Do Jean and Mikasa Get Together at the End of Attack on Titan?

Jean and Mikasa

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Relationships aren’t really the first thing that comes to a person’s mind when Attack on Titan is concerned, but among that chaos, destruction, and Eren’s multipolar personality, some genuine feelings have been shown between some of the characters. And no, we’re not talking about Mikasa and Eren again – we are talking about Jean and Mikasa and if they end up together at the end of Attack on Titan.

It is not known whether Jean and Mikasa end up together at the end of Attack on Titan. Jean does harbor strong feelings for Mikasa ever since the two of them met for the first time, but Mikasa never returns those feelings in the main story. Mikasa only had feelings for Eren and Jean wasn’t someone she was interested in. The epilogue does show that Mikasa had a family with a man that resembles Jean, but since we never saw the man’s face nor did Isayama confirm that it was Jean.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the relationship between Jean and Mikasa. The two of them are important characters for the manga series, especially Mikasa, and we think that it is both important and relevant to talk about their relationship, regardless of its nature. We have gathered all the information you need to know about this issue in one place.

Did Mikasa End Pp with Jean at the End of Attack on Titan?

The relationship between Jean and Mikasa was a pretty interesting one. Jean is the guy who always blushed and stuttered in front of Mikasa, while Mikasa’s the one who had her eyes only for Eren and no one else. Despite the obvious nature of Jean’s feelings towards Mikasa, something we are going to talk about later, there is even speculation that Mikasa wasn’t aware of those feelings, which says enough about her feelings for Eren.


Does Eren Love Mikasa?

Now, in the main storyline, Jean and Mikasa never become a couple, the reasons for which have been explained in the paragraph above. But what about later? What about the epilogue? The answer is – we don’t know. We do know that Mikasa ends up having a family in the epilogue, but as we are going to see in the continuation of this article, her family is shrouded in mystery.

This is why we cannot confirm or deny that Mikasa and Jean end up together in Attack on Titan and we are going to use the paragraphs that follow to explain our stance and some possible theories.

Is Jean in Love with Mikasa?

Before we answer this question, we think it is important to explain the background of their relationship from the main storyline. From the moment she laid eyes on Mikasa, Jean has had romantic feelings for her, admiring her black hair, though Mikasa tends to more or less remain indifferent towards him.

During casual conversation, Jean tends to blush and stutter in front of Mikasa although that was not her encouragement as she immediately jumped to her rescue when a Titan threatened her. Despite this, Jean is not swayed by his feelings beyond the hatred he has towards Mikasa’s devotion to Eren, indicating that other people do not share the will to waste their lives on someone like Eren. It was this very devotion that partially fueled the resentment he has towards Eren.


From Mikasa’s perspective, their primary relationship developed during his rivalry with Eren. It is unknown if she is aware of his feelings for her. When he grimly reminded Eren that he had unknowingly attacked her while in his Titan form, Mikasa sensed that Jean was trying to blame Eren for this and came to Eren’s defense.

So, as you can see, Jean was definitely in love with Mikasa the whole time but it seems that she didn’t really care much for that because of her feelings for Eren. The latter feelings eventually disappeared with time, as Mikasa did move on, but whether it was with Jean – we simply don’t know.

Will Mikasa Kiss Jean?

If we’re referring to the main storyline of Attack on Titan, no – Mikasa and Jean never kiss, at least as far as the original manga is concerned (whether the anime will change some of that, we still don’t know). Mikasa only had feelings for Eren throughout the main plot and it was only later, after time healed her wounds, that she managed to move on and start a family of her own.

If Jean truly did become her husband, then they have surely kissed, but if it wasn’t Jean, the two of them probably never kissed.


Does Eren Really Hate Mikasa? (& Why Does He Tell Her That?)

Does Mikasa Have a Baby with Jean?

The epilogue of Attack on Titan reveals that Mikasa ended up having a family of her own years after Eren’s death. Still, the family regularly visited Eren’s grave, which shows that Mikasa never actually forgot her former love, although she was able to move on.

In one of the scenes, Mikasa is seen with her family, a man and a young girl, visiting Eren’s grave. Since the girl has black hair like Mikasa, it is assumed that it is Mikasa’s daughter with the man standing behind her. But this is where things get a bit tricky.

Mikasa visits Eren27s grave

Namely, although we know that Mikasa lives with her new family for decades before eventually passing away at an old age and is buried with Eren’s scarf, we don’t know anything else. She does have a baby, but since the identity of her husband was never revealed, we don’t actually know if it’s Jean, which means that we don’t know whether the baby is Jean’s. If she ended up marrying Jean, then the little girl is certainly his daughter, but if not – it’s her husband’s, whoever he might be.

Will Mikasa Marry Jean?

This one remains a big mystery as Isayama never actually confirmed it or denied it; the anime might change the epilogue a bit, but we won’t know that until we actually see the last episode, which is still some weeks away. Now, as for the manga, we know that Mikasa ends up marrying and having a child, eventually dying of old age. One scene shows her family, her daughter and what we assume is her husband, in front of Eren’s grave.

Now, the major problem here is that Mikasa’s husband was only shown once and that was from the back, while wearing a hat. We know he’s blonde, but a lot of characters in the series had light her, and that is assuming that it isn’t some completely new and unknown character. The identity of that man was never revealed and you’ll find various fan theories about his identity.

What we can say here is that it definitely could be Jean, but that’s about it. It could also, very easily, be someone else and not Jean. We’ll have to see whether the anime, if it sticks to the original ending, reveals some additional information, or whether Isayama gives us the answer at one point.

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