‘Spy X Family’ Watch Order: When Does the Movie ‘Code: White’ Fit in the Timeline?

spy x family watch order

Spy × Family is an anime series based on Tatsuya Endo’s manga, produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks. Directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, it follows master spy Twilight, adopting the alias Loid Forger to create a fake family and investigate political leader Donovan Desmond.

The first season, with 25 episodes in two parts, aired from April to December 2022, and a second season, with 12 episodes, premiered on October 7, 2023, and finished strong with the release of its first theatrical film. Due to the popularity of the anime series, we decided to bring you a comprehensive Spy X Family watch order.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated in December 2023 with the release of Spy X Family Code: White.

Spy X Family all seasons & movie in release date order

Currently, the Spy X Family anime series has 37 episodes spread out across two seasons. The first season of Spy x Family was released back in April 2022, while season 2 was released in October 2023 and aired its last episode on December 23, 2023. The Spy X Family animated franchise also consists of one movie, Spy X Family Code: White, which was released on December 23, 2023, in Japan.

  1. Spy x Family Season 1 (2022)
  2. Spy X Family Season 2 (2023 )
  3. Spy X Family Code: White (Movie) (2023)

Are both Spy X Family seasons connected & what is the best way to watch them?

Both Spy X Family seasons are connected and set within the same continuity; therefore, the best watch order is the release date order. Each episode contributes to the overall plot and character development, so it’s recommended to watch the series in order to fully grasp the story’s progression.

How does Spy X Family Code: White fit into the anime timeline? Is It canon?

Considering that Spy × Family Code: White is not based on the existing manga material, it’s difficult to point out when exactly it takes place. The safest bet is to count on the fact that it likely takes place following the finale of the second season. As far as the canonicity goes, like most anime movies, Spy × Family Code: White is semi-canon, meaning that it’s not based on the manga but until the author specifically states that it’s not canon – it can be viewed as canon.


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Spy x Family chronological watch order

Spy X Family chronological order is the same as the release date order.

In the first season of Spy X Family, the story revolves around Twilight, a master spy tasked with infiltrating the prestigious Eden Academy to get close to a political leader named Donovan Desmond. To accomplish this, Twilight must create a family for cover. He quickly marries an assassin named Yor, who goes by the alias Thorn Princess, and they adopt a telepathic girl named Anya. The family dynamic becomes complex as Twilight juggles his spy missions, Yor’s secret identity, and Anya’s abilities, all while trying to maintain the facade of a normal family.

The second season of the anime takes place immediately after the first season, so there are no flashbacks time skips, or any kind of irregularities in the continuity.

Spy × Family Code: White sees Loid in a desperate attempt to avoid being replaced in Operation Strix assisting his daughter Anya in winning a cooking competition at Eden Academy. The strategy involves preparing the principal’s favorite meal to gain favor and prevent the impending replacement. However, their journey to the meal’s origin region takes an unexpected turn, leading to a series of actions that have the potential to jeopardize world peace.

Where to watch the anime?

The only place where you can watch Spy X Family anime regularly is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll offers the series regularly through simulcast, but you’ll have to watch it in Japanese, with English subtitles; the dub will be released at a later date, as usual. As far as Spy × Family Code: White goes, the movie was only recently released in Japan and cannot be watched legally on Western streaming services. The movie will most likely make it to Crunchyroll sometime in 2024.

Will there be more seasons of Spy X Family?

The third season of Spy X Family hasn’t been confirmed yet, but based on the popularity of the show and the success of the movie, the news should come any day now. In any case, we will update you as soon as we know something.

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