Does Mikasa Love Eren in Attack on Titan? Relationship Explained

Eren and Mikasa

The two most important characters of the entire Attack on Titan storyline are Eren and Mikasa, who are two of the original three main characters, which include Armin. However, throughout the entire storyline, Mikasa was always overprotective of Eren to the point that she was willing to disregard orders or forget logic just to keep Eren safe from harm. So, does that mean that Mikasa loves Eren?

Mikasa proved to be in love with Eren when she was the one who struck the final blow that killed him. Before that, we were made to believe that she was only overprotective of Eren because of her Ackerman genes. However, she proved her love for Eren when she killed him and ultimately kissed him in the end.

The relationship between Eren and Mikasa is a complicated one because they were never able to have enough time to truly explore their feelings for one another. At one point, Eren even told Mikasa that her feelings were merely due to her status as a member of the Ackerman clan. Nevertheless, this was all proven to be fabricated, and that means that Mikasa’s feelings were true. That said, let’s look at how Mikasa feels about Eren.

What Is Mikasa’s Relationship With Eren?

Ever since the beginning of Attack on Titan, what was clear was the fact that Eren and Mikasa were two central characters that were going to be incredibly important to the storyline. Of course, Eren was the central character of Attack on Titan, but Mikasa was clearly the second-most important character in the story, especially when it came to her relationship with Eren. While Armin himself was also quite important and is one of the original big three characters of Attack on Titan, it was still clear that a good part of the storyline revolved around Eren and Mikasa.

Eren and Mikasa were first introduced as children just before the fall of the Shiganshina wall. They were introduced as living together in a single family because Mikasa was orphaned. It was later revealed that Mikasa’s family was killed when she was just a child and that it was Eren and his father Grisha who found her. In fact, Eren was the one who rescued Mikasa from the ones who wanted to kidnap and sell her for money. Since then, Eren and Mikasa have been living together because Grisha and Carla Yeager decided to take her in and raise her.


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Despite the fact that they were basically siblings living together in one home, Mikasa clearly cared for Eren to the point that she was willing to always save him from any trouble he found himself in. This began when they were still children because Eren was sort of a troublemaker. It continued until their teenage years when Mikasa was always there to save Eren from trouble, especially after they joined the Survey Corps. So, what is Mikasa’s relationship with Eren?

Throughout Attack on Titan, the relationship between Eren and Mikasa was never defined. It was actually a pretty complex one wherein it was clear that Mikasa cared for Eren, who showed the same care for her but in a different way. Mikasa was always so overprotective of Eren to the point that she always had a need to stay close to him so that she could keep him safe. And whenever she realized that Eren could be in trouble, she wouldn’t waste a single second rushing in to try to save him, even if it meant going against orders.

eren mikasa

On the other hand, Eren showed the same care for Mikasa that he showed to his other friends in the sense that he was willing to save them whenever it was necessary. He was also more casual and brusquer with Mikasa compared to his other friends, as it was clear that they already had a deeper bond that allowed Eren to act and talk so casually to her.

There were moments wherein both Eren and Mikasa didn’t always agree on the same matter, especially when it concerned Eren’s safety. Nevertheless, Mikasa normally allowed Eren to do whatever he did as long as it was still within reason. However, there were moments when Eren actually showed a hint of annoyance towards Mikasa because of the fact that he felt emasculated by her overprotectiveness and by the fact that she was far stronger and better at her when it comes to fighting. And Eren often lashed out at her because he didn’t want Mikasa to treat him like a little brother.

Even so, Eren’s care for Mikasa was something that surpassed logic and reason because he was willing enough to fight mindless titans out of pure instinct when he transformed into the Attack Titan for the first time in the series. During that time, he wasn’t able to control his titan transformation and was simply acting out of instinct when he was protecting Mikasa from mindless titans. This meant that their bond was so strong that it became instinctive for both of them to protect one another whenever they were in trouble.

But as far as the storyline was concerned, Mikasa’s relationship with Eren was never defined. It was clear that they cared for one another, but there really wasn’t an opportunity for them to define what their feelings were or even label their relationship. And that was due to the fact that their war against Marley and Eren’s preparations for his plans were more important than anything else.

Does Mikasa Love Eren?

As mentioned, Mikasa showed concern for Eren to the point that she was willing to jump into any kind of situation to save him, even if it meant risking her own life or even disobeying the orders of their superiors. But did Mikasa ever love Eren?

The reason why people are wondering if Mikasa loved Eren was the fact that Eren told her something about her Ackerman bloodline. When Zeke and Eren met in Marley, the older of the two Yeagers told the younger one that the Ackerman (the clan Mikasa belongs to) are special Edlians in the sense that they were the result of some sort of an experiment that gave them titan powers without necessarily turning into titans. As such, they are far stronger than any regular human beings and are immune to the powers of the Founding Titan.

Zeke also told Eren that Ackermans have to awaken their powers in order for them to be able to become strong. This was when Eren told Mikasa this story and even told her that Ackermans have to have a host to awaken their powers. The host served as their “kings” because the Ackermans were created to serve the royal family. And when they find their hosts, they will stop at nothing to keep them safe from any harm.

Eren was basically telling Mikasa that her devotion to him was a result of her being an Ackerman, as she might have thought of Eren as her host when she awakened her powers during the time when Eren saved her from her kidnappers when they were still children. As such, Mikasa’s desire to protect Eren, according to him, was born out of her instincts as an Ackerman. Eren went on to tell her that he found her annoying.

But the truth was that Zeke never knew why Mikasa was having headaches from time to time and why she was so devoted to him. He even told Eren that it was probably because she really did love him. In that regard, the things that Eren told Mikasa were all fabricated, and Mikasa did indeed love Eren.


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Mikasa proved that the Ackerman myth was simply fabricated by Eren when she was willing enough to end the Rumbling by dealing the final blow to Eren. She was the one who entered Eren’s final titan form to cut off his head and kill him so that his rampage of destruction all over the world would be stopped. This was the ultimate sign of love, as Mikasa loved Eren enough to realize that she was the only one who could kill him. And after cutting Eren’s head off, she kissed him for the first and last time.

Did Eren Love Mikasa?

While it was clear that Mikasa always loved Eren because she was always willing enough to save him from any trouble and was even the one who dealt the final blow to him during the end of the Rumbling, Eren’s feelings were not quite obvious. So, did Eren also love Mikasa?

Eren clearly cared for Mikasa, but some people believed that it was due to the fact that she was one of her closest and dearest friends, as he showed the same kind of concern to Armin. Nevertheless, the first sign that Eren was also in love with Mikasa could be seen in his disappointed face when he asked Mikasa what he meant to her, to which she replied that he was “family.”

As disappointed as Eren may have been about Mikasa’s response, he still cared enough that he launched the Rumbling to keep his friends on Paradis safe from Marley and the entire world and to make sure that the titans were erased from existence. However, it was during a Paths moment with Armin that Eren revealed how much he cared for Mikasa.

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At that moment, with Armin, who was always Eren’s best friend, Eren told him that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Mikasa and that he never wanted Mikasa to fall in love with anyone else. He also wished that Mikasa would remember him for the rest of her life, as it was clear that the only regret that Eren had in his life before he died was the fact that he never got to live his life with Mikasa. This meant that he also loved Mikasa the same way that Mikasa loved him.

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