Does Loid Know Anya Can Read Minds? (& Will He Find Out)

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Even though a good part of what makes Spy X Family such a great anime is the chemistry between the fake couple of Loid and Yor Forger, the third member of the family is the crowd favorite. Anya Forger, the adorable adopted daughter of Loid, is the cherry on top of the Spy X Family cake because of her adorable antics and telepathic abilities. But does Loid even know that Anya can read minds?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Loid, in both the anime and the manga, doesn’t know that Anya can read minds.
  • Anya also keeps her abilities hidden because she is afraid that Loid and Yor might think that she’s a freak and would return her to the orphanage.
  • That’s why no one on the show knows about her telepathic abilities.

Why Can Anya Read Minds?

Anya forger

One of the things that make Spy X Family such a great anime is the fact that the three main characters all have their own secrets to keep while using the fake family structure as a way to make sure that they are able to keep those secrets hidden. While we know that Loid is secretly a super-spy and that Yor is a top assassin, Anya also has her own secrets to keep.


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Unlike the more realistic secrets that Loid and Yuri keep, Anya’s secret is a bit on the unrealistic side of things because of the supernatural nature of her abilities. That’s because she has telepathic powers that allow her to read minds. But why does Anya have the ability to read minds?

The manga and anime have yet to fully explore her origins and the source of her telepathic powers. But what we do know is that she is the result of an experiment as she was created by accident due to the research of an unknown organization. The organization gave her the code name Test Subject 007. And because of her abilities, the scientists didn’t treat her as an ordinary child as she wasn’t allowed to play or have fun because they wanted her to learn how to use her powers for world peace.

Through some unknown means, Anya escaped the research facility of the unknown organization. She found herself moving from one orphanage to another, all while seeking someone to take care of her permanently.

The origin of Anya’s powers is largely unknown, but it has been indicated that she is the result of an experiment. We don’t know if her birth itself is an accident or if only her powers are the result of the accident.

Does Loid Know Anya Can Read Minds?

During the first episode of Spy X Family, Loid was given the mission to infiltrate an elite private school because his next target only showed up in public to attend social gatherings at that school. As such, the only way that he could infiltrate the school was to have a child that could attend it so that he could also attend the school’s social gatherings and try to get close to his target.

In an attempt to form his own family, Loid Forger went to a shady orphanage to find the smartest kid in the bunch. That was when the one running the orphanage introduced Anya to Loid, as he wanted to get rid of her because he felt that she was too weird. 

To prove that she was the smartest kid in the orphanage (even though she wasn’t), Anya used her telepathic abilities to read Loid’s mind so that she could solve a crossword puzzle in a matter of seconds. She already knew Loid was a spy because she read his mind beforehand. Anya craved adventure because her favorite TV show involved a spy, which was why she wanted to get adopted by Loid.

Nevertheless, while Loid was impressed by Anya’s apparent intellectual abilities when she solved the crossword puzzle, he soon discovered she wasn’t as smart as he originally thought. There were moments when he thought that Anya could read his mind because she reacted to some of the thoughts that he had in his head. But does Loid know that Anya has telepathic abilities?

As of this moment, Loid doesn’t know that Anya has telepathic abilities. This is true in both the manga and the anime, as no other character in the story knows Anya’s abilities as a mind reader. Of course, Anya’s ability to read minds is something that she wants to keep a secret.


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Throughout the entire story, Anya’s telepathic abilities have become useful. She was the one responsible for bringing Loid and Yor together after she learned that her soon-to-be mother was an assassin and was also looking for a man in her life. As Anya craved adventure, she wanted Loid and Yor together because a family composed of a spy and assassin could give her the adventurous life she wanted.

Nevertheless, she kept her abilities a secret because she didn’t want anyone to think she was weird. Before Loid adopted her, she had been adopted and returned several times in the past because the people who adopted her thought that she was weird, especially when she showed indications of her ability to read minds.

Anya using her powers

Anya, not wanting to be returned to the orphanage, has kept her secret from the other characters in the series. That is why no other character in Spy X Family knows the fact that she has telepathic abilities.

Will Loid Find Out Anya Can Read Minds?

Fans of the Spy X Family probably already know that the narrative of the entire anime revolves around the fact that the central characters have secrets that they want to keep from everyone because their lives, livelihood, and the fate of the world depend on them holding on to their secrets. And the fact that the characters have been keeping secrets from one another is where many of the story’s misadventures stem from.

Considering that the Spy X Family relies heavily on the characters’ secrets, we are unsure whether Loid will eventually discover that Anya can read minds. That’s because her telepathic ability, as great as they are and as important as it may be to the story’s narrative, probably doesn’t offer much to Loid’s ongoing mission.

Still, it is possible that Loid will eventually find out about Anya’s ability to read minds and may even find a use for her telepathy in the larger narrative of his mission. Or it might be possible that he will discover her abilities and will become more protective of the child after getting too attached to her. So, with that said, Loid may end up finding out about Anya’s powers in the climax portion of the Spy X Family’s story.

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