso who trained a lot thanks to Aizawa. Izuku who no longer controls his Quirk and seems to manifest a dangerous new power, learns in another dream that this power is none other than the “Black Whip” which belonged to one of the former One for All holders.

One for All has evolved and it seems that Izuku is the one who will complete One For All! Is it related to All For One or is it simply an evolution of One For All? The training ends and class A wins. Aizawa tries to help Eri with Monoma’s Quirk but nothing happens.

She will have to learn to control her power on her own to then return Mirio’s Quirk. It turns out that this training was sort of the entrance exam for Shinso in the Heroic stream and he passed it and will be transferred from next year and not specified for the class.

2.7 Meta Liberation Army Arc


Number of Chapters: 23
Chapters: 218-240

The CEO of Detnerat meets with his colleagues to discuss the main issue of organizations that threaten to overtake Destro’s name and need to be destroyed. He states an example, which is the League of Villains. After capturing the league broker, Re-destro issues a declaration of war against the Alliance, forcing them to come to Deika City and face their elimination.

Deika City is the perfect place for the Liberation Army to hide out due to its location. The roads entering and leaving the city are easily manipulated. Deika is a liberated district where the majority of residents align themselves with the Liberation Army.

2.8 Endeavor Agency Arc


Number of Chapters: 12
Chapters: 241-252

With Hero Work-Studies back in effect, the three top students of Class 1-A study under the new No. 1 Pro Hero. Meanwhile, the fire-powered Hero undergoes an uncharacteristic epiphany.

2.9 Entrance Exam Arc

Volume 27 28Cleaned29

Number of Chapters: 54
Chapters: 253-306

After a tip from Hawks and a new source of information in Tartarus, the heroes have gathered all the information they need to take on the Paranormal Liberation Front in all-out war.

3. Final Act Saga


After the Paranormal Liberation War, the heroic society collapses and Japan’s most dangerous villains released from Tartarus like All For One or Lady Nagant, as well as Tomura Shigaraki and the Paranormal Liberation Front, wait in the shadows to launch their next attack. Izuku, chased by the villains, leaves U.A. for the safety of his comrades, he teams up with All Might, Endeavor, Hawks and Beast Jeanist to stop some villains and prepare for the final fight.

The beginnings of this team will be hampered by the attacks of Muscular and Lady Nagant. Lady Nagant, accompanied by Kai Chisaki, will find Izuku and try to capture him willingly or by force, because All For One has convinced him that to completely annihilate the heroes, the boy must be deleted. Izuku therefore fights against the villain and seems to be outdone, but thanks to his new Quirks like Smokescreen and especially Fa Jin, he will succeed in rebalancing the balance.

3.1 Tartarus Escapees Arc


Number of Chapters: 22
Chapters: 307-328

In the aftermath of the war, and the decline of hero society, Deku temporarily leaves U.A.E., working alongside All Might, the Top 3 Heroes, and the Luckers to hunt down the remnants of the Paranormal Liberation Front, as well as continuing to harness the full power of One For All in preparation for the final battle against All For One.

3.2 Star and Stripe Arc

Chapter 329

Number of Chapters: 6
Chapters: 329-334

As Tomura Shigaraki’s body is nearly complete, All Might requests the foreign Heroes’ immediate aid. USA’s #1 Star and Stripe arriving to help defeat the villain. But “Tomura” is ready to fight back, and do anything to accomplish All For One’s next goal: steal his Quirk, New Order.

3.3 U.A. Traitor Arc

Chapter 338

Number of Chapters: 8
Chapters: 335-342

The pieces are in place and Class 1-A and the remaining Pro heroes prepare for the final battle to finally defeat All For One, Tomura Shigaraki and the rest of the League of Villains/Paranormal Liberation Front. Things get complicated, however, when suddenly the legendary “U.A. Traitor” appears.

3.4 Current Arc (Unnamed)


Number of Chapters: 5+
Chapters: 343 – ongoing

The time has come for the final battle between heroes and villains to decide the fate of the world. All For One thinks he has the upper hand when it comes to finally cornering Izuku Midoriya and One For All, but thanks to Yuga Aoyama and the power of Warp Gate Quirk, the heroes turn the tables and divide the villains to divide and conquer.

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