Spy x Family Watch Order: The Complete Guide

Getting up to speed with anime series can feel intimidating with so many interesting story arcs, and Spy x Family is no exception. Thankfully, catching up can be pretty simple since this anime series has only moved on to the next season recently. Below is everything you need to know about the Spy x Family watch order.

Spy x Family Watch Order (at a Glance)

  1. Spy x Family Season/ Part 1 (12 Episodes)
  2. Spy x Family Season/ Part 2 (13 Episodes)

How Many Spy x Family Seasons & Episodes Are There?

Classic manga series have been transformed into well-executed anime series for ages, embodied by some stunning animations and incredibly talented anime voice actors as well. Spy x Family is an example of such a case, starting off in the form of a manga that’s still ongoing to this day.

Spy x Family has been an absolute hit among anime fans, flaunting a rather interesting premise of a spy family and an adorable little girl getting caught up in the mix of things – topped with interesting new characters and plot twists to enjoy. It didn’t take long for the anime series to gain traction, and there are two seasons or parts of Spy x Family’s anime series at the time of writing.

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The first season of Spy x Family was released back in April 2022, while season 2 was released in October 2022. There are 12 episodes comprised within Spy x Family season 1, each of which is approximately 24 minutes in duration. Spy x Family season 2 has only just begun, but it’s been anticipated that season 2 will comprise 13 episodes – which would bring Spy x Family’s total episode count to 25.

In What Order Should You Watch Spy x Family?

Spy x Family fans will need to start off with the very first season of Spy x Family to begin the story, following through in the episode’s numerical progression until the season’s conclusion. From this point, fans can move on to Spy x Family season 2, at least concerning which episodes are available since the first episode was aired on October 1st, 2022.

Spy x Family Watch Chronological Watch Order:

1. Spy x Family Season/ Part 1 (12 Episodes)

At the time of writing, Spy x Family season 1 has already concluded, and is comprised of 12 episodes in total. Below is the list of all of the episodes in Spy x Family season 1 in chronological order, as well as a brief synopsis of what’s in store.

No.Spy x Family EpisodeOverview
1Operation StrixWestalis Intelligence (WISE) assigns agent “Twilight” (Loid Forger) to form a facade family to get close to Donovan Desmond, leader of Ostania’s National Unity Party. He enrolls his “child” (Anya, who has secret telepathic abilities) into Eden Academy, but trouble finds them when she accidentally reveals their location.
2“Secure a Wife”Yor Briar, a secret assassin, meets Loid and they agree to form a unique marriage/ partnership out of convenience. Loid is followed by trouble from a previous mission, and the foundation of this facade family is formed.
3“Prepare for the Interview”Loid begins to lose faith in the mission, but the family goes on a few outings to help them blend in. After some unforeseen events, the Forger family starts to be seen as a wholesome and happy family.
4“The Prestigious School’s Interview”Things do not go as planned with the school interview, although it seems that were some devious influences at work. Loid doubts their success but is reassured by Yor and Anya.
5“Will They Pass or Fail”Due to a stroke of luck, Anya is accepted into Eden Academy three days later. This episode has a range of comedic twists and turns, primarily following the family as they celebrate the news.
6“The Friendship Scheme”Anya needs to earn eight Stella Stars while avoiding expulsion and befriending Donovan Desmond’s son – but, things do not go as planned. Yor starts teaching Anya self-defense, and a few childhood relationships begin to take shape.
7“The Target’s Second Son”The complexity between the younger characters begins to unfold, as viewers learn more about Anya’s friends and frenemies. But, many of these complexities cause troubles for the mission.
8“The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation”Yor’s family begins to suspect that something is odd, and her brother begins to question her situation. Yor and Loid need to prove their family as a result, leading to some rather uncomfortable yet comedic moments.
9“Show Off How in Love You Are”The main characters begin to feel doubt in themselves after the troubles experienced in prior episodes. But, after some twists and turns, Loid and Yor seem to find solace in confiding in each other.
10“The Great Dodgeball Plan”The relationships that Anya has formed continue to unravel, as she pursues Stella Stars. She continues to develop a relationship with Donovan Desmond’s son, Damian, although things seem more complicated than expected.
11“Stella”Anya finds trouble when she tries to help out at a local hospital in the hopes of earning Stella Stars through community work. But, the budding relationships she previously formed prove beneficial in her defense.
12“Penguin Park”Loid takes the family to an aquatic hotspot for happy families, where he is needed on a spontaneous mission. Anya proves to be far more valuable than expected, now taking a liking to the idea of being a spy.

2. Spy x Family Season/ Part 2 (13 Episodes)

Only 1 of the expected episodes for Spy x Family season 2 has been aired so far, with the remaining anticipated 12 episodes scheduled for release sometime in the future. Below are the released Spy x Family season 2 episodes so far in chronological order.

Episode No.Spy x Family EpisodeOverview
1 (13)“Project Apple”Loid tries to get Anya a new fluffy friend when he is called on a secret mission. Anya begins to experiment more with her telepathic abilities, which lead her straight into danger, after which she is aided by an unexpected ally.

The second episode within Spy x Family season 2, or the 14th episode in total, has been named “Disarm the Time Bomb” but fans are not sure what to expect just yet. This episode has been scheduled for release on October 8th, 2022.

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That’s it for the complete Spy x Family watch order so far, and things are only just starting to heat up for characters in the Spy x Family universe. Hopefully, this guide will help you get up to date with all of the available episodes so you’re all set for everything the Spy x Family creators have in store!

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